Kingdom Hearts 3 May Be Released This Year...or Not.
According to tweets from Goofy's voice actor, Bill Farmer, Kingdom Hearts 3 may see a 2015 release. It was revealed when a Twitter user asked him if KH3 will be released this year and Bill replied with "that's what they keep telling me!" He also claimed to have finished all voice recording but that he couldn't recite any lines because he had too many voice recording sessions to recall any specific lines. A screenshot of the initial tweets are available on the NeoGAF forum. Link at the bottom of the post.

Since his tweet he has sent a contradictory tweet to say "The release date for Kingdom Hearts Three has not been announced yet!"

We wonder if he was told to say that since his previous replies to users on Twitter sounded very confident on the release being this year. The Square-Enix USA Twitter account tweeted a rather amusing (yet disappointing) tweet after, saying "There was a Goof! The release date for @KINGDOMHEARTS III remains unannounced." The Twitter exchange that was sparked by Twitter user @soraalam1 can be viewed on his YouTube video: Here.

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Sources: NeoGAF via ZeldaInformer
Posted on 08 Jan 2015 by Deep
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