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Before you send us a question, please read through these questions and answers too check if your question hasn't already been answered. If not, then please go ahead and ask us a question related to this website, not the games.

When was this site opened?
I started in March 2005 and officially opened on April the 26th, 2005.

What program do you use for your News system?
I used to use Fusion News, but I found CuteNews more convenient.

What screen resolution is best for viewing this site?
I made the layout for 800 x 600 pixels, but I use 1024 x 768, so it can be viewed both ways really.

Why are some pages not working / have broken/dead links?

I either failed to notice some faults in the coding, haven't made the page yet or there's a problem with our host. But please feel free to E-Mail these faults through the form on the "Contact Us" page.

If I send in some information, will you give me full credit for it?
Yes, of course!

How come CuteNews shows errors sometimes?
I have probably been installing some extra features for it that might have messed up some of the files resulting in some errors, but don't worry, if you report this error I shall get on it right away.

Still a have a question that hasn't been answered above? Then please E-Mail us here.