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In late March 2005, Emily Roberts made a small Kingdom Hearts fansite as a hobby for a game she loves dedicated to providing the latest news and game information for the critically acclaimed Kingdom Hearts franchise.

We have had a wonderful team updating this site however since we were all students, we couldn’t keep the site running for a few years because it got in the way of our studies. The webmistress has revamped the website to bring the design up to date for new and old fans to continue to use Kingdom Hearts Extreme as an in-depth resource for completing their Kingdom Hearts games.

As of 2014 we have had 2 million hits and we thank you all for your use of Kingdom Hearts Extreme even after all these years. Thank you!

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Deep | FFFreak

Position: Webmistress / Forum Admin
Gender: Female
Computer Skills: Photoshop CS, Dreamweaver (HTML, some PHP knowledge), Windows Movie Maker (AMVs), Macromedia Flash (Flash movies)
Previous / Current Work: KHU Moderator, KHU Gallery Admin, Lost Daily Super Moderator, Beyblade Spirit Global Moderator, VGWiki Moderator
Contact: out0ffocus(at)
Quick Bio: I've been making Graphics and Websites for 4 years now. I use Photoshop to make all my graphics. I have made four Websites altogether. My second one was Final Fantasy World, which I soon gave over to my sister, FFFreak. My 3rd was Beyblade Realm, which got 1000+ hits a day. I'm a university student studying Film and TV.

Position: Co-Webmistress
Gender: Female
Birthday: October 25th 1990
Computer Skills: Photoshop CS, Dreamweaver, Windows Movie Maker
Website: Final Fantasy World