Kingdom Hearts 2 icon Kingdom Hearts 2 ~ KH2FM+ Sales + Subbed Secret Movie + Desktop Clock
Journalist: Deep
Date: 30 Mar 2007

I used an online translation program, so sorry for the innacuracy. But the main message is quite clear, Kingdom Hearts 2 FM+ has sold 300,000 copies in the first day on sale.

"As for PS2 “[kingudamuhatsu] 2 final mix + which” is sold finally
1/3 of the first shipment approximately 300,000 books is sold at first day
It started tolerably.
As for the special edition which is seen as distribution ratio of entire 3 tenths
Already, we have become absence of stock with the many shop,
It seems that also change to edition is advanced usually.
The number of presentation say as a [rimeiku] work,
In just the title whose initial motion ratio is high, now weekend already a little
If it does not sell, the possibility usually edition becoming heavy…"

Thanks to Mors of KHU we have a subbed video of the secret movie.
Click here to view the Subbed Secret Movie
Source: KHU

KP's Edit: Apparently the official FM+ website has updated with a downloadable clock for everyone's desktop.  Check it out on the Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix half of the site, in its download page. (Fourth button down)

Final Mix+ Official Website  

Kingdom Hearts 2 FM + Q & A Thread

Kingdom Hearts 2 icon Kingdom Hearts 2 ~ Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix Q & A Thread!
Journalist: Itani
Date: 29 Mar 2007

The thread dedicated to any KHII: Final Mix questions has been created along with a mini report of my progress and what new features I've
encountered. Everyone post your questions in that thread and I will answer them as soon as possible!

Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix + Q & A Thread!

Deep's Edit: Thanks to KH-Vids we have a some information from an interview with Tetsuya Nomura.
~He can not confirm wether Sora and Riku will be appearing in KH3
~The next game in the series will not be called Kingdom Hearts 3
~Nomura doesn't expect you to defeat the Knight first try
~Even Nomura hasn't figured out a strategy to defeat the Knight
~Nomura especially wanted Roxas' battle in KH2FM+ and wanted to make him strong. He didn't want anyone getting the idea Roxas was weak.
~The Knight who you see in the battle and ending will be in the next KH title.
~Mickey's back is turned to the camera because Nomura thought it would look cool.

Kingdom Hearts 2 icon Kingdom Hearts 2 ~ KH2FM+ Images + Secret Ending Video
Journalist: Deep
Date: 29 Mar 2007
I've just come across loads of good quality images from Kingdom Hearts 2 FM+.

Click here to view the images

Source: Jeux France

For those who want to watch the ending video you can download it here.
Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix+ Ending Video / FMV

Source: KH-Vids

Kingdom Hearts 2 icon Kingdom Hearts 2 ~ First few minutes of KH2FM+
Journalist: Deep
Date: 28 Mar 2007
Thanks to Digitalgamer of YouTube we have the first few minutes of Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix+ and RE:Chain of Memories. Sorry there is no sound.

Kingdom Hearts 2 FM+ Video
Kingdom Hearts 2 RE: Chain of Memories Video

2ch reported that Critical Mode not only has difficult to vanquish enemies but less Experience points to gain aswell!
One member died three times attempting the Nobodies before Twilight Thorn.

Stay tuned for more news and a KH2 FM+ page coming soon.

Source: Eclipse of KHU and 2ch

ITANI Edit: Should have Final Mix and Re: CoM tomorrow, so it is a good idea for a Final Mix page. I will also be creating a report to inform everyone the difference betweent FM and the normal KHII (this will take time as I need to complete the game 100%). Will also create a thread tomorrow dedicated to FM to allow everyone to ask anything they desire about the game. Check back soon.

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