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Journalist: Phoenix
Date: 15 Jul 2008

OK, here's the recent information for the KH series:

The first bit of news is the Walt Disney Internet group has just launched a new program called the Kingdom Hearts Customizing.  Kingdom Hearts Customizing is a new service for Disney's i-mode mobile website that allows users to customize their mobile phones with different content from Kingdom Hearts.  The service will be released on Yahoo's EZweb in the middle of July.

The second bit of news is a little upsetting for those of you who collect the KH: Formation Arts.  The Formation Arts (volumes 2 and 3) were originally slated for an August 25 release but they have now been pushed back until September 14.  You can find a picture of the Formation Arts figures here: 

The third bit of news balances out the wait for the KH: Formation Arts.  There will be two new KH PlayArts figures.  One of the PlayArts figures will be of KH2 Sora (which has a December 31, 2008 release date) and a figure of KH Riku.  Both of the figures are highly detailed and you can find pictures of both here: 



The fourth bit of news is really exciting; Square Enix will be holding a private party August 2-3 and will be showcasing and demoing some of their new games.  The private party has been dubbed DKE3713 and the name itself gives hints as to what games will be shown at the party.  The 'D' stands for Final Fantasy Dissidia, 'K' stands for the Kingdom Hearts series, 'E' (E is supposed to represent the Greek letter sigma) stands for Sigma Harmonics, '3' stands for The Third Birthday, '7' stands for Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete, and '13' stands for Final Fantasy XIII.  As if the lineup weren't exciting enough, information has recently been leaked that will be a playable demo of Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep.  This will be the first playable demo of Birth by Sleep but sadly BBS is nowhere near completion.  It seems that Nomura wants to let people play the game and get a feel for it.  Contrary to recent rumors, the work on Kingdom Hearts: Coded has not been canceled and will be shown at the party.  Whether Coded will be a playable demo at the event has yet to be confirmed.  The final Kingdom Hearts game out of the new trilogy, 358/2 Days is being debugged and 'polished' up but it doesn't seem to be as far along as Final Fantasy Dissidia.  Hmm, maybe that means that Square Enix will announce a release date at the party.  There will, however, be a playable demo of 358/2 Days at the party.  Here is a lineup of all the games that will be shown at the Square Enix party:


  • Kingdom Hearts Coded (Mobile)
  • Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days(DS)
  • Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep (PSP)
  • Final Fantasy XIII (PS3)
  • Final Fantasy Versus XIII (PS3)
  • Final Fantasy Agito XIII (Mobile)
  • The 3rd Birthday (Mobile)
  • Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete (DVD)

Playable Demos: 

  • Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
  • Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep
  • Final Fantasy Dissisidia
  • Sigma Harmonics

The fifth bit of news is a recent interview with Nomura in which he discusses the KH series.  

  • Nomura feels that the KH series has "succeeded the blood" of the Final Fantasy series in "spirit" because of its action and other aspects (he didn't seem to clarify the other aspects he was referring to)
  • Nomura also states that when comparing the KH series to the FF series one has to realize that the KH series revolves around a person while FF changes its focus with every game (in other words, FF games don't follow the same characters nor do they relate to the same story with each of its installments)
  • When the interviewer asked Nomura about the consuls that the KH series has/will be on he responded by saying that so long as he can give a 'refreshing feel' to the series it didn't matter what consul the game was for
  • Nomura also stated that when he makes a sequel to the KH series that he wishes to meet the expectations of the fans

The sixth and final bit of news is about E3.  Square Enix has released their lineup for E3 and here is what it looks like:

  • The Last Remnant (360)
  • Infinite Undiscovery (360)
  • Star Ocean: The Last Hope (360)
  • Song Summoner (iPod)
  • Chrono Trigger (DS)
  • Dragon Quest: Chapters of the Chosen (DS)
  • Final Fantasy IV (DS)
  • Star Ocean 1 and 2 (PSP)

It doesn't seem that Sqaure Enix is going to show or announce anything KH related.  Hmm, well you all know how sneaky Square Enix and Nomura are so I would still hold on to some hope for KH information. 

Speaking of E3, Square Enix's president surprised everyone today by announcing that Final Fantasy XIII will be released not only for the PS3 but also for the XBox 360.  As E3 continues I will update with any and all new Square Enix related news so keep checking back for the next 2-3 days.

Sources: KHU, KHInsider, and KH-Vids


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