Kingdom Hearts 2 icon Kingdom Hearts 2 ~ KHII: Final Mix Secret Ending Report!
Journalist: Itani
Date: 02 Apr 2007

Thanks to my friend KH77 he was capable of translating the words of the secret ending and then mention the events that occur. The secret ending seems to suggest that the next KH game is in the past, before KHII & KH. The report he has written has made me realise this also. Since the report has major spoilers, you will need to visit the comments page to view it.

The KH: Final Mix Q & A thread has now been updated. Check it out.

Final Mix Q & A Thread!

Deep's Edit: Here we have a review with Nomura thanks to

"Nomura Talks Kingdom Hearts Sequel
Square Enix planning an all new series.
by Anoop Gantayat

April 2, 2007 - With Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix + Re: Chain of Memories at last out in Japan, Tetsuya Nomura and crew can now devote all their energy to their next project. And that appears to be another Kingdom Hearts game, or at least another tie-up with Disney. But is it Kingdom Hearts III?

Speaking with Japan's Gemaga and Dengeki PlayStation publications, Nomura gave a few hints on the new project, which he's previously hinted would see formal announcement later this year.

Gemaga asked if the characters who appear in the new CG "secret movie" that has been added to Final Mix are from the new title. "They are people who have some relation to the new series," said the producer. "However the next title won't just be Kingdom Hearts III. If it were III, we wouldn't call it a new series."

Asked if Sora and Riku would make an appearance in the new game, he said with a laugh, "I can't say." He also hinted that the new game would have something to do with Xehanort, the main villain of the Kingdom Hearts series.

He was just as direct when Dengeki PlayStation asked for some details on the new title. "First, it's not Kingdom Hearts III. Of course, because we're calling it a 'new' series, it won't be KHIII. Also, it's a series, so it probably won't be just one title."

Nomura once again promised an announcement of the new game, whatever it may be, some time this year. In the meanwhile, he suggested that players attempt to unlock the Final Mix secret movie and start imagining."

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Kingdom Hearts 2 icon Kingdom Hearts 2 ~ High Quality Roxas Battle
Journalist: Phoenix
Date: 02 Apr 2007

Hey everyone!  I just found this great video of the battle between Sora and Roxas plus the cutscene that occurs after defeating Roxas.  Check it out!

HQ Version of Sora VS Roxas

Also, if you'd like to see any videos from re:COM check out our wonderful affiliate  At this time, they have Floors 1-9 as well as quite a few boss fights from re:COM and they are updating with new videos daily.

Source: and Youtube's Utawarazen

Kingdom Hearts 2 icon Kingdom Hearts 2 ~ Enigmatic Soldier Battle + Roxas VS Sora
Journalist: Phoenix
Date: 01 Apr 2007

Here's a video I found that I thought some of you might be interested in watching. This person fought the Enigmatic Soldier while he was at level 65 in Proud Mode.  In his own words, "Yeah, he's strong."  

Enigmatic Soldier Battle

My personal thoughts, "Ouch!"

KP's Edit:

Also, the same person that recorded their battle against the Enigmatic Soldier also recorded their battle of Roxas VS Sora.  You can find it here:

Roxas VS Sora

My personal thought on this one, Yoko Shimomura nailed the emotional aspects of the score during this battle.  It is the score 'The Other Promise" from the 9th disc of the KH OST Complete.

Source: and Gamefaqs' Zeroxd4 and BurnGriffth

Here's the latest Famitsu cover thanks to

Kingdom Hearts 2 icon Kingdom Hearts 2 ~ Nomura and Shimomura Interview
Journalist: Phoenix
Date: 31 Mar 2007

It seems that Nomura-san has been a very busy man since FM+ was released.  Nomura-san has done yet another interview and this time Yoko Shimomura was also interviewed!  Here is the interview for all of you to see:

Nomura's Interview

~A PART of the secret ending in FM+ is in some way related to the new Kingdom Hearts series

~Apparently there is a skill in the beginning of FM+ that will NOT allow Roxas to gain any experience, EXP 0.  It was made to make the game more difficult for the people who do/will think that 'Critical Mode' is too easy.

~In the Pridelands, atop Pride Rock, there will no longer be the 144 Heartless to defeat.  Instead the Heartless will become one entity.

~Apparently, making the Enigmatic Solider an optional boss fight was the idea of one of Nomura's staff members

~Nomura also stated that the battles with all of the Organization XIII members have changed a lot

~Nomura also says that there is a scene in which Organization XIII's Zexion is walking and then abruptly stops.  Apparently it is going to be up to the players to think of why Zexion stopped walking

~The idea for the Organization XIII Mushrooms was an idea that Nomura's staff had while Kingdom Hearts II was in development.  Sadly, however; they were not able to put it into the original Kingdom Hearts II because it was such a large quest.  So, it became a side quest for FM+ 

~Nomura had wanted to put the battle between Roxas and Sora in the original Kingdom Hearts II but he decided against it due to the amount of time it would take.  Also, Nomura wanted to add an additional bit to Roxas and Sora's fight as well as a new form (Limit Form?).  Apparently, Nomura was thinking about all of the abilities that Sora could use in Kingdom Hearts when he thought of Limit Form

~The music that plays after Roxas and Sora's battle was meant to showcase that event completely.  When Nomura created the battle between Roxas and Sora he wanted to convey to the players that the battle was very emotional and therefore, he created an event that occurs right after the battle.  Nomura also said that the music he envisioned for that fight was 'different'

~Nomura also stated that his staff changed things in the game that not even HE knows about

~Originally, re:COM was going to have the same camera angles as Kingdom Hearts but Nomura decided that that would make it harder for his team, so he changed it around a bit

~Nomura also stated that his team wanted to change a couple of things for the last boss fight with Sora (re:COM?) and that he was in charge of that battle.  He said that it seemed to be *** of **** of Sora. (The magazine had those * words censored)

~All Nomura would say about *** was that it has something to do with Marluxia and that the attack is extremely painful

~The New series is NOT Kingdom Hearts III (Nomura wants everyone to understand that)

Shimomura's Interview

~Shimomura and her team worked 'day-in and day-out' for the battle music to re:COM.  She said she wanted the music to have different 'feelings' such as: Happy Battle, Sad Battle, and Terrible Music.  She said that there was something about a 'Third Form' added to the last boss (Not sure if it means last boss for Sora or Riku)

~Shimomura says that she put ALL of her effort into the score for Roxas and Sora's battle.  Shimomura says that she pushed herself to her limit in composing the score for that battle.  The battle is meant to be extremely emotional and Shimomura wanted to push herself to the limits for it, even though Nomura believed that she had already met that standard for it  

EXTRA Piece of Info from the Interview

In FM+ there are two different versions of the fights with the members of Organization XIII.  The first version of the fights are scattered throughout all the different worlds.  Nomura stated that no one should have any trouble with those fights.  He did, however, say that if you want to stand a chance against the members in the re-fights you should be level 99. (Sounds like fun to me)  

Source: Light in the Chaos and 



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