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Before you send us a question, please read through these questions and answers too check if your question hasn't already been answered. If not, then please go ahead and ask us a question related to this website, not the games.

Can I hotlink/direct link to your
No. That's stealing bandwidth and is prohibited on this website.

Can you host my website?
Only if I know you, otherwise no.

What program did you use to make this website?
I use Dreamweaver.

When was this site opened?
I started in March 2005 and officially opened on April the 26th, 2005.

What program do you use for your News system?
I used to use Fusion News, but I found CuteNews more convenient.

Why aren't you responding to my E-Mail?
This is either because I'm far too busy at the moment, my E-Mail's not working, there's problems with my PC or I'm on holiday. But don't worry, I will get back to you, that is if I received your E-Mail.

How often do you update the site?
I update almost every day, and if I don't post an update, I'm still tweaking the site in some way, but don't call attention to it. So just keep checking back! ^^;;

Can I Affiliate with your site?
If your Website meets our standards, then yes, check out this page.

How can I contribute to the site?
Just send me an E-Mail by using one of our forms, either the "Contact Us" form or another form that you may find in the section you wish to contribute too, but if there isn't a form in the section, just use the "Contact Us" form. I may not reply, but don't worry, I'll still read it and most likely use the information you send, just remember that some E-Mails don't need a reply. ^.~ And if sending an E-Mail doesn't work, please use the Forum.

Can I join the Staff?
If you meet the requirments and use proper grammar and are a friendly person and don't Rip other peoples content, then go ahead and fill out the form on the "Apply for Staff" page. ^^;;

What screen resolution is best for viewing this site?
I made the layout for 800 x 600 pixels, but I use 1024 x 768, so it can be viewed both ways really.

What browser is best for viewing this site?
Well, the site works fine in Internet Exploror (IE) and Mozilla Firefox. I haven't tried any other browsers like Opera, Netscape etc. but if you have, then please tell us if the site's messed up.

Can I take/use you content/
Only if you ask me for it and give me credit where due and have a link back to KHE, and make sure not to hotlink/direct link.

When I fill out the form, why does it take me to an Error page?
You either didn't fill out all the fields, didn't fill out the required fields, or the form script isn't working. But just keep trying! ^^;;

Why are some pages not working / have broken/dead links?

I either failed to notice some faults in the coding, haven't made the page yet or there's a problem with our host. But please feel free to E-Mail these faults through the form on the "Contact Us" page.

Can I be a Forum Moderator/Admin?
No. I don't just recruit forum staff out of the blue like that, I need to trust them, they need to have had some experience, go online frequently, they need to be sensible and they need to understand and obey the rules.

If I send in some information, will you give me full credit for it?
Yes, of course!

If I send in the URL to an image I'm contributing, will you hotlink/direct link to it?
Absolutely not! We know not to steal webmasters/webmistresses/peoples bandwidth. We will save and upload it to our own server.

What is the proper size for an Affiliation button?
The biggest is 88 x 31 pixels and the smallest is 88 x 15 pixels.

How come CuteNews shows errors sometimes?
I have probably been installing some extra features for it that might have messed up some of the files resulting in some errors, but don't worry, if you report this error I shall get on it right away.

What program do you use to make your graphics on this site?
Adobe Photoshop.

Will you make me a Signature/Avatar?

Only if you're specific when requesting, give me some images to work with and give me credit, then yes.

Will you make me a layout?
No. These take up far too much of my time.

Can I add you to my MSN/AIM/Yahoo ect.?

How can I register with your CuteNews?
All you have to do is Go To This Link to register as a Commenter for KHE's CuteNews and you can straight away post comments with your Username protected from posers at all times. =)

I want to be able to post news on your site!
To do that you must be a member of staff. Sign up Here. Please note you might not be accepted.

Can I link to your website from mine?
Of course, check out the "Affiliation" page where our buttons are kept.

Will you help me with coding my website?
Unless you're an Affiliate, then no.

Do you use PHP or HTML on your site?
I use PHP.

Will you install CuteNews for me?
No. But I did write some instructions Here.

How come you haven't replyed to my Affiliation E-Mail?
If you haven't got a reply within a week, then please send your E-Mail again, as I probably haven't received it. If the problem persists, you may Contact me at the KHE / FFS Forums, comment in the Cutenews or post in the Shoutbox. Thanks.

My F.A.Q question has not been answered yet.
This is either because the question you submitted was stupid, already been answered, or nothing to do with the website.

Can I use your E-Mail form script?
No. The form is especially for my website (and a few others) and won't work on another website.

Can I take/use your fanart?

Still a have a question that hasn't been answered above? Then please E-Mail us by using the Contact Form.