Kingdom Hearts 2 icon Kingdom Hearts 2 ~ Looks like the Tron world is appearing in KH2
Journalist: Deep
Date: 10 Nov 2005
Well, this comes as a surprise to me. But it looks like the futuristic Tron world from the 80s has made its way into the upcoming Square title, Kingdom Hearts 2.

Here's the scan thanks to Jeux-France.

So it looks like the last post about Tron was true and Yuffie and Cid aim to rebuild Hollow Bastion.

Source: Jeux-France

And the new forums have opened, we're still merged with FFSynthesis, so the forum is on their server and Greg (Synthesis) installed it all, so no credit to me at all. xD I'm just helping to maintain the forum. Click here to view the new forums. Some new features like an RPG and Arcade may be coming soon.

Kingdom Hearts 2 icon Kingdom Hearts 2 ~ New Tron World?
Journalist: Deep
Date: 08 Nov 2005
According to this Japanese blog -
- there will be a Tron world which is based on the 80s Movie, Tron. Here is the Translation thanks to narugami_kun of Game FAQs:

Somehow it seems that another new world area has been revealed! (Thanks to our information provider, Odeko-san)

In KH2, a electronic world overflowing with mysteries appears! Sora and the others, clad in electronic-style clothes, and Commandant Saak (Commander Sark) join in an unfolding battle.

Yuffie and Cid aim to rebuild Hollow Bastion Town."

According to the topic at Game FAQs, some members believe that the scan where we saw Leon/Squall standing by a computer is actually something to do with Tron and not Balamb Garden. For more information, go to Game FAQs.

But remember, this information could actually be false, it hasn't been confirmed by S-E.

Credits: AhruonDethwolf from Game FAQs (for making the topic on Game FAQs and posting the link to the Blog), narugami_kun from Game FAQs (for translation), Game FAQs, the Japanese Blog.

New Content icon New Content ~ Exclusive KH Manga Vol.4 Scans!
Journalist: Unknownkid
Date: 06 Nov 2005
Since there are already all 4 KH Manga Volumes in Vienna/Germany.. I guess I should show you Guys 2 exclusive Scans of Vol. 4 !!!!
The 2 Pages were scanned by ME and translated!

WARNING! The 2 scans contain Major Spoilers, if you didn't play KH completely ^^

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at

Deep's Edit: Just uploaded FFFreak's KH2 World page and thanks to Zeo-Kun I just uploaded an image viewer. ^^;; So I should be changing most links to images soon. xD
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Kingdom Hearts 2 icon Kingdom Hearts 2 ~ KH Official Site Updated
Journalist: Deep
Date: 05 Nov 2005
The Official KH2 Japanese Disney site has updated with new Lion King images. Of course, nothing new, just some better quality images of what we saw in the Scans.

Official KH2 Japanese Disney Site

And a site called WorthPlaying (I've lost the link. -.-) has updated their site with what they think will be the KH2 VA Lineup. Although this is all uncomfirmed, so it is quite unlikely that this is the proper lineup for KH2.

Haley Joel Osment .... Sora (voice)
David Gallagher .... Riku (voice)
Eddie Carroll .... Jiminy Cricket (voice)
Wayne Allwine .... Mickey Mouse (voice)
Jim Cummings .... Pete/Winnie The Pooh/Tigger (voice)
Hayden Panettiere .... Kairi (voice)
David Boreanaz .... Squall Leonhart (voice)
Mandy Moore .... Aerith Gainsborough (voice)
Christy Carlson Romano .... Yuffie Kisaragi (voice)
Sean Astin .... Hercules (voice)
Susan Egan .... Megara (voice)
Robert Costanzo .... Philoctetes (voice)
James Woods .... Hades (voice)
Matt Frewer .... Panic (voice)
Bob Goldthwait .... Pain (voice)
Robby Benson .... Beast (voice)
Paige O'Hara .... Belle (voice)
David Ogden Stiers .... Cogsworth (voice)
Angela Lansbury .... Mrs. Potts (voice)
Bradley Pierce .... Chip (voice)
Jonathan Freeman .... Jafar (voice)
Ming-Na .... Mulan (voice)
Mark Moseley .... Mushu (voice)
B.D. Wong .... Shang (voice)
Gedde Watanabe .... Ling (voice)
Jerry Tondo .... Chien-Po (voice)
Miguel Ferrer .... Shan-Yu (voice)
Kath Soucie .... Shock (voice)
Jeff Bennett .... Barrel (voice)
Johnny Depp .... Captain Jack Sparrow (voice)
Keira Knightley .... Elizabeth Swann (voice)
Orlando Bloom .... William Turner (voice)
Geoffrey Rush .... Captain Barbossa (voice)
Jodi Benson .... Ariel (voice)
Rob Paulsen .... Eric (voice)
Kenneth Mars .... King Triton (voice)
Pat Carroll .... Ursula (voice)
Kevin Michael Richardson .... Sebastian (voice)
Eli Russell Linnetz .... Flounder (voice)
Corey Burton .... Flotsam/Jetsam (voice) - On their site they spelt Flotsam and Jetsam wrong. I'm beginning to doubt..
Billy Zane .... Ansem/DiZ (voice)

And FFFreak is working on updating the KH2 World page, I will also hopefully get up the KH2 Official Artwork page and a change will be happening to the site.. I won't tell you all yet, but here's a weird clue. xD

KH2: Complete
KH: In Progress...
KHCoM: In Progress...

Take guesses if you want, but I won't be revealing anything. ^^;;

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