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Journalist: Itani
Date: 10 Jan 2006
KHII information is decreasing day by day and also visitors don't visit their favourite sites as much as they used to. Well today I'am hoping to keep our visitors with a fair amount of videos.

Edit: Just finished uploading the videos. I couldn't upload the exclusives since something important came up and I have to go for today. I hope you enjoy viewing them. I'll upload the others tomorrow.


Agrabah 1st Visit
Halloween Town 1st Visit
Hallow Bastion 3rd Visit
Hallow Bastion 4th Visit
Pride Lands 1st Visit
Space Paranoids 1st Visit
Space Paranoids 2nd Visit
Twilight Town 2nd Visit
Hallow Bastion 5th Visit New*

Want any of these videos translated? Just let me know! Translating videos will take from 1-7 days depending on when my translator feels like translating.

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