Well, like most sites, we have people to thank. And if it wasn't for those people, KHE wouldn't be what it is today.

Wolborg GT of BB Central: For creating the swirly BBRealm, KHExtreme and FFWorld logo. Thanks a bunch! :D
Unknown of FFPrimer: Thanks for the free PHP form script! ^^;;
Woody: For helping me out with the coding! Thanks a bunch! :D
Pete: For helping me with coding and loads of other things! Thank you sooo much! ^___^

Oshio/Wavaster: Sora Sprites
Oshio: Leon Sprites
Frario: Cheshire Cat and Genie/Aladdin Sprites
Kei Striker: Mog, Tidus and Selphie Sprites
Incognito: Cloud Sprites

Fragmented Memories: For their help and support. Thanks Lucky Charm/Ali! ^^;;
Kingdom Hearts Impulse: For being a great Webmaster and sending me the file for an Image Viewer and helping me out with the topsite! Thanks Zeo-Kun! =D
Final Rest: For being an awesome Affie! =D Thanks Shimi! ^^;;
Sora's Domain: For being the best Webmaster ever and having a great KH Site! =D Thanks DK Gerbil! =D
Final Fantasy Kingdom: A truely awesome FF site with tons of accurate information! Thanks Chaosblade for being there for KHE! =D
Final Fantasy Synthesis: For being there for KHE and merging forums! Thanks Greg! ^^;;
Kingdom Hearts Ultimania: For giving my site a chance and giving us a boost in traffic. =P

FFFreak: For helping with general info, graphics and coding. =D
Itani: For updating with the latest KHII news everyday, moderating the forums and recording exclusive KHII videos.
Anaru: For helping with KH: CoM info.
Zuriel: For helping with general info.
Unknownkid: For making AMV's, scanning KH Manga and helping with KH:CoM info.
*Dark_Lady_Chan*: For posting the latest KH2 news.
Xarvenu: For writing KH2, KHCoM info and keeping us up to date with the latest KH2 news.
Zeo-Kun: For helping 'round with AMV's and info.
Reaper of Time: For posting the latest KH2 news.
Javy: For making awesome Graphics and posting KH2 news.
Void: For writing Theories.
JesusFreak777: For posting KH2 News and writing character profiles.
DJ Firewolf: For making AMV's, moderating the Shoutbox and posting news.
SkriK: For making awesome free graphics.
Adam: For the Keyblade guide and graphics.
Talan: For all the KH2 content.

Forum Staff
Synthesis [Admin]
BleedAlone [Admin]
Unknownkid [Global Mod]
icesage0 [Global Mod]
MOREAGA [Global Mod]

And don't forget all the guests that visit us! Thanks a bunch! ^^;;