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Journalist: Deep
Date: 19 Jan 2007
Sorry we've been a month behind news, to make it up to you here's a compilation of news for KH2 FM+ and RE:COM.

~So far KH2:FM+ has only been confirmed for Japan, but it is possible it could be coming to the States, Square haven't ruled that out yet.
~According to 1UP's article KH2:FM will be coming to the US in the fall along with the extra RE:COM disk!
~KH2:FM+ is a remake of KH2 with new enemies, boss battles, and adjustments to the battle system. It's also been confirmed KH2:FM+ will have an extra disk for the remake of KH:COM in full 3D.
~KH2:FM+ Japanese release date is set for March 29th 2007 for 7980 Yen ($67 US).
~Riku vs Zexion playable battle [RE:COM] - Confirmed
~Sora vs Roxas playable battle [KH2:FM+] - Confirmed
~Sora vs Roxas Reaction command called "Duel Bout".
~Mushroom heartless [wearing Org. clothing] appear at Hollow Bastion [KH2:FM+]
~In the Mushroom scan in the top left corner of each screenshot of Sora fighting the Mushroom heartless there's a Score next to an icon of a Mushroom and in one it says "New Record!" is there a minigame for how many Mushrooms you kill or how many hits?
~By the looks of the first scan you can explore Castle Oblivion from KHCOM in KH2:FM+. We know it's in KH2:FM+ because Sora is wearing his KH2 costume.
~In the first scan below we see Sora in his KH2 outfit surrounded by wind, it was said in a trailer that this is the reaction command "Fly Up!" that takes you to Castle Oblivion. [Trailer. Thanks The Graceful Assasin for pointing this out]
~From a screenshot of Ansem's computer in the first scan we can see the back of an Org member standing infront of a stairway leading down, which is thought to lead to a Boss battle with Armoured Unknown. You see the Org. member sitting on a throne (check the second screen in the first scan with a mug shot of the org. member), the Nobody symbols light up around him and you see the Armoured Unknown beaten up and the Org. member says "It's been a long time, my friend.". In KH2 you could go into Ansem's computer room but weren't able to do anything in there. It is speculated this could lead to Hollow Bastion but is uncomfirmed. [Scan. Thanks The Graceful Assasin for pointing this out.]
~In one scan we see Sora and Co in from what we can make out Hollow Bastion's Rising Falls. This is uncomfirmed.
~Marluxia, Zexion and Lexaeus shown [Trailer and scan]
~Reverse Rebirth shown [Trailer]
~Fight Organization members at the Olympus Coliseum
~Battle against Marluxia involves a lot of Reaction commands. [Trailer]
~Battle against Lexaeus will be difficult to win. He fights from above. [Trailer]
~Stop Reaction command [Trailer]
~New map. Not much info of this yet. [Trailer]
~Starting Point form. I'm just as confused as you. [Trailer]
~RE:COM has a boss fight against Vexen. [Demo]
~RE:COM boss fight with Oogie Boogie [Demo]
~RE:COM Halloween Town World [Demo]
~RE:COM has partially destructable scenery. Smash pillars for pick up items. [Scan]
~RE:COM integrates KH2's reaction command concept.
~RE:COM has the full KH2 and KH2 cast voice acting.
~RE:COM is on it's own disk packaged with KH2:FM+.
~RE:COM retains it's Room creation system from KH:COM.
~RE:COM has Riku's story from KH:COM.
~RE:COM's graphics are similar to KH more than KH2.
~RE:COM's sticking to the card battle system that first appeared in KH:COM.
~Sora has a new Drive Form with him wearing his old KH clothes. [Scan]
~Sora's new form will be called "Limit Form" and will enable Sora to use Abilities from KH1.
~Goofy and Donald get their own Christmas outfits.
~Sora wears a Christmas outfit in Christmas Town. [Scan]
~New story cinematics focusing mainly on Roxas. [Trailer]

Kingdom Hearts 2: Final Mix+ and RE:COM Scans *warning 56k*

Sources: KHU, 1UP, GameSpot, KH2.Media NET

More soon along with two new Kingdom Hearts 2 fan art by me. :)

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