Kingdom Hearts 2 icon Kingdom Hearts 2 ~ New Lion King and NMBC Scans
Journalist: Deep
Date: 30 Oct 2005
Thanks to Jeux France, KH Impulse and Egocentrism04 we have some new scans and translations. ^^;;

Looks like Pete's turned up at the Pridelands to do some dirty deeds along with Scar and the Hyenas.


???? [Image with Pete, Scar, three Hyenas and Sora]: Maybe you guys should worry about yourselves?

Pete [Image with Scar]: Scar, I'm leaving everything to you!

Pete [Image with Hades]: In exchange, if Hercules becomes a Heartless...

In the image with the large blue Heartless, you get a new move called 'Rodeo' where you seem to be able to ride the back of the Heartless like a Cowboy on a Bull. While you're riding the Heartless you get a new command called 'Grand Cross' so you can deal some damage. Of course seeing as this Heartless is so big, if you fall off it will deal you some massive damage, so be careful.

There also seems to be a new status or Handicap which prevents Sora from using the 'Drive' command. This new twist was seen when using the move 'Stun Beat'. Thanks to

And I must remind you all that my E-Mail isn't working right now, so I can't accept any Staff Applications, Affiliation Requests or anything of the kind. I'm really sorry about this and hopefully it will be fixed soon. For now please contact me through the Forums. =)

KHE News icon KHE News ~ Unnamed Square Enix fansite soon
Journalist: ~Axel~
Date: 29 Oct 2005
I ~Axel~, will be starting my own website soon. My website will be featuring content for Square Enix games. Not Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts included. Games like Drakengard and Star Ocean 3.

So what does this mean for my job at KHE? I promise that once I get my website together I'll still be posting updates for the site. After all, Deep has given me a lot of graphics.

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Kingdom Hearts 2 icon Kingdom Hearts 2 ~ Tokyo Game Show Trailer 2005
Journalist: Deep
Date: 25 Oct 2005
Yes the trailer is old news, but someone has filmed the TGS05 Trailer and uploaded it to FileFront! And the quality may be pretty aweful, but it's still worth it.

Click Here To Download

Source: Spira's Destiny and KHU.

And Happy Birthday, FFFreak! :D Wooo! *throws confetti in the air*

I'll get round to uploading ~Axel~'s Character Profiles later and I still need to wait until I can download DJ Firewolf's Nightmare Before Christmas AMV. Just hold tight, people! >.<

EDIT: Just read up on Final Fantasy Synthesis - our Affiliate - that Square Enix will release a Kingdom Hearts Deluxe Limited Edition Package in late December this year. It will contain Kingdom Hearts (PS2 Game), Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories (GBA Game) and Kingdom Hearts 2 (PS2 Game). It will also contain a Special Deluxe Package featuring an illustration drawn by series Director and Character Designer, Tetsuya Nomura. The Kingdom Hearts Deluxe Limited Edition Package will be available in Japan on December 22nd (same date KH2 comes out in Japan) for 16,180 Yen ($139.63 US Dollars). This would be the featured item in anyones collection. Pity it doesn't look like it will be coming out in the UK, but if it does, here's the converted price for us Brits is roughly £78-79 GB Pounds.

Kingdom Hearts 2 icon Kingdom Hearts 2 ~ KH2 Scans
Journalist: Deep
Date: 22 Oct 2005
Thanks to KHU we have access to some awesome new scans! ^_^

The Official KH2 Site should be updating soon with Lion King and Nightmare Before Christmas Official Artwork.

Co-Op Attacks with Sora and Party member:
Simba: 'Hi-Fang', 'X-Claw' and 'Pride' all after using 'Limited'.
Jack: 'Up Beat' and 'Down Beat' after using Recital.

The 2nd Menu's options have recently been filled up with the "Summon" command.

Source: Our Affiliate, Sora's Domain.

I have also uploaded these pages:

KH2 Compilation
KH2 Worlds - FFFreak
Free Signatures

Expect Fanart and more free graphics coming soon! :D

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