Kingdom Hearts 2 icon Kingdom Hearts 2 ~ New KHII: Final Mix+ Trailer!
Journalist: Itani
Date: 15 Mar 2007

A new trailer of Final Mix+ has recently surfaced the Internet. The trailer shows new screens from the secret movie and surprisingly the music is in English. You can download the trailer by clicking below.


Secret Movie Screen


Source: FF7AC Reunion

Kingdom Hearts 2 icon Kingdom Hearts 2 ~ Friend Interviews Square Enix Marketing Manager!
Journalist: Itani
Date: 05 Mar 2007

At the FFXII launch in HMV, Oxford Street, my friend had a couple of questions based on KH, which he asked the Square Enix Marketing Manager. You may or may not want to believe it, but this is pretty much re-assuring the KH fans of future projects.

F = Friend                  SEM = Square Enix Marketing Manager

F: Hi. I have to ask this on behalf of all the KH fanboys in Europe. Can you PLEASE bring KHII: FM+ to Europe?

SEM: *Laughs* We have big plans for the KH series this year globally. It has become a big series for us.

F: But will KHII: FM+ hit Europe?

SEM: I think it's safe to say you will be pleasantly surprised around the end of the year. *grins*

F: What is the future of KH like?

SEM: Well KHIII is going to be released on PS3 and we will see what we can do with that.

F: What about a KH movie? Advent Children was sick!

SEM: Well you never know we are good at CGI aren't we? *grins*

F: Will we see another KH game on a Nintendo platform?

SEM: Well like I said, there will be big KH related announcements made this year. Please look forward to it.

F: Will KHIII be a new trilogy with new characters?

SEM: Can't answer.

That's all the questions he had asked, even though none of this is confirmed information, like I said before it's re-assuring. The rest of the questions were about FFXII, which we aren't interested in as the game is already released :).

Edit: The magazine Famitsu confirmed that there won't be a announcement concerning a new Kingdom Hearts game at the Square Enix Party.

Edit 2:

~Final Mix will be Nomura's last PS2 game.
~In the scene with Axel and Roxas eating icecream there is no voice acting, this is on purpose.
~"The battle with Axel can be reproduced. The enemies' data seemed to have been strengthened. Everyone is individually looking unpleasant. The nature of the fight isn't complete even if defeated." < This doesn't make much sense to me sorry. >.<
~To defeat the Org members there is a particular strategy to use instead of the button mashing. Using the correct methods will make the battle an easy one.
~KHCoM has a new cutscene at the end.
Source: Eclipse of KHU,

Kingdom Hearts 2 icon Kingdom Hearts 2 ~ Square Enix Party 2007!
Journalist: Itani
Date: 28 Feb 2007

The Square Enix Party 2007 date and location have now been confirmed. It doesn't seem like Square Enix is going to wait till E3 which is going to take place in June, Square Enix have decided to make the party in May. This is good news as the new KH project could very well be announced at this very event. Keep your eyes peeled for the listing of the Square Enix Party soon!

The duration of the Square Enix Party 2007 is only two days, which are the 12th May & 13th May 2007. The location of the Square Enix Party is at the Makuhari Messe International Convetion Complex in Tokyo.

Square-Enix ~ Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix+ Trailer
Journalist: The Graceful Assassin
Date: 22 Feb 2007





Special Thanks to Chrono of KHU

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