Square-Enix Good and Bad News
Journalist: Phoenix
Date: 24 Jul 2008

Hey everybody!  We've got a little bit of good and bad news for you all today. 

Here is the bad news first.  Tokyopop, the publisher for the Kingdom Hearts manga series in North America and Europe, has cancelled the third volume of the KH 2 series.  Whether or not this means that the KH series will be completely dropped by Tokyopop is still unknown.  Apparently the cancellation of the third volume is due in part by Tokyopop's "progressive reorganization" which you can learn more about from here: Tokyopop Reorganization

Now the good news that will get all of you excited.  As many of you may know, Dragon Quest V (another series by Square Enix) for the Nintendo DS was recently released in Japan and with it came a small advertisement about Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days.  The only information on the advertisement is that the game will be launched in Japan some time in 2008.  Hmm, I get the feeling that it may be a holiday release in Japan.  The other bit of good news is that Square Enix of Japan has just launched the 358/2 Days website, which you can find here: 358/2 Days  Hopefully this means that we will learn of an actual release date during the Square Enix party on August 2nd-3rd. 

As always, keep checking back with us for all of the latest KH news.

Sources: KHU and Anime News Network


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