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Journalist: Deep
Date: 11 Oct 2005
Just uploaded these pages thanks to KagePhoenix, ~Axel~ and me.

KH2 Characters - ~Axel~
KHCoM Quotes - KagePhoenix
KH Character Profiles - KagePhoenix
KH Quotes - KagePhoenix
Are You Obsessed With KH Quiz - Deep

And I have edited the KH Knowledge quiz thanks to DDR1. ^^;; Enjoy!

Kingdom Hearts 2 icon Kingdom Hearts 2 ~ KH2 Price in Yen
Journalist: Deep
Date: 11 Oct 2005
The official Square-Enix KH2 site has updated with KH2's price! Sadly, it's in yen.
7770 Yen. *Converts currency to Pounds..* £38.74 *Converts Yen to Dollars* $68.47. Although my price is just rough, the real price for the UK and USA will probably be announced sometime soon...

Thanks to KHU for this information!

Official Square-Enix KH2 Site

EDIT: And *looks at poll results* on the Squared Awards we won in every category we entered! That means: 1st place in Best Staff, Best Webmistress and Best Graphics! Hurray! xD Only problem is, my E-Mail isn't recieving, so I can't get the Award just yet. o.O I am getting a new E-Mail address soon, but my host's taking a while to answer the phone. -.-

Kingdom Hearts 2 icon Kingdom Hearts 2 ~ New Little Mermaid Pictures [Ripped from KH2 Disney Site]
Journalist: Deep
Date: 07 Oct 2005
I was browsing the KH2 Japanese site when I came across the new images! I only just ripped them. ^^;;

Click last one to Enlarge.

I just thought I got these before KHU, and then they updated with them. xD

EDIT: Translations, thanks to KHU. ^^;;
Flounder: I can't see!
Ariel: I won't go, I was always by your side.
Ursula: Now then Ariel, what beautiful figure shall I change you into?
Ursula: Just sign here.

BTW, I haven't ripped all the images yet. -.- So some of the translations don't match the images.

Check out the Official KH2 Disney Site here.

Kingdom Hearts 2 icon Kingdom Hearts 2 ~ Dengeki Translations
Journalist: Deep
Date: 05 Oct 2005
Zansentaman, Andrel2006, and Gotran56 from GameFAQs have translated the most recent Dengeki issue, these are the slightly editted Translations (also thanks to KHU and Sora's Domain for these which we have editted. ^^;;):

Cloud and Leon (Squall) have a "sub-episode" which has nothing to do with the main plot, but it focuses more on Cloud than Leon. Though Cloud's story is more important to him in his point of view. (Uh, yeah. ^.^)
Magic and other Attacks are more powerful when Co-Op moves are used.
The scan says that Axel and DiZ will be in the game (Well, we already knew that guys. ^.^) and he says it was kind of blurry but he believes that both of them are a part of the Thirteenth Order, this makes DiZ either the Superior or Number One. Or atleast a Former Organization member.
What DiZ is doing is pivotal to the entire story.
With the appearance of The Order, the story of Kingdom Hearts II becomes more complex.
The magazine says something like, "They (Axel and DiZ) may be apart of the Thirteenth Order or actually be The Thirteenth Order themselves." (This is what Nomura says).
When Nomura was asked about DiZ and Axel, Nomura says "Play the game and find out. *laughs*" (He would say that wouldn't he? xD)
There is something about the Thirteenth Order in the Magazine, and it does include a lot of Axel and DiZ.
Axel's goals are not necessarily the Organizations goals.
With the Atlantica scans, it says that it's kind of "re-introducing" the stage. (This could mean that in KH they got off onto the wrong foot and are redoing the swimming system due to complaints? Just a thought. xD)
With the V-Jump Atlantica Scans, the world is now "sticking" more to the movie itself. (Yes, we have seen in the scans the Atlantica is following the Little Mermaid story closely seeing as we meet Prince Eric and go above land. ^^;;)
Utada Hikaru made Passion more specifically for KH2 than she made Hikari for Kingdom Hearts.

Pooh: "Hello there, Mr.Somebody from Somewhere."
(Pooh seems to have forgotten about Sora.)
Sora "One, Two, Three!"
(Obviously pulling Pooh out of Rabbit's "door", because Pooh has eaten too much honey again.)

Luxord: "With Parley, I don't need to make a deal."
(Luxord is investigating the Parley Process and does not want Sora involved.)

Jack "Once Parley's been declared, I have no choice but to negotiate."

Thanks a lot GameFAQ's, KHU and Sora's Domain. ^^;;

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