Kingdom Hearts 2 icon Kingdom Hearts 2 ~ EGM Next Month & KHII Soundtrack!
Journalist: Itani
Date: 16 Jan 2006
The next month EGM will have loads of content based on Kingdom Hearts II. It will feature a list of the voice actors, worlds Sora and Co will be visiting, new screens and a exclusive Nomura interview.

The KHII soundtrack has been leaked. All the music from the game has some how been ripped. Follow the instructions below to download the soundtrack.

1. Download the file from here.
2. Download Winamp from
3. Download a Winamp plugin called Highly Experimental from
4. Extract the plugin in C>Program Files>Winamp>Plugins.
5. Now you can finally listen to the whole KHII soundtrack.

Kingdom Hearts 2 icon Kingdom Hearts 2 ~ Video List!
Journalist: Itani
Date: 15 Jan 2006
Remember that huge list of videos I collected and you guys were pretty happy to see it? Well today the same exact thing will be happening again but the video list will be larger than before. This is due to so many videos being released recently. The video list will be up in the next 2-3 hours. So keep visiting us.

Edit: Here is the video list as promised. I hope you enjoy viewing all these movies. Plus what would also be great if you join our forums and participate in our wallpaper competition which can be found here. There is great prizes to be won so the least you can do is take a look at it.


  • KHII Videos

    Introduction FMV
    Menu Trailer
    Menu Mirror
    First Cutscene
    KHII Dearly Beloved Mix
    KHII FMV Streaming
    FMV Movie Mirror
    Menu Trailer Mirror
    First Cutscene Mirror
    First Cutscene Mirror 2
    KHII Menu Trailer Streaming
    KHII Intro FMV Mpeg
    Cutscene 2
    Cutscene 2 Mirror
    Cutscene 3
    Cutscene 3 Mirror
    Roxas Skating Minigame #2
    Cutscene 4
    Cutscene 4 Mirror
    Cutscene 5
    Cutscene 5 Mirror
    KHII Ending Movie
    KHII Ending Movie Mirror
    Full KHII Ending
    KHII War Scene 1
    KHII War Scene 2
    KHII Flashback 1
    KHII Flashback 2
    Struggle Scene
    Struggle Scene Mirror
    Struggle Scene Mirror 2
    KHII Intro High Quality FMV
    Timeless River Gameplay Video
    Timeless River Gameplay Video 2
    Timeless River Cutscene
    Halloween Town Gameplay Video
    Pride Lands Gameplay Video
    Pride Lands Gamplay 2 Video
    100 Acre Wood Mini Game Video
    Hallow Bastion Gameplay & Cutscene Video
    Atlantica Gameplay Video
    Atlantica Mini Game Video
    Disney Castle Gameplay Video
    Tron Boss Battle Video
    KHII Cutscene Video 1 (Not First Cutscene)
    KHII Cutscene Video 2 (Not Second Cutscene)
    KHII Cutscene Video 3 (Not Third Cutscene)
    KHII Cutscene Video 4 (Not Fourth Cutscene)
    KHII Cutscene Video 5 (Not Fifth Cutscene)
    Video 1
    Video 2
    Video 3
    Land of Dragons Video
    Day 1 Twilight Town Video (English Subtitles)
    KHII First Flashback Video (English Subtitles)
    Mickey Gameplay
    New Form Video
    New Form Video 2
    All Scenes From Beast Castle First Visit
    All Scenes From Hallow Bastion First Time Visit
    Whole Tower Scene (Sora's New Clothes)
    Halloween Town Gameplay Video
    POTC Gameplay Video
    POTC Gameplay Video 2
    KHII Title Screen
    Twilight Town Day 3 (English Subtitles)
    All Scenes From Hallow Bastion & 100 Acre Wood 2nd Visit
    All Scenes From Collisem 1st Visit
    Sora VS Unknown Gameplay
    Sora VS Chain Boss
    Sora VS Cerberus
    Sora VS Beast
    Sora VS Pete
    Sora VS Demyx
    Sora VS Wall Heartless
    Sora VS Hydra
    KHII Ending (English Subtitles)
    Sora VS Sephiroth Cutscene & Gameplay
    Agrabah Gameplay
    Roxas Minigame #1
    Roxas Minigame #2
    Roxas VS ???
    Roxas Battle
    Roxas Cutscene 1
    Roxas Cutscene 2
    Roxas Cutscene 3
    Roxas Cutscene 4
    Roxas Cutscene 5
    Roxas Cutscene 6
    Roxas Cutscene 7
    Port Royal Cutscene & Gameplay
    Port Royal Cutscene 2
    Port Royal Boss Battle
    Roxas Cutscene 8
    Roxas Cutscene 9
    Roxas Cutscene 10
    Roxas Cutscene 11
    Roxas Cutscene 12
    Roxas Cutscene 13
    Roxas Cutscene 14
    Sora VS Scar
    Sora Trinity Limit
    Sora VS Spoiler
    Disney Castle Music
    Xaldin Cutscene 1
    Xaldin Cutscene 2
    Xaldin Cutscene 3
    Xaldin Cutscene 4
    Mickey & Sora VS Xaldin
    Xaldin Boss Battle Continued
    Halloween Town 2nd Boss Battle
    Pride Lands 2nd Boss Battle
    Pride Lands Final Cutscene
    Twilight Town Day 2 English Subs
    Roxas's Awakening English Subs
    KHII Gameplay & Cutscene Video
    Agrabah 1st Visit
    Halloween Town 1st Visit
    Hallow Bastion 3rd Visit
    Hallow Bastion 4th Visit
    Pride Lands 1st Visit
    Space Paranoids 1st Visit
    Space Paranoids 2nd Visit
    Twilight Town 2nd Visit
    Hallow Bastion 5th Visit
    Sora & -----
    Tagteam Battle
    Sora & ---- & -----
    Xigbar Scene 1
    Sora VS Xigbar
    Xigbar Scene 2
    Kairi & ----

  • KHII In Game Music

    Timeless River Music
    Timeless River Combat Music
    Beast Castle Music
    Land of Dragons Music
    Land of Dragons Combat Music
    Hallow Bastion Music
    Hallow Bastion Combat Music
    Port Royal Music
    Disney Castle Music
    Twilight Town Music
    Twilight Town Combat Music
    Twilight Town Mini Game Music
    100 Acre Wood Music
    World That Never Was Music

  • Kingdom Hearts 2 icon Kingdom Hearts 2 ~ Utada Live Passion Video Clip!
    Journalist: Itani
    Date: 13 Jan 2006
    Here is a video clip where Utada Hikaru is performing her KHII theme song Passion live. So to all the Utada fans out there. You will really enjoy this awesome video.

    Utada Hikaru: Passion Live Video


    Kingdom Hearts 2 icon Kingdom Hearts 2 ~ KHII Requested Videos!
    Journalist: Itani
    Date: 12 Jan 2006
    The long awaited KHII videos are finally done. Major spoilers are included in these videos. These videos include the appearance of Kairi, Riku, Sora and other characters. All these videos take part in the last world which I'am not going to even name. There is cutscenes, boss battles and gameplay. So watch at your own risk and enjoy viewing them at the same time. Yet I have a couple of more movies to upload. But I think these will do for today.


    KHE Exclusive Videos!

    Sora & -----
    Tagteam Battle
    Sora & ---- & -----
    Xigbar Scene 1
    Sora VS Xigbar
    Xigbar Scene 2
    Kairi & ----

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