Kingdom Hearts 2 icon Kingdom Hearts 2 ~ Official KHII Site Updated II, IGN Article, HQ Scan & KHII Poems!
Journalist: Itani
Date: 22 Dec 2005
After the release of KHII in Japan. Square Enix decided to finally open the Twilight Town section. Twilight Town is an interactive section. It makes you search the whole town to find wallpapers and I found it extremely hard. This is because if you want to search a new section of Twilight Town you need to answer 2 questions in Japanese. You have to get 2 of them right in a row. It then gets harder and reaches 5 questions. Which means answering 5 questions in a row lets you explore the new section. It would have been pretty easy if the questions were in English but unfortunately they aren't. As I worked my butt off to get you these wallpapers exploring every part of Twilight Town. Anyway most importantly. I hope you enjoy viewing these wallpapers.

I've inserted the wallpapers on another page since it was taking a large amount of space. If you would like to view them just click on the read full article. The reason I inserted it on the next page was because I wanted to insert some KHII poems here. These poems were taken from a user called Kingdomliberty. I would like to thank him for supplying us with the poems.

  • Pathway to Twilight

    “Ahead of you lies a road”
    Which one will you choose?
    Take the left, and go down the path of darkness
    Take the right, and follow the way to the light

    Standing at this crossroad, three paths are now in sight
    Choose the one that leads to day
    Or everlasting night

    The middle road is one less traveled
    One many do not know
    For it takes great courage, strength, and bravery
    If you choose this path to go

    Although you will encounter here
    The thoughts and dreams of past
    You have shown to overcome your fear
    And find the light at last

    To travel this path you must give up
    Something you hold so dear
    If you walk down this dusty road
    Your memories may reappear

    Memories from long ago
    When you vowed to stand and fight
    You’ll find the one you long for most
    Down the pathway to twilight

  • Walk On

    Braving the darkness
    And finding the path
    That leads me to you

    We are connected
    You and I
    And our hope keeps us together

    With you here beside me
    You give me the strength to walk on
    Knowing that someday…

    I’ll find you waiting
    And we’ll walk on together
    Towards the coming dawn


  • Illusions

    I know I’ll find you waiting
    Although my heart’s a battleground
    I can see you standing there

    And I’m running to you
    To see you again
    And I’m fighting through the illusions

    My fears are lies
    And nothing stands in the way
    Of getting to you

    The illusions disappear
    And all that’s left is you and I

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  • Kingdom Hearts 2 icon Kingdom Hearts 2 ~ More KHII Movies!
    Journalist: Itani
    Date: 21 Dec 2005
    More KHII movies have been found. If you can't watch these movies. Please email me and let me know.


    Cutscene 2

    Cutscene 2 Mirror

    Cutscene 3

    Cutscene 3 Mirror

    Roxas Skating Minigame #2

    Cutscene 4

    Cutscene 4 Mirror

    Cutscene 5

    Cutscene 5 Mirror

    KHII Ending Movie

    KHII Ending Movie Mirror

    Credit: Sorasdomain & KH-2

    Edit: 30 versions of KHII commercials have been televised today! I also added a mirror for cutscene 4 & cutscene 5 due to requests.

    Kingdom Hearts 2 icon Kingdom Hearts 2 ~ KH2 Walkthrough
    Journalist: Deep
    Date: 21 Dec 2005
    Suzaku of KHUltimania Forums has posted and translated a Japanese site's Kingdom Hearts 2 Walkthrough.


    Please note it isn't a complete walkthrough and contains spoilers.

    Credit: Suzaku of KHU

    Kingdom Hearts 2 icon Kingdom Hearts 2 ~ KHII Screen Rips!
    Journalist: Itani
    Date: 20 Dec 2005
    I've found lots of pictures ripped from the official KHII site. To view them click on full article.

    Edit: A picture of Tifa has been found. He/She took a picture of her T.V screen. That's how Tifa will actually appear in KHII.

    KHII Tifa

    Source: 2ch
    Credit: _Riku_
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