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Site History

In late March 2005 we started out as a very small site with very little content and using Fusion News to deliver the latest KH2 News, but at least it was correct information. I put up our very first layout, which turned out pretty good if I do say so myself. Since it was my fourth year at making graphics and my first making them with Photoshop.
Kingdom Hearts Extreme Version One
I started to Advertise over on KHU which got me some hits which I was very thankful for, and soon after I got some Staff members, Zuriel, Unknownkid, Anaru and DarkDude. They all helped out imensely which gave me some more time on my hands thank goodness!

Then suddenly Lucky Charm (member of KHU) asked me if I would like to work on her site, I said "Sure!" which soon after led to Affiliation. But then Fragmented Memories (LC's Website) died. =(

Then around that time I installed Cute News to replace Fusion News, which made the site more organized and Cute News is definately more customizable and comes with more features than Fusion News.

With the new Staff Member's help we got loads of pages up in the Kingdom Hearts section and we gained our second Affiliate, Kingdom Hearts Impulse, the Webmaster of this site, Zeo-Kun, was extremely eager to Affiliate so I decided to accept his request and his site was pretty good, so that gave me some more hits.

Then a few days after that I got an E-Mail from Shimi (Owner of Final Rest) asking for Affiliation, so I gratefully accepted because her site's fantastic. ^^;; And then I got some more Staff Applications, *Dark_Lady_Chan* and ~Axel~ signed up and helped me even more! I started to get more organized after that and became more professional looking. But this is my 3rd Website, so I knew what to do. ^^;;

Soon after I tried my luck with Sora's Domain and surprisingly got accepted! So I added them to my list of Affiliates and I was really happy after that since SD is a top-notch Kingdom Hearts site. They gave me a lot of hits too. ^^;;

Kingdom Hearts Extreme Version TwoAfter tackling Sora's Domain I began to think I could Affiliate with anyone. Which kind of proved itself after getting accepted by Final Fantasy Kingdom. I then moved on and we had almost completed the Kingdom Hearts section. I started to look around for more Affiliates and discovered this great site called Final Fantasy Spira, it had a kick-a** layout which I loved and I decided to try my luck, which failed miserably when I recieved the rejection E-Mail, but the only reason KHE was rejected was the lack of hits, I thought Affiliating with FFSpira would give me more publicity, but they weren't interested in that, so they told me to come back when I got more hits. So I began to look around again for other good sites to Affiliate with.

After four months of having V1 up I started to franticly search for sites with good layouts to look for tips and "what's hot". I came back with a failed search. I just couldn't find the right layout. Although I did really like Final Fantasy Extreme's layout. Then I thought maybe I could ask someone to make a totally awesome layout for me, but I ran out of ideas of what I wanted it to look like. But I knew one thing, I wanted some cool flash on it. I couldn't decide between some colour schemes, so I put up a Poll, but I'm still thinking even now.

I decided to "enhance" the V1 Layout just to make sure I (and the guests) wouldn't get bored. So I animated the "Content" header to make Sora fade in and out and made the Quick Links rollover buttons, the KHE Team we're quite impressed, but I was still unsatisfied.

Soon after Freezingwind applied for Staff and I accepted his request with open arms. But I realized after a while that I needed a Translator. I thought about it and realized that Kingdom Hearts Ultimania (probably what you'd say is the site that got me started) got "famous" for their Translating. Translators are extremely hard to find, and that's why people kept visiting, not to mention their theories and their unbelievable ability to get their hands on all the latest KH2 information. And I am still looking for a Translator, I knew that would get us off the ground. (Please apply for Staff if you can translate Japanese to English. =D)

Then Xarvenu came along and he's keeping us up to date along with Freezingwind and *Dark_Lady_Chan* to deliver the latest KH2 news.

Our second ever Affiliate, Kingdom Hearts Impulse, got deleted by their host and then KHI's webmaster, Zeo-Kun, decided to join the KHE Team as an AMV Maker and a General Information Writer. Things are going good, except we lost an excellent Affiliate.

Soon after the loss of KHI, Reaper Of Time got a job on the News Team and she's doing a great job. =D

Then I contacted KHI's old Staff member, Javy and offered her a job, she accepted and she's doing a fine job with her graphics. ^^;;

Then Void sent me an E-Mail asking to join the KHE Team as a Theory Writer, since we don't have any yet and he seems mature enough, I let him on the team. ^^;;

About a week later I got this email from this dude called JesusFreak777 who wanted to work for KHE and he used to work for our old Affiliate, Kingdom Hearts Impulse, so I hired him as our Character Profile Writer and Journalist.

A very short while after we recruited JF777, DJ Firewolf sent in an application for AMV Maker, I watched his Kingdom Hearts Trailer (for his upcoming KH movie) and realized how talented he was. I accepted.

I was browsing through a few Final Fantasy sites when I found this new brilliant FF site called Final Fantasy Synthesis. I looked around at their content and liked it, so I sent an email off to Greg asking for Affiliation and he accepted. Yay! =P And then I asked him if he would be so kind as to make a Topsite for KHE, he said "Yeah!". ^^;;

I discovered an FF site called Final Fantasy Guardian, I checked the site out and thought it was pretty good, but the Layout was what caught my eye the most. So I sent Alpha an E-Mail and he said "Sure!". =D

I went over to our Affiliate, Final Fantasy Synthesis and I noticed they had re-installed their forum from it previously had been hacked. I signed up to support my Affiliate and then got a PM asking if I wanted to "merge" forums, I thought it would really help both sites and our old forum wasn't exactly buzzing with activity. I also discovered there were 2 RPGs installed and some great members. So I accepted.

Then we got 2 new Affiliates, Mako Fusion and Forgotten Memories. 2 great sites, a nice edition to the Affiliates. Soon after that we got an E-Mail from our Staff member Zeo-Kun announcing his resignation and that Kingdom Hearts Impulse is coming back! This was sad news for our Staff, but great that another great Kingdom Hearts site is being reborn.

Then I made Version 2, my E-Mail died and along came a bunch of Affiliates; FFUltima, KHRealm, KH2.Media NET, FFFan, KH24/7 and Square Online. Soon after that I got a new E-Mail address. :D

Then along came one of the best Staff members the KH world has ever seen, Itani joined the staff at KHE and he supplied us with content, news, music, KH2 videos and he even moderates the Shoutbox and forums. A nice guy with a lot of potential. He has made KHE what it is today and I (and the rest of the staff) are very grateful for it. ^.^ Thanks Itani!

That's about it so far, but I'm looking for a Translator, I'm searching for more Affiliates and I'm waiting for Pete (Owner of Kingdom Hearts Ultimania) to reply to my Affiliation request. >.< *Cough* Pete has finally accepted my Affiliation request! =D

Now we're nearing KHE's 1st Birthday and the NA release of KH2 plus an updated layout.

The layout was a huge success and almost everyone loved the Chibis. ^^

KH2 is released worldwide and our hits increase dramatically! After the release traffic decreases as people complete the game and interest dies down a little. Soon after KH2FM+ is announced and everyone's buzzing again. Let's hope it makes a worldwide release unlike KHFM. Around this time we hire The Graceful Assassin who continues to post great news finds for KH2FM+.

We celebrate KHE's 2nd Birthday and see what the future holds for us!

Site Managers
Deep | FFFreak

Position: Webmistress / Forum Admin
Gender: Female
Birthday: 16th June 1992
Nicknames: Depp, Deepy, Deepsies, Master, Boss, Goddess
Computer Skills: Photoshop CS, Dreamweaver (HTML, some PHP knowledge), Windows Movie Maker (AMVs), Macromedia Flash (Flash movies)
Previous / Current Work: KHU Moderator, KHU Gallery Admin, Lost Daily Super Moderator, Beyblade Spirit Global Moderator, VGWiki Moderator
Contact: khextreme_staff{at}
Quick Bio: I've been making Graphics and Websites for 4 years now. I use Photoshop to make all my GFX, but if PS is unavailable then I use Paint Shop Pro 6/7/8. I have made 4 Websites altogether, my first was all about me, HP, KH, FF and LotR. My second one was Final Fantasy World, which I soon gave over to my sister, FFFreak. My 3rd was Beyblade Realm, which got 1000+ hits a day and was pretty popular. And then there's my current one which you see now, Kingdom Hearts Extreme.

Position: Co-Webmistress
Gender: Female
Birthday: October 25th 1990
Nicknames: None
Computer Skills: Photoshop CS, Dreamweaver, Windows Movie Maker
Website: Final Fantasy World
Deep's Comments: FFFreak's my sister and a great help! She has done most of the KH detailed Content (Abilities, Bestiary etc.) and helps Moderate the forums. We also support and help each other with our graphics

News Journalists
Unknownkid | DJFirewolf | Itani | KagePhoenix | Talan1590 | Adam | The Graceful Assassin

Position: Anime Music Maker / News Journalist / Forum Moderator
Gender: Male
Nicknames: UK
Computer Skills: Making AMVs
Website: KH BladeWing
Contact: Click Here
Quick Bio: I live in Austria/Vienna. I can speak German and English. I can speak pretty "good" english. I have played Kingdom Hearts many times already. But that was some years ago. But I still can remember some important stuff in KH. I have fun making AMV's of KH.
Anyways, I like watching Animes, reading Mangas, meeting Friends, going to cinemas, editing homepages (but not homepages with .php -.-) I think that is all now. Deep's Comments: He's definitely the most reliable and one of the staff oldies. ^^ He helps out with news, KH Manga, Forums, AMVs and content. I don't know where we'd be if it wasn't for him!

Position: News Team Journalist / Forum Moderator / Shoutbox Editor
Gender: Male
Nicknames: None
Computer Skills: ??
Website: None
Contact: Click Here
Quick Bio: I've currently finished the game at least 8 to 9 times. I've also
been credited for getting KHU information twice. I've even created a thread
that has most of the features in KHII and it's regularly updated. If you would
like to ask any other questions I'd be more than happy to reply.
Deep's Comments: Most active Staff member here and has helped with the site the most. =D He's posted tons of KH2 footage, news and sent in some content. He also helps 'round the forums.

The Graceful Assassin
Position: News Journalist
Gender: Male
Nicknames: TGA
Computer Skills: ??
Website: -
Contact: Click Here
Quick Bio: Still needs to write it.
Deep's Comments: He's a great new addition to the team and has some great theories!

Content Writers
Kage Phoenix | Talan1590

DJ Firewolf
Position: News Team Journalist / AMV Maker / Shoutbox Editor
Gender: Male
Nicknames: DJ
Computer Skills: Windows Movie Maker
Website: None
Contact: Click Here
Quick Bio: I'm an avid music video maker! I've made a movie out of Kingdom Hearts and am trying to get it on DVD. The KH:CoM movie is still in production. I'd like to start a website, but I know I can't by myself...
Deep's Comments: He's very reliable and helps out with the latest news; makes AMVs and deletes all the nasty spoilers in the Shoutbox. =)

Position: News Journalist / General Information Writer / Quotes / Character Profiles
Gender: Female
Nicknames: KP
Computer Skills: ??
Website: None
Contact: Click Here
Quick Bio: I am 17 years old. I love to play RPGs, (Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, The Legend of Zelda, Tales of Symphonia, etc.), watch anime (Zoids, Gundam, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Saint Seiya, Ronin Warriors, FullMetal Alchemist, Naruto, The Vision of Escaflowne, etc.), read manga (Naruto, Beet the Vandel Buster, Tsubasa:Reservior Chronicle, DNAngel, Gundam Seed, Orphen, FullMetal Alchemist, Rurouni Kenshin, etc.), and draw anime/manga and video game characters.
I am very responsible, very trustworthy, and can be a bit hot-headed at times. I am a die-hard Kingdom Hearts fan.
Deep's Comments: She's very, very reliable and a great help to the site! She sends me lots of KH quotes; profiles and more! She also helped out with the news for a bit. ^^;;

Position: News Journalist / Character Profile Writer
Gender: Male
Nicknames: Talan
Computer Skills: ??
Website: Click Here
Contact: Click Here
Quick Bio: I'm 16 years old, and have been a fan of KH since its first release back in 2002. I'm a percussionist and have some basic knowledge with HTML, and am beginning to learn Java, Java Script, HTTP, C++, and a few other computer script languages. I get along with most everybody, even though some view my obsession with drums annoying.
Deep's Comments: Talan has posted some KH2 news and re-written the KH2 Drive Forms page for KHE.

Position: News Journalist / Graphic Designer
Gender: Male
Nicknames: ??
Computer Skills: Graphics
Website: Click Here
Contact: Click Here
Quick Bio: Hello, my name is Adam. I've been playing video sence I was 4 years old and started out with the NES (Nintendo Entertainment system) and moved up from their. I currently own every console, execpt for the Sony PSP. I play all kinds of genres of Video games, my favourites are Action Adventure, First-Person Shooters and RPG's. My Favourite Video game is The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time. Right now I'm currently training in Photoshop CS, and trying to improve my skills in Photoshop.
Deep's Comments: Adam makes some breathtaking graphics, check out his topics in the forum sometime.

AMV Makers
Unknownkid | DJFirewolf

Graphic Designers
Kei Striker | SkriK | Tsugasa | Cerulean Serenity | Adam

Kei Striker
Position: Graphics Designer
Gender: Male
Nicknames: Kei
Computer Skills: Photoshop
Website: None
Contact: Click Here
Quick Bio: Well let’s get down to business. Anyway I started using Photoshop around the middle of last year; I'm still trying to improve my ability further. I've also got quite a bit of experience with rendering images so I could help out in that section as well. Unfortunately I cannot create layouts, only small graphics such as Avatars and Signatures.
Deep's Comments: An old friend of mine from the days when I updated BBRealm a lot and Moderated BBSpirit Forums. He has a great Graphics talent and makes Signatures often.

Position: Graphics Designer
Gender: Male
Nicknames: SkriK
Computer Skills: Graphics
Website: Classified (not public yet)
Contact: Click Here
Quick Bio: Loves Summertime. =)
Deep's Comments: Makes a lot of free Signatures for the Signatures page and has great talent! He's very reliable.

Position: Graphics Designer
Gender: Male
Nicknames: Gasa, Tsu
Computer Skills: Graphics
Website: .Hack//New World
Contact: Click Here
Quick Bio: Im 16, i do graphics for a living pretty much. I can handle making simple graphics like banners buttons icons avs wallpapers and such. I have lots of fans across the net for my graphic ability if that gets me anywhere. Also I'm really good at finding ways of giving people tips and hints about the game. My latest
work was a Strategy Guide on the Drive forms and all the information about where you get them, what they do, and how to level them up.
Deep's Comments: Recently hired as a Graphics Designer, let's hope he contributes as much as SkriK!

Cerulean Serenity
Position: Graphics Designer
Gender: Female
Nicknames: CS, Ceru
Computer Skills: Graphics
Website: None
Contact: Click Here
Quick Bio: I'm 14 years old and started doing graphics when I was ten years old with PSP..Now I use Photoshop but I sill use good ol' PSP =)
Deep's Comments: Recently hired as a Graphics Designer, excellent at graphics and has a nice style.

Heartless Mercenary X
Position: Graphics Designer
Gender: Male
Nicknames: HMX
Computer Skills: Photoshop
Website: None
Contact: Click Here
Quick Bio: --
Deep's Comments: A brilliant Graphics Designer who makes really creative stuff.

Walkthrough Writers

If you're interested in joining the team, then visit our "Apply for Staff" page.