Kingdom Hearts 2 icon Kingdom Hearts 2 ~ Rumour:KH Spin Off On Hearty Console!
Journalist: Itani
Date: 28 Apr 2007

The Electronic Gaming Monthly magazine has brought a set of rumours in it's recent June issue and one of the rumours included the next KH game. I quote from the magazine:

"Next Kingdom Hearts game will be a spin-off that will appear on a 'hearty console'."

The definition of hearty:

hearty : exhibiting vigorous good health

So it's more likely to appear on the Nintendo Wii or DS. Now people were not talking about KHIII, but only a spin off, just like KH: Chain of Memories.

Hearty Console?


Kingdom Hearts 2 icon Kingdom Hearts 2 ~ Hope for KH2FM+ Release in North America?
Journalist: The Graceful Assassin
Date: 24 Apr 2007

Hey guys, my apologies, been a while.

Anyway, there's an interesting bit of info that our friends over at khinsider, particularly Monkey, have managed to grab. Before anything is said, don't jump the gun, because there is still NO official confirmation of the release of Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix+ outside of Japan (at least at the moment). However, we have some good news that is confirmed by an official Square Enix Representative, intended to keep us fans at it! This is basically showing that all we have done (the petitions and such) do matter and we ARE recognised for that (so keep at it and don't give up just yet!). Here's what we know so far:



As a lot of you know [now], I made contact with Neil, the guy responsible for those replies we get from the Support address [at the Square Enix Website]. He wanted to explain the KH2FM+ situation to me. You can see those emails here. we made arrangements to talk today via phone, and I’ve just finished talking with him.

I’m enlightened and thrilled.

”The List”
The list (Monkey Note: Square Enix Support began to ask people if they wanted their name added to a list for any "further announcements on KH2: FM+) was put together by Neil for interest, to gather names. For whatever reason, this wasn’t going to work.

North America and the Mixes
The first game was not brought over because they believed that selling the American version to North America again was pointless. True, KH2 FM isn’t much different from the first, but it’s Re:COM that’s giving it the best shot of being brought over.

He thinks that KH2FM+ should come, and he says that
all his coworkers and higher ups all want it to come too. So they’re in the same boat as us, really.

This Campaign
...Oh ho. They walk among us, people. They just aren’t allowed to reply.

They’ve been getting huge numbers of email - he described it as “Extravagant”, and while the figures I’ve been told before - 150k - were off, he says there’s no true way to track the sheer number of emails that have been sent. Shortly put, yes, it is in demand. Great demand.

And it’s all going to the Marketing Department, and is going to be shipped off to Japan. They are currently waiting for the reply from Japan, but he made this very, very clear to me:

While there is no definite “yes” [yet], there IS NO SOLID NO YET.

Square-Enix is still considering this, and there has been no final decision on whether it’s leaving Japan or not.

(And the hold music is freakin’ sweet)

...I promise we’re in good hands!

He said that some people on board mentioned that it’s a prewritten response (Monkey Note: It is generally the belief among many that the replies Square-Enix Support sends back to users is a prewritten message.) from Support - they are generally NOT prewritten. They have a basic mail and then he tailors the reply to the individual. He has no way of typing out every single email - “my fingers would fall off” but he does try. Neil is there for customer support, five days a week, can tell us anything. He wants to make his replies more personal, though, to cater to the people writing.

That said, he said I shouldn’t discourage you guys from writing, but we probably shouldn’t be spamming.
Don’t spam, guys.

Cheer, yippee, hurrah, and cross your fingers, my dears Spread the word, if you please - we're not done this yet, and there's still hope. There's always hope.

Source: khinsider, Kingdom Hearts LiveJournal Community and a special thanks to Neil and Monkey!

Kingdom Hearts 2 icon Kingdom Hearts 2 ~ Final Secret Reports
Journalist: Phoenix
Date: 23 Apr 2007

Hey everyone!  Here are the last of the Secret Reports from the 'Another Report' book.  As usual, huge thanks go to GameFAQs' The Wertle!  Please click the 'Comments' to see the last of these reports.

Read more

New Content icon New Content ~ New Forum and New Gallery!
Journalist: Deep
Date: 22 Apr 2007
Hey guys and girls,

We have a new vBulletin forum thanks to the owner of Final Fantasy Synthesis who we are joint forums with. :)

Our new forum
Please join and expand our community! :D We have an Arcade where you can play games like Tetris, Space Invaders and soon to be much more! We'll also be getting new Modifications soon like an RPG!

Also I have installed a gallery so you can submit fan art and wallpapers without having to go through the hassle of emailing links. Please sign up today!
Kingdom Hearts Gallery [Artwork, Screenshots, Fan Art, Wallpapers etc.]

EDIT: Please visit our new Affiliate!

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