Kingdom Hearts 2 icon Kingdom Hearts 2 ~ KHII 1UP Preview, Formation Art Part II & KHII OST MP3 Format!
Journalist: Itani
Date: 21 Jan 2006
1UP has added a new preview for KHII showcasing the world Tron, gameplay footage and more! This video is definitely worth watching.

KHII 1UP Preview
KHII 1UP Preview 2 (PSP Version)


Now moving on to the formation art. Remember 1 or 2 months back I updated with KH formation art that were still in their prototype stage? Well now they are in full colour and available to preview. Click on the screens below to these magnificent figures. As they said, they are highly detailed.

Screen 1
Screen 2
Screen 3
Screen 4

Toy-Wholesaler & KH-2.Net

Also the KHII OST that was leaked a few days ago has now been fully converted to MP3 format thanks to KingBlade.

KHII OST Part I (MP3 Format)
KHII OST Part II (MP3 Format)

Edit: Filefront took the file down so now the link above takes you to Mega Upload if you still haven't downloaded the KHII OST.

Last but not least another part of the Xemnas battle is now available to download.

Edit: More videos have been found. My favourite set of videos.

Xemnas Boss Battle #4
Sephiroth Boss Battle
Showdown of Fate 2

Kingdom Hearts 2 icon Kingdom Hearts 2 ~ KHII Videos & Official KHII Site Updated!
Journalist: Itani
Date: 19 Jan 2006
A unexpected video is now available to download. The video shows Sora in Final Form battling Heartless at Halloween Town. This shows proof that you can transform into Final Form at any world rather than where it's attained.

Edit: More videos have been aquired. Thanks to Deathspank for uploading these videos. Most of these videos are boss battles. They are really worth watching.

KHII- Final Form Video
Barbossa Boss Battle
Prison Keeper Boss Battle
Volcano & Blizzard Lords
Oggie Boogie Boss Battle
3 Hyena's Boss Battle
Scar Boss Battle
Dangerous Program Boss Battle
Demyx 2nd Fight
1000 Heartless Battle
Storm Rider Boss Battle
Xaldin Boss Battle
Grim Reaper Boss Battle
Hades Boss Battle
Jafar Boss Battle
Test Object Boss Battle
Ground Shaker Boss Battle
Sark Boss Battle
MCP Boss Battle
Axel & Sora
Xigbar Boss Battle
Luxord Boss Battle
Saix Boss Battle
Xemnas Boss Battle New*
Xemnas Boss Battle #1 New*
Xemnas Boss Battle #2 New*
Xemnas Boss Battle #3 New*

KHII is now on Gamespot's programme "On The Spot". As always, nothing new has been commented on here yet it's still worth watching.

KHII On The Spot

The official KHII site has been updated with a screensaver. But to be able to download the screensaver you need to play the awful
Twilight Town game or you can just download it from here.

Credit: _Riku_ for the KHII Screensaver.

Kingdom Hearts 2 icon Kingdom Hearts 2 ~ Play KHII Magazine Preview!
Journalist: Itani
Date: 19 Jan 2006
Ok just found a magazine that wrote a preview on KHII. So now I have to type the whole article just for you guys and girls to read. Anyway here it is:

Play Magazine Preview:

We suspect that when the idea for the original Kingdom Hearts was pitched it raised a few eyebrows. We know that marrying the cutesy universe of Disney with Square Enix's much more quirky approach made a winning formula, but we doubt anyone would have had the imagination and foresight to predict what a success the game would be, both in terms of execution and market performance.

Kingdom Hearts II continues the adventures of Sora, Donald and Goofy on their quest to save the universe from the Heartless, picking up one year after Chain of Memories which was released on the Game Boy Advanced. Sora is still looking for his childhood friends, and the king Mickey Mouse himself has yet to be located by our fearless trio. However, we're promised that Mickey will be joining the party at some stage during the game, so it looks like this could be the final entry into the Kingdom Hearts series, wrapping up the story once and for all.

If this is the final entry in the series, it looks like Square Enix is determined to make it go out with a bang, filling the game to the rafters with Disney and Final Fantasy references in some sort of fan-service overload. Most of the worlds from the previous titles will return, with classics such as Halloween Town (The Nightmare Before Christmas) and Agrabah (Aladdin) sitting alongside levels based on Mulan, Steam Boat Willie (Mikey Mouse's debut) Pirates of The Caribbean and, best of all, Tron. Many of your favourite Final Fantasy characters will be turning up again, as well as two confirmed newbies Cid and Yuffie, both from Final Fantasy VII. At this stage in its development, Kingdom Hearts II is really starting to come together, and the announcement of the new worlds certainly proves that Square Enix knows its target audience. While this appears to be more of the want it any other way, especially Powelly, who would marry the first game if such a thing were legal. Square Enix has yet to confirm whether it will bring Kingdom Hearts II to Europe, but considering how successful the first game was in the territory, we'd bet the house that it will definitely make its way over here some time in 2006.

Play KHII Magazine Scan

Kingdom Hearts 2 icon Kingdom Hearts 2 ~ New OPM Scan, Speculating KHII's Release Date & KHII Intro Perfect Quality Screens!
Journalist: Itani
Date: 19 Jan 2006
I've just managed to scan in a new KHII scan from the OPM magazine. Not much is revealed here, but it's still better than nothing at all.


Gameplay has now changed it's European release date to 25th August 2006. also changed it's European release date from 24th Feb 2006 to April 28th 2006. is a excellent company to order your games from but it's release dates aren't stable enough. The reason RPG's take a very long period of time to arrive in European countries is because they have to covert it to PAL. Also change it's language to English, French, German and so on. So it seems that there's still a long wait for the European gamers to get a hold of KHII. Moving on to the American release date. Gamespot just recently adjusted it's release date to March 30th 2006. Also after Gamespy wrote it's recent KHII preview, it also adjusted it's release date to March 30th 2006. Which results in Gamespot, Gamespy & IGN all having the same release date for now. Plus as you all know the 3 sites are very reliable sources to gather your information from. You can't call this a delay since Square Enix has yet to announce a release date for the NTSC version of KHII. But Square Enix President Yochi Wada did claim in an interview before KHII was released in Japan that KHII should be ready by March 06. So the current release date for KHII in NA seems to be March 30th 2006.This release date is subject to change so don't get your hopes up.

These KHII Intro screens are to die for. The quality is at it's best. Enjoy viewing them.

Screen 1
Screen 2
Screen 3
Screen 4
Screen 5
Screen 6
Screen 7
Screen 8
Screen 9
Screen 10
Screen 11
Screen 12
Screen 13
Screen 14
Screen 15
Screen 16
Screen 17
Screen 18
Screen 19
Screen 20
Screen 21
Screen 22
Screen 23
Screen 24
Screen 25
Screen 26

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