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Journalist: Deep
Date: 11 Oct 2005
The official Square-Enix KH2 site has updated with KH2's price! Sadly, it's in yen.
7770 Yen. *Converts currency to Pounds..* £38.74 *Converts Yen to Dollars* $68.47. Although my price is just rough, the real price for the UK and USA will probably be announced sometime soon...

Thanks to KHU for this information!

Official Square-Enix KH2 Site

EDIT: And *looks at poll results* on the Squared Awards we won in every category we entered! That means: 1st place in Best Staff, Best Webmistress and Best Graphics! Hurray! xD Only problem is, my E-Mail isn't recieving, so I can't get the Award just yet. o.O I am getting a new E-Mail address soon, but my host's taking a while to answer the phone. -.-

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