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 Release Dates
 Developer: Square-Enix
 Publisher: Square-Enix
 System: Game Boy Advance
 Genre: Roleplaying
 Number of Players: 1
 Our Rating: 8/10
  November 11, 2004
  May 6, 2005
  December 7, 2004
Chain of Memories is Kingdom Hearts "sequel" that was released only on the Game Boy Advanced and was only really created to tie up all the loose ends we were left with after Kingdom Hearts to make the pathway clear for Kingdom Hearts 2. In KHCoM a new set of characters are revealed that will also be some of the main characters in KH2, they are known as the Organization, the Unknowns or the 13th Order. This dark and mysterious group of people are said to be the KHCoM and KH2 villains.

KHCoM begins literally straight after Kingdom Hearts when you finish the game chasing after the lovable dog, Pluto.


"Through the long path of the plains, he continued on. That night, he came across crossroads. Sora stood in the center of the crossroads and looked up in the sky. He remembered his friends, now apart in different worlds. And his friends he had left behind. The end of his journey is to return to the place with all his friends.

A man walks towards Sora from the shadows of a path shone by the moonlight. He says, "The thing you seek for lies beyond... But first, you must sacrifice something you hold dearly...". When the man disappeared from Sora's sight, there were only one path left in front of him.

Walking, as the path lead him, he arrives at a castle. The nothingness filled the air inside the castle. The fragment of his memories scattered as it turned into cards. A fight to connect the fragments, he climbs up the stratum of the spiral like sky...

What will Sora gain, and what will he lose....."

-Official Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories Website
Sora Opening Door Sora in Agrabah Axel Cutscene
Kingdom Hearts CoM Front Cover