New Content icon New Content ~ KH Update
Journalist: Deep
Date: 28 Aug 2005
Well KagePhoenix sent me some KH Character profiles which I just uploaded. And FFFreak has finished a picture of Sora that I have also uploaded to the Fanart page. FFFreak has drawn a few more, but I haven't uploaded it yet because FFFreak hasn't coloured it in yet because she is away.

New Content icon New Content ~ KH/KH2 Section Update..
Journalist: Deep
Date: 26 Aug 2005
Okay, well today (since my friend was over..) I took the time to upload some pages for the KH/KH2 Section written by our staff.

First there's the KH Quotes page collected by KagePhoenix, a new KH2 Theory and I have uploaded Unknownkid's Kurt Zisa guide to the KH Bosses page. Enjoy!

On another note, I have actually been making a layout and it looks great so far! The banner has Deep Dive images used in it and the layout is black/grey with some blue. I hope I will finish it and everybody will like it!

FFFreak has also drawn some KH Fanart (and so have I) and she's just colouring them in on Photoshop at the moment, so expect them up soon! ^^;;

New Content icon New Content ~ Another Boss Guide
Journalist: Unknownkid
Date: 21 Aug 2005
Made a Boss Guide for the optional Battle against Kurt Zisa....
Read more

KHE News icon KHE News ~ Change of plan..
Journalist: Deep
Date: 21 Aug 2005
As the title says, I have made a change of plan. I was thinking of making KHE's second layout, but after a while of designing it I got onto a Graphic Designers block, mainly in the Layout category. So I have decided to post-pone the layout. I did intend of releasing the new layout today, but I hadn't been feeling up to making the layout and I soon got onto Designers block. I also re-opened my other website Beyblade Realm, so I have more things on my mind. The layout will come, it was mainly the colour scheme that got me down. And everyone just told me to go what felt right, but nothing felt right, so I'm a little stuck. If some people would suggest a good, professional looking colour scheme to me then that would be great. But please remember FFFreak designed and created a layout for KHE, but I intended to release it along with my own layout. So if I get some colour scheme suggestions I can get started. What I am looking for is a dark colour scheme (since FFFreak did a light one) like FFOnline, FFExtreme, FFHybrid, FFAdvanced, Zelda Universe (old layout, the dark one), Grasping Conformity and many more. I just need the right colour scheme and ideas and then I can get cracking. I would prefer it if everyone's specific when suggesting because I don't know what shade if you say Black and grey. Thank you.

After that depressing news above, I have this to say:
We have a new Staff member called KagePhoenix. I have uploaded her profile to the About page.

And I have updated the Affiliates page with Mako Fusion and Forgotten Memories stats.


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