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Here we have a collection of free Signatures for use on forums. Please do not steal and claim you made them, these took time to make and the creators don't want their work ripped. Do not alter these in any way.

If you do use these, a link back would be appreciated.


Select who's Free Signatures you'd like to view.
Deep | FFFreak | SkriK | Cerulean Serenity | Kei | Tsugasa | Adam | Midnight | Air Keyblade
Newest are at the bottom.

Winners of KHE's Signature Competition (Held at the Forums)

Roxas Signature / Banner By FFFreak
First Place - FFFreak

Kairi Signature / Banner By Skrik
Second Place - Skrik

Sora and Kairi Signature / Banner By Kei
Third Place - Kei