Kingdom Hearts 2Kingdom Hearts 2 icon Another Trailer?
Journalist: Itani
Date: 14 Dec 2005
It is rumoured that another trailer has been seen. Yet we cannot confirm if this is true or not. There will also be a magazine that will include new information. Is this all rumours or true? Well we will just have to keep playing the waiting game. I'll list what has been rumoured below.

  • Trailer Rumours!

  • BHK holds his head due to suffering and pain when Sora appears on a screen.

  • BHK has a conversation with Diz as Sora is asleep in the pod. (Seems like one of the opening scenes)

  • While BHK views the pod Sora is sleeping in, it begins to open.

  • One of the members of the thirteenth order gets covered by light. (?)

  • Magazine Rumours!

  • Final Form is revealed.

  • A CG picture of the following characters will feature in the magazine: Mickey, Sephiroth, Diz, Namine, Cloud, Aerith and Squall and it will include more screens.

  • Cloud has a conversation with Aerith

  • Sora is in Twilight Town with King Mickey

  • Namine is speaking to Sora or BHK before she gets captured by Diz.

  • Kairi having a conversation with Oret in Twilight Town.

    Credit to Kadaj.

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