Kingdom Hearts 2 icon Kingdom Hearts 2 ~ G-Phoria + KH2=???
Journalist: Phoenix
Date: 09 Aug 2006

The G-Phoria videogame award show aired today and Kingdom Hearts, which was nominated for best RPG, best soundtrack, and best voiceover of 2006; won 2 out of the 3 awards that it was nominated for. 

KH2 won best soundtrack and best voiceover of 2006.  Sadly, Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion beat KH2 for the best RPG of 2006.  

Congratulations to KH2 on the two awards that it won!

EDIT: Took me a long time to get round to it, I have finally uploaded the Twilight Town character profiles. Just Hollow Bastion to go now. :P
KH2 Twilight Town Profiles
Please make sure the URL is and NOT Thanks.

KHE News icon KHE News ~ Lots and lots of profiles and nominations
Journalist: Phoenix
Date: 29 Jul 2006
Edit: The KH2 Main Characters page has been uploaded. Click here to view it. The rest will be up soon. Please make sure the URL is and NOT

Hey everyone! 

Well, I've finally written some character profiles for the KH2 section.  There is a grand total of 38 profiles so hopefully that will satsify everyone's hunger for a while.  Deep should have the profiles up sometime within the next few days so keep your eyes open for that. 

And on a side note, as many of you may know by now KH2 has been nominated for several different awards by both G-Phoria and The Teen Choice Awards.  G-Phoria has nominated KH2 for best RPG, best voice over, and best soundtrack.  The Teen Choice Awards has nominated KH2 for best game of 2006.  So, if you think that KH2 deserves any of these awards then go and vote for it!  If not, it's still worth a look around the sites, who knows you may find something else you think should win.  Remember though, you must register on the sites before you can vote.

G-Phoria Awards

Teen Choice Awards

Source: Kingdom Hearts Ultimania,,, and amethyst-heart

New Content icon New Content ~ KH2 Keyblades!
Journalist: Deep
Date: 20 Jul 2006
We have had reports that the KH2 Keyblades page isn't working. If it doesn't work for you then please post a comment with details of what browser you're using, the URL of the page etc. and please post a screenshot! Host it to or if you haven't got an image host.

I think the problem may be the URL! Please ensure the URL is and not as that is our old URL. All Affiliates PLEASE change the link!

Finally! After all this time we have some new content for KH2 at last! Big thanks to Adam for writing it.

Kingdom Hearts 2 Keyblades

And we have 5 new avatars made by Adam and 1 new avatar made by me.

Free Avatars

Enjoy the new content and stay tuned!

KHE News icon KHE News ~ Welcome to Version 3!
Journalist: Deep
Date: 15 Jul 2006

I opened a file in my Cutenews folder so I could change the templates manually instead of through the internet. So it should all be working now!

After many headaches between me and Woody we have finally managed to deliver to you version 3! Our latest version's new feature if that you can switch between colour schemes! We have a dark layout and a light layout so far, I'm sure I'll be able to make some more colour schemes in the future with different banners.

Hopefully with our new coding (many thanks to Woody) our loading times will be much quicker!

Some new Cutenews avatars will be coming soon too.

The Forums now has an awesome RPG Hack where you can create a character; earn gil from posting; buy items; fight in battles; upgrade your skills; open a bank account and much more! Also the Arcade is coming to the forums soon and you'll win gil from playing the games! Enjoy!

EDIT: We have a new Staff Member, Adam! He will be helping out with the news posts. Welcome aboard! :D

And I have updated the Free Signatures with some new ones from Tsugasa!

EDIT2: I have added
two new signatures by Cerulean Serenity and one new Signature by Tsugasa. Also Adam is working on some News Avatars. And soon I'll attempt making my very first Kingdom Hearts walkthrough. If I have the time. xD

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