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 Release Dates
 Developer: Square-Enix
 Publisher: Square-Enix
 System: Playstation Portable
 Genre: Roleplaying
 Number of Players: 1
 Disks: Unknown
 ESRB Rating: Unknown
 Our Rating: N/A
 Directed By: Tetsuya Nomura & Tomohiro Hasegawa
 Japan KH2 Release Date Japan: Currently Unknown
 Europe KH2 Release Date Europe: Currently Unknown
 USA KH2 Release Date North America: Currently Unknown
The legendary Keyblade is said to hold phenomenal power.
Some legends say that long ago, its wielder saved the world, while some say that he brought chaos and ruin upon it.
(Ansem Report 8)

The trailer shown at the Tokyo Game Show 2007 has got everyone on their toes for the first of three new Kingdom Hearts games, here we have Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep for the Playstation Portable which is a prequel to KH1. Here is the trailer summary:

The beginning of the trailer shows scenes from the ending of Kingdom Hearts 1 followed by text that reads "Deep Past" and "Shut-Eyes gives birth to the concealed fate".
Next we see two young males (who were in the secret ending of Kingdom Hearts 2) in a place resembling Hollow Bastion. The first young male can only be described as a Roxas look-a-like. He's talking to the other boy who sports black hair (we believe he's called Terra) and says "Ven.".

Many scenes flash on the screen before stopping on a bald old man with goatee known as "Master Xehanort", he calls the black haired male "Terra". A Keyblade appears in Terra's hands.

The scene cuts and we're shown two worlds, Olympus Coliseum is back (how can you have a Kingdom Hearts game without tournaments?) Followed by a world that can only be described as "Sleeping Beauty" which makes sense as Maleficent has been the villain (and co-villain) for the past games.

Next we see Terra (the black haired young male) engaging combat against the darkly dressed male warrior who we saw in KH2's secret ending video that Master Xehanort created. Terra manages to force the helmet off his dark opponent but we're unable to see his face.

King Mickey is shown summoning a Keyblade that is a cross between sword and wand, he is wearing different clothes from usual so we know that Birth By Sleep is a prequel to KH1. The scene cuts quickly to Terra on a beach observing two kids, the two figures become clearer, it's Sora and Riku playing. The trailer ends with these words from Terra:
"Please don't depend on me, just erase me...friend."
One Line Rumours
Dark warrior (helmet unknown) is Terra's brother. ~Jetzudan
Master Xehanort posesses Terra and creates KH2 Xehanort. ~KabbageLynn
Terra is Xehanort's apprentice/disciple ~Xagzan

Mickey Theory
You will be able to play as Mickey and travel through time as him, which is the only possibility that Mickey can talk to Sora in a prequel (as seen in the scan from yesterday of Traverse Town). Also in the trailer summary it said that Terra was looking at Sora on the beach, which could be the moment that he chose Sora as the new keyblade bearer. ~ kingsora

Name Analysis
In the Famitsu Trailer overall summary, it says "It seems the above three are full story on the new projects. At the end of the trailers, we see "Hidden" "Days are" "Born from sleep", words which embody the three trailers. Then we see "The story leads on to an approaching time." which puts us in the mind of the three titles being linked to the next game."
"Hidden" meaning the lost memory in Coded - "Days are" signifying 358/2 Days - "Born from sleep" referring ro Birth by Sleep.
"Hidden Days are Born by Sleep" - This phrase is probably highly significant for a future title that ties everything together from the three games (Kingdom Hearts 3?). ~ Quoted from KHU Forums, written by The Graceful Assassin

Terra and Xehanort Theory
Master Xehanort will takeover Terra--the resemblance between Xehanort (young) and Terra is just too much. After the takeover some part of Terra may remain. This is the part you face in Kingdom Hearts 2 and is possibly why he asks his friends to forget about him because he is no longer a whole person. ~Chill

Xehanort Theory
Xehanort didn't do his job as a Keyblade Wielder, he was evil and it was up to Terra, Ven and Aqua to stop him in his tracks. They win the battle which makes Xehanort disappear. Perhaps when he disappeared he fell into a deep sleep and he wakes up, or is reborn (Birth by Sleep) during Kingdom Hearts (or Kingdom Hearts 2). Ansem stumbles apon Xehanort, but he can't remember anything but his name. At some point Xehanort transforms into a Heartless and Nobody (Xemnes) and Sora vanquishes him which puts him back in a deep sleep and he is reborn (again) after Kingdom Hearts 2 but this time he has retained his memories. This is a good theory because Nomura said a big part of the new series is Xehanorts memories. ~Igloo9

If the creators of these theories would like a word about this page then please contact me at khextreme_staff(@) (remove the brackets from the "@" sign)
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 Kingdom Hearts 2 / II News

Kingdom Hearts 2Kingdom Hearts 2 icon New KH Titles Revealed + Square Enix Website
Journalist: Phoenix
Date: 21 Sep 2007

As many, if not all of you know, the Tokyo Game Show is being held this week in Tokyo, Japan.  There has been a ton of new information relating to the Kingdom Hearts series.  Here is a run down of all the information that has been leaked.

First off, there is going to be a total of three new KH games.  That’s two more than what most of us expected.  The first game will be titled Kingdom Hearts – Birth by Sleep and will follow the story of the three knights that are seen in the secret ending of KH II and KH II – Final Mix +; Aqua, Ven, and Terra.  Here is a short summary that was translated from a ‘Press Kit’ that was released by Square Enix at the game show.  This translation comes from the amazing Pazuzu of KHU:

Story & Information
The legendary Keyblade is said to hold phenomenal power.
Some legends say that long ago, its wielder saved the world, while some say that he brought chaos and ruin upon it.
(Ansem Report 8)

Before Sora gained the Keyblade, there were many ‘Keyblade Masters’ in the world.
One of those Masters, Master Xehanort, and his only disciple suddenly disappears, an omen of the great disaster that would subsequently erupt.
And as soon as one Master realizes this, he tells his three disciples that they must track down Master Xehanort at all costs...

This is a story of awakening, one which connects to the grand beginning of the Kingdom Hearts story.

The PSP's high-level graphics ability is taken to its very limits.
A new set of three protagonists compose three different scenarios.
The controls, system and graphics follow those of the series so far, while at the same time bringing a whole new feeling to the system!
Directed by Tetsuya Nomura & Tomohiro Hasegawa”

Out of the three games, Birth by Sleep has got me the most excited!  I can’t wait to play it! 

Next on the list is Kingdom Hearts - 358/2 Days for the Nintendo DS, this game tells the untold story of Roxas’s time in the Organization and his friendship with Axel.  Here is a short summary of the game that was also translated by Pazuzu:

“KINGDOM HEARTS 358/2 DAYS (Nintendo DS)
Story & Information
Twilight Town
As always, Roxas and Axel are watching the sun from the clock tower.
Their mission as members of the Organization: find and destroy Heartless, and collect their hearts.
And at the end of that mission, they always meet up at that clock tower, eat ice-cream together and chat about the day's missions.

"Do you know why the evening sun is red? It's because light has lots of colors, and of all of those, red reaches us from the furthest away."
"What're you getting all proud about, Axel?"

Two who should not have hearts, continuing to engage in their exclusive conversation.
This is the untold story of Roxas's time in Organization XIII...

In single player mode, go and explore all of the Disney worlds! Then in multiplayer mode, go and do missions with your friends!
Directed by Tetsuya Nomura & Tai Yasue”

Personally, I’m really looking forward to this game as well; I’ve always been interested in Roxas’s past and how he and Axel become friends.  This title will definitely be a must buy! 

The third and final game that has been announced is, Kingdom Hearts – CODED for mobile phones.  This game follows Sora as he travels to different worlds to find out what one of the notes in Jiminy’s journal means.  Here’s the press summary that was once again translated by the amazing Pazuzu:

Story & Information
This story revolves around a single fragment of Jiminy Cricket's "Jiminy Memo".
Following the events of "Kingdom Hearts II", Jiminy returns to Disney Castle. Jiminy has been reading his memo along the way, and a single page makes him stop in his tracks.

This page contains a mysterious message:
‘We have to go back, to heal their pain.’

But no matter how much he racks his brains, he can't remember what the page is referring to.
The King turns the Jiminy into data, and begins to investigate. And in a world traced by the Jiminy Memo, the Destiny Islands, a sleeping boy awakens.
Thus Sora's new adventure in the Data World begins.

An unlimited range of Disney worlds, distributed to your mobile phone.

An adventure spanning across many diverse, rich Disney worlds.
A new system and new graphics put high-end mobile phones on the same level as game consoles!
Our first collaboration with Disney's Internet division, the Disney Internet Group.”

This game sounds like it’s going to be a lot of fun; I sure hope it is released outside of Japan.

Also, Xaldin of our great affiliate has posted a summary for all three trailers that were shown for the new KH titles.  Here is Xaldin’s summary for KH – Birth by Sleep:

“The trailer starts by showing scenes from the ending of Kingdom Hearts 1 soon the text ‘Deep Past’ comes up, to be followed by ‘Shut-Eyes gives birth to the concealed fate.’

After the scenes from Kingdom Hearts 1 and the new phrases have gone by the trailer starts off with the young blonde boy who looks like Roxas speaking to a young man with black hair.  The area that they are speaking in resembles ‘Hollow Bastion/ Radiant Gardens’.  The black haired young man soon calls the young blonde boy ‘Ven’.  Different scenes are shown that continuously change before finally showing the old man that is seen in the Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix+ secret ending.

It seems that the old man is known as ‘Master Xehanort’.  Master Xehanort calls the black haired young man ‘Terra’. Soon after this, Terra summons the Keyblade into his hand and prepares for battle.

After this, two worlds are shown that include ‘Olympus Coliseum’ and a new world that resembles that of Sleeping Beauty’s world.

The scene then changes to Terra fighting against the mysterious dark suited male who seems to be Master Xehanort’s apprentice, who is also from the secret ending of Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix+.  During the battle, Terra manages to knock off the helmet of the black suited man but the man’s face is not shown.

The scene then switches to King Mickey summoning his Keyblade. Soon the scene changes rapidly and Terra is at a beach, watching two boys playing before placing his sword into the grove. The two boys soon begin to become more visible and it looks like Sora and Riku are playing at the beach.

While watching the two boys play Terra says ‘Please don't depend on me, just erase me...friend.’

Afterwards the text ‘Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep’ comes up and is displayed on the screen.  This game will be for the PlayStation Portable.”

“The trailer starts off exactly where KH – re:COM ended and afterwards the words ‘The other side attached to Sora still sleeps.’ and ‘The mind comes back whenever they touch.’ The scene then moves to Twilight Town, where Roxas and Axel are sitting on the edge of the clock tower eating sea salt ice cream as is seen in Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix+.

Soon the trailer switches to Roxas being invited to Organization XIII and then introduced to all of the members and then changes to another scene that shows Roxas joining the Organization for the first time. Soon the scene then switches to King Mickey who is talking about Axel.  The next scene shows Saix and Roxas preparing for battle and then moves into gameplay.

The gameplay features Roxas fighting alongside other Organization members in a multiplayer game. This confirms the ability of being able to play as Roxas, Axel, Saix and Xigbar.

The scene then switches to Xemnas talking to other Organization members. Xemnas explains that a 14th member has joined the Organization and the 14th member appears to be a female who is wearing a black hood.  Soon the title comes up as ‘Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days’.

You can then hear Roxas in the background saying ‘I will disappear from this world in 151 days.’  This game will be for the Nintendo DS.

And finally, here’s Xaldin’s summary of the trailer for Kingdom Hearts – CODED:

“At the beginning of the video waves of images pop up with the text ‘KINGDOM HEARTS NEW CONCEPT TITLES’ showing that the new Kingdom Hearts projects have finally been announced.

The first thing that was shown was the ending of Kingdom Hearts II afterwards the text ‘The secret ending is solved and the worlds still extend.’ is shown and then the word ‘Flow’ is shown.

The video then officially begins with Jiminy Cricket looking at his journal, the words ‘Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories’ pop-up. He then notices something he does not remember writing in his journal, ‘We have to go back, to heal their pain.’ Jiminy Cricket then rushes to report to King Mickey. King Mickey is startled by this and tells Jiminy that ‘Only he is the one who can solve it.’  The scene then changes to Sora standing on the beach of Destiny Islands in Kingdom Hearts 1. However, Sora only appears in the form of computer data that is being transmitted.

After the image, the game soon changes to a battle scene. Heartless are attacking and the gameplay mechanic seems odd as Sora appears to be moving piles of blocks that turns it into a kind of puzzle game.  Soon the command ‘Debugging’ comes up. When this command is clicked, Sora moves at high speed and completely vanishes.  The scene soon changes to Sora in Traverse Town with King Mickey and the King tells Sora ‘I was here on that day.’ and then, ‘Let's speak truly.’

Afterwards the text ‘Kingdom Hearts CODED’ appears.  This game will be released for mobile phones.”

All in all, it seems the Tokyo Game Show has been bursting with new Kingdom Hearts information.  Keep checking back here for the latest details regarding Kingdom Hearts.


KP's Edit: Quick little update here, the official North American Square Enix website has updated with information on the three new KH games.  It's pretty much the same information that is posted above but it's still worth a read.  You can check out the article here: Square Enix Article


Sources: Pazuzu and Pete of KHU and Xaldin of KH-Vids 


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