Kingdom Hearts 2Kingdom Hearts 2 icon New Little Mermaid Pictures [Ripped from KH2 Disney Site]
Journalist: Deep
Date: 07 Oct 2005
I was browsing the KH2 Japanese site when I came across the new images! I only just ripped them. ^^;;

Click last one to Enlarge.

I just thought I got these before KHU, and then they updated with them. xD

EDIT: Translations, thanks to KHU. ^^;;
Flounder: I can't see!
Ariel: I won't go, I was always by your side.
Ursula: Now then Ariel, what beautiful figure shall I change you into?
Ursula: Just sign here.

BTW, I haven't ripped all the images yet. -.- So some of the translations don't match the images.

Check out the Official KH2 Disney Site here.

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