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We're looking for devoted Staff members to help around with the site. If you're capable and have a lot of Kingdom Hearts knowledge, then read the requirements and fill out the form. Please remember to send all content you have written to Deep either through the form, Forum (PM) or using the E-Mail she replied with. It looks messy when you post it on the CuteNews.


General Requirements
· You must be 13+.
· You have to have played KH at least twice and have knowledge of KH2 and CoM.
· You must have good grammar.
· Join the forums.
· You must send us content at least once every two weeks.
· You must visit the site/forums frequently.
· You must write long lengthy and detailed information.
· We have the right to remove you from Staff at any time for any reason.
· And please cut down on the swearing.
· Must be reliable and loyal.
· Must absolutely NOT copy other peoples information. Anyone seen doing this will get kicked off the KHE Team and/or banned from KHE.
· Must not send in Official information (i.e Official Character Profiles from the Official KH2 website)
· Please use the avatars we supply for CuteNews. Need to see them? Check the News posts!
· We'll no longer allow people who aren't News Journalists to post news, unless your are absolutely fit for the position and won't copy other peoples News/Information.
· Any inactive Staff members will be removed from the KHE Team. We will give you 2 days notice to decide whether you want to stay on the team or not. If you do choose to stay on the Team then please be more active.
· We have the right to edit some of your information if it's incorrect or not understandable.

Benefits of becoming a Staff member:

- Full credit.
- Work read and recognised by thousands of KH fans every day.
- A chance to become a Moderator on the forums.
- Help from other Staff members with projects like opening a Website or if you're in need of Graphics.

Here are the positions:

News Team / Journalists (Open)
Main Requirements:
- Good grammar
- Post KH2 news frequently
- Played KH and know general knowledge of KH: CoM KH and KH2
- Devoted and loyal
- Write lengthy and detailed updates
- Link to the news source.
- Post the news as soon as you find it.
- Know how to search for news on Google ect, have own means of finding KH news, magazines that supply pictures and news of KH2.
Description: Find the information from adverts, Magazines, Google, IGN, GameSpot, Official KH sites, or word of mouth about KH, KH2 and KH: CoM and then post it on the site. (You must NOT post other peoples exact News Articles, please use your own words and give them credit for the news.)

General Information Writer (Open)
Main Requirements:
- Good grammar
- Send information frequently
- Played KH, KH2 and KH: CoM
- Devoted and loyal
- Must not be a Ripper.
- Write lengthy and detailed information
Description: Write extremely detailed and lengthy information for any of the Kingdom Hearts games and send it to Deep. And if you think you're up to it, then have a shot at writing a Walkthrough.

Character Profile Writer
Main Requirements: Good grammar, send information at least once every week, devoted, write lengthy info.
Description: Write in depth Character profiles of the main characters and the villains.

Walkthrough Writer
Main Requirements: Good grammar, send as many walkthrough's as you want/can, devoted, write very lengthy info, must have played all the KH games that are currently out.

Theory Writer (Closed)
Main Requirments: Good grammar, send at least two theories of any of the KH's every week or two, write lengthy info.
Description: Supply us with your theories of the KH games that haven't been released yet ect.. I'm sure you know what "Theories" means.

Main Requirments: Good grammar, must speak Japanese.
Description: Translate Japanese Magazine scans to English for the site ect..

AMV Maker (Closed)
Main Requirments: Have Photoshop Premiere or Windows Movie Maker 2, compress files and zip them.
Description: Make AMV's of KH.

Graphic Designer (Closed)
Main Requirments: Have Photoshop (7 or CS preferred) or Paint Shop Pro 7+, at least 1 year experience at making GFX, must send Graphics at least once a week.
Description: Make KH Signatures, Avatars, Layouts, Splashes, Wallpapers etc..

More positions will be open later. If you have a suggestion for this page, then please tell us. ^^;;

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You should get a reply within a week of sending your request if you're accepted, if you don't then please re-send your request or consult the Webmistress through the Shoutbox, Comment box, or Forum. Thank you..