Kingdom Hearts 2 icon Kingdom Hearts 2 ~ Gamespot's Trailer Summary
Journalist: Anaru
Date: 31 Jul 2005
Square Enix showed a long trailer of Kingdom Hearts II, which seemed to be identical to the version at E3. The trailer started off with flashback scenes from the original PS2 release with the theme song "Hikari" running in the background, and then changed to the presentation of Kingdom Hearts II. To note some of the key scenes shown in the promo, a blond boy slightly resembling Sora was seen with Namine, who first appeared in the GBA game Chain of Memories. Namine tells him that she's a witch that has the ability to control the memories of Sora and people connected to him, but that she doesn't know why she has such abilities. Another scene presented a town that resembled the bonus trailer in the original Kingdom Hearts. There, Sora was seen facing against the black-cloaked men known as the Thirteenth Order. One of them, a man with six spears named Zardin(Xaldin), shouted "We will gain perfect existence once we get hold of the Kingdom Hearts." And to add to the list of Final Fantasy characters making cameo appearances in KHII, FFVII's Cloud was seen in his Advent Children outfit, together with FFVIII's Squall. smile

Kingdom Hearts 2 icon Kingdom Hearts 2 ~ New Pictures
Journalist: Deep
Date: 31 Jul 2005
IGN have updated with some new pictures, to view them Click Here.

That's all for now, folks. ^^;;

EDIT: Phew! I just finished the Kingdom Hearts Official Artwork page and it took a LONG time. First I had to find the images, then I had to save them and turn them into thumbnails then insert them onto the page. It took forever! >.< So please go visit the page! xD

Look at what I just drew! xD It's KH related, don't worry. ^^;;

EDIT 2: Just added the KH2 Theory page with a new theory from Void our new Staff member and I have updated the KH2 Org. page and added a Contact / Submit News/Info page. ^^;;

Kingdom Hearts 2 icon Kingdom Hearts 2 ~ Gamespot's Demo Report
Journalist: Anaru
Date: 31 Jul 2005
MAKUHARI MESSE--One of the busiest booths on the floor at Square Enix event this weekend is the Kingdom Hearts II area, which lets attendees try out the latest work-in-progress version of the highly anticipated title. The game once again casts you as Sora, a young boy who gets to hobnob with the best and brightest stars in the Square Enix and Disney universes. The demo on display at the event lets players explore four areas from the game and chill with such luminaries as Minnie Mouse, the Beast, Aladdin's crew, and Mulan ...
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Kingdom Hearts 2 icon Kingdom Hearts 2 ~ Trailer Summery of the 8 min 30 sec trailer..
Journalist: Unknownkid
Date: 30 Jul 2005
Mors of KHU has made a Trailer Summery...

You know that scene, where BHK and Axel confront each other? Well, DiZ appears there and says something like "What he says is nonesense"...

Dialogue between DiZ and Enigmatic Man:
DiZ: Namine is controlling memories that link Sora to Sora (?????)
DiZ: Namine had a special birth.
Unknown: how many people's minds did Namine read?
DiZ: I don't mind thinking about it but tell me one thing: what is your real name?

In the snow mountains, the unknown was holding a Souleater. (..RIKU!!!)

Dialogue between DiZ and BHK in Castle Oblivion:
DiZ: Welcome, one chosen by the keyblade.
BHK: Are you saying that to me or to Sora?
DiZ: I need someone who can defeat the Thirteenth Order.

DiZ's voice is believed to be that of Ansem.

In a valley, the Advent Children (AC) Cloud and Leon are back to back, surrounded by Nobodies:
Leon: Think we can do it? against that?
Cloud: If I take just one blow I'm done for.
Leon: Then I'll defeat just one more.

Riku: So this is the true world. Well, if that's the case, we should let it be engulfed by the darkness.
Sora: Riku!

Thanks to Mors (KHU) again!
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