Installing CuteNews

CuteNews is actually easier than I expected to install. I did have a few problems with the coding it onto your page bit, but I researched and discovered the problem. So here is a short guide to installing CuteNews onto your Website.

Our Installing Instructions:
1. Before you do anything, contact your host and check if your host supports PHP. Just PHP, no MySQL is involved.
2. Now you can download the zip file from this link: before you unzip it, go to your FTP and create a new directory called "cutenews" or "news" or whatever you want.
3. Now upload all the unzipped cutenews content into the cutenews directory on your FTP.
4. Now CHMOD the cutenews/index.php file to 777 and all the files and folders in the "data" folder to 777 including the "data" directory folder.
5. Now go to and follow the easy-to-follow instructions.
6. If that didn't help you much, then follow the official CuteNews instructions below.

CuteNews' Installing Instructions (You can find these instructions in the "README.htm" file you download in the zipped folder)
1) Create a directory on your server ( e.g. cutenews )
2) Upload the content of the to the directory you created in step 1
3) Now You must CHMOD the the directory cutenews/data/ and all files and
folders under the data/ directory must be also chmod'ed to 777.
4) Finally, go to with you favorite browser and fallow the instructions.

How to get CuteNews on Your Page

If your website already uses PHP, then this should be easy.
But if you didn't use it, follow this:

1. Open your index page (that has your layout) and rename it to index.php instead of index.html.
2. Where you want your news to show, input this simple PHP code:


That displays your active news on your page. But remember to CHANGE the "path/to/show_news.php" to the folder that has all your CuteNews files in. (Example: cutenews/show_news.php)

There are many other ways to display your news that can be found in the README.htm file.

Now if you were already using PHP, follow this:

1. Do the same as the above, but when making a link, most people do this Simple. Change it to So instead of the id= change it to page=.

If it still doesn't work then look though the CuteNews forum, Click Here. I advise looking through the Hacks & Tricks / FAQ forum for some cool addons and some answers to questions, and if that doesn't help, then go to the Problem Solving / Help & Support forum.