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 Release Dates
 Developer: Square-Enix
 Publisher: Square-Enix
 System: Playstation Portable
 Genre: Roleplaying
 Number of Players: 1
 Disks: Unknown
 ESRB Rating: Unknown
 Our Rating: N/A
 Directed By: Tetsuya Nomura & Tomohiro Hasegawa
 Japan KH2 Release Date Japan: Currently Unknown
 Europe KH2 Release Date Europe: Currently Unknown
 USA KH2 Release Date North America: Currently Unknown
The legendary Keyblade is said to hold phenomenal power.
Some legends say that long ago, its wielder saved the world, while some say that he brought chaos and ruin upon it.
(Ansem Report 8)

The trailer shown at the Tokyo Game Show 2007 has got everyone on their toes for the first of three new Kingdom Hearts games, here we have Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep for the Playstation Portable which is a prequel to KH1. Here is the trailer summary:

The beginning of the trailer shows scenes from the ending of Kingdom Hearts 1 followed by text that reads "Deep Past" and "Shut-Eyes gives birth to the concealed fate".
Next we see two young males (who were in the secret ending of Kingdom Hearts 2) in a place resembling Hollow Bastion. The first young male can only be described as a Roxas look-a-like. He's talking to the other boy who sports black hair (we believe he's called Terra) and says "Ven.".

Many scenes flash on the screen before stopping on a bald old man with goatee known as "Master Xehanort", he calls the black haired male "Terra". A Keyblade appears in Terra's hands.

The scene cuts and we're shown two worlds, Olympus Coliseum is back (how can you have a Kingdom Hearts game without tournaments?) Followed by a world that can only be described as "Sleeping Beauty" which makes sense as Maleficent has been the villain (and co-villain) for the past games.

Next we see Terra (the black haired young male) engaging combat against the darkly dressed male warrior who we saw in KH2's secret ending video that Master Xehanort created. Terra manages to force the helmet off his dark opponent but we're unable to see his face.

King Mickey is shown summoning a Keyblade that is a cross between sword and wand, he is wearing different clothes from usual so we know that Birth By Sleep is a prequel to KH1. The scene cuts quickly to Terra on a beach observing two kids, the two figures become clearer, it's Sora and Riku playing. The trailer ends with these words from Terra:
"Please don't depend on me, just erase me...friend."
One Line Rumours
Dark warrior (helmet unknown) is Terra's brother. ~Jetzudan
Master Xehanort posesses Terra and creates KH2 Xehanort. ~KabbageLynn
Terra is Xehanort's apprentice/disciple ~Xagzan

Mickey Theory
You will be able to play as Mickey and travel through time as him, which is the only possibility that Mickey can talk to Sora in a prequel (as seen in the scan from yesterday of Traverse Town). Also in the trailer summary it said that Terra was looking at Sora on the beach, which could be the moment that he chose Sora as the new keyblade bearer. ~ kingsora

Name Analysis
In the Famitsu Trailer overall summary, it says "It seems the above three are full story on the new projects. At the end of the trailers, we see "Hidden" "Days are" "Born from sleep", words which embody the three trailers. Then we see "The story leads on to an approaching time." which puts us in the mind of the three titles being linked to the next game."
"Hidden" meaning the lost memory in Coded - "Days are" signifying 358/2 Days - "Born from sleep" referring ro Birth by Sleep.
"Hidden Days are Born by Sleep" - This phrase is probably highly significant for a future title that ties everything together from the three games (Kingdom Hearts 3?). ~ Quoted from KHU Forums, written by The Graceful Assassin

Terra and Xehanort Theory
Master Xehanort will takeover Terra--the resemblance between Xehanort (young) and Terra is just too much. After the takeover some part of Terra may remain. This is the part you face in Kingdom Hearts 2 and is possibly why he asks his friends to forget about him because he is no longer a whole person. ~Chill

Xehanort Theory
Xehanort didn't do his job as a Keyblade Wielder, he was evil and it was up to Terra, Ven and Aqua to stop him in his tracks. They win the battle which makes Xehanort disappear. Perhaps when he disappeared he fell into a deep sleep and he wakes up, or is reborn (Birth by Sleep) during Kingdom Hearts (or Kingdom Hearts 2). Ansem stumbles apon Xehanort, but he can't remember anything but his name. At some point Xehanort transforms into a Heartless and Nobody (Xemnes) and Sora vanquishes him which puts him back in a deep sleep and he is reborn (again) after Kingdom Hearts 2 but this time he has retained his memories. This is a good theory because Nomura said a big part of the new series is Xehanorts memories. ~Igloo9

If the creators of these theories would like a word about this page then please contact me at khextreme_staff(@) (remove the brackets from the "@" sign)
Coming soon...
Not yet revealed
 Kingdom Hearts 2 / II News

Kingdom Hearts 2 icon Kingdom Hearts 2 ~ More KHII Final Mix and Re:COM info
Journalist: Phoenix
Date: 30 Sep 2006

Hey everybody!  I wanted to give all of you some new information from the new Dengeki and Famitsu magazine scans.

First off KHII Final Mix: 

  • It seems that Roxas' new scenes will be more in depth with his character
  • New areas are being made where you have to make use of Sora's different abilities
  • The maps are being reworked to add a little more enjoyment into exploring the surroundings
  • Apparently Nomura-san's favorite Heartless will be making an appearance (I believe his favorite Heartless are the Mushrooms)
  • A possible battle of Sora VS Roxas instead of just the cutscene
  • Some new reaction commands will be introduced
  • A new difficulty setting that is harder than 'Proud Mode'
  • The secret ending movie is being completely remade
  • It seems Nomura-san is still keeping quiet about who the character with the broken mask is in the secret ending
  • The KH team is still undecided on whether or not they will change the requirements on unlocking the secret ending movie
  • The KH team wants to put everything that wasn't in the original KHII game in the Final Mix version

Second off KH RE:COM:

  • KH RE:COM is being developed by the same team that developed the Musashi series
  • There is a possibility that there will be some Reaction Commands in KH RE:COM
  • The Tokyo team that developed KH and KHII will be handling the voiced cutscenes with the same technology they used in KHII
  • There will be some new things that will be unique only to KH RE:COM
  • Of course, there will be new cards
  • There is a possibility that the enemies will be stronger than they were in the original KH:COM
  • There will be more interactive things in the field screens  (Example: Pillars that can be destroyed in the Coliseum)
  • The only parts in the game that will be voiced will be the parts in between the different worlds (The White Rooms)
  • It's believed that the price will be the price of one game instead of two games 
  • It seems that Nomura-san is trying to decide what to do for the North American fans.  It would seem that he wants the North American fans to be able to enjoy the game with the original Japanese voices (Hmm, does this mean KHII FM and KH RE:COM will be released in the U.S.?  Let's keep our fingers crossed)

Source: KHU

Kingdom Hearts 2 icon Kingdom Hearts 2 ~ Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix Website
Journalist: Deep
Date: 29 Sep 2006
The official Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix website is coming soon. Let's hope they get a trailer up soon!

Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix Official Website

And here's some Famitsu scans revealing some new KH2: FM information!

  • New enemies not seen before in KH2
  • We may be seeing a new Drive Form!
  • A battle against "the highly demanded Org. member"
  • A battle against an enemy that surpasses even Sephiroth's power!
For RE: Chain of Memories there will be a substantial ammount of new content and possible data integration with KH2: FM.

KH2 FM Scan 1
KH2 FM Scan 2

Source: KHU

And last but definitely not least, Kingdom Hearts 2 is finally being released in Europe today! Let's hope it gets delivered to my door today. xD

Stay tuned for KH2 content as I complete the game. (when it comes..grr...)

Kingdom Hearts 2 icon Kingdom Hearts 2 ~ Kingdom Hearts II Mini Guide & New AMV!
Journalist: Itani
Date: 15 Sep 2006
Hello there fellow KH fans. The company GAME is giving away a free mini guide to who pre-orders KHII before the release date. You can check out the offer here.

Also we have a new AMV submitted by KH2_ReBoRN. Make sure you check it out.


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