KH: CoM Summon Cards

Location: From Leon at Traverse Town.
Description: Simba unleashes a tremendous roar severely damaging the opponents.
Downsides: If foes are behind Simba as he roars, then they won't get hit.
1 Card= Simple Roar
2 Cards= Proud Roar (Stun + damage)
3 Cards= Proud Roar (deals more damage)

Location: Aladdin gives you the Genie Summon Card after you defeat Jafar (Genie) in Agrabah.
Description: Genie casts either Stopra, Gravira or Thundara upon the opponent(s).
Downsides: Not very powerful.
1 Card= Random Cast
2 Cards= Showtime (2 random magic spells)
3 Cards= Showtime (3 random magic spells)

Location: You obtain the Bambi Summon Card after completed 100 Acre Wood.
Description: Bambi prances around dropping items.
Downsides: ??
1 Card= Recovery Drop
2 Cards= Paradise (Drops Recovery items)
3 Cards= Paradise (Drops Recovery items + Stun)
3 Cards (1 Bambi + any 2 atk cards)= Idyll Ramp (Confusion)

Location: After completing Monstro you are rewarded with the Dumbo Summon Card.
Description: Dumbo douses foes with his Water Gun.
Downsides: ??
1 Card= Normal Attack
2 Cards= Splash (Douses enemy over a set time of period)
3 Cards= Splash (Douses enemy in a wide area over a set time of period)

Location: After defeating Hades in the Olympus Coliseum Cloud joins your forces.
Description: Cloud slashes the enemie(s) with two successive attacks.
Downsides: He can easily miss them, so your timing must be perfect.
Tip: Cloud makes a really good combo if you stock him with some attack cards. (Stock by pressing L, R, L, R)
1 Card= Easy Slashes
2 Cards= Cross-Slash (3 hit combo)
3 Cards= Omnislash (Cloud flies around and attacks enemies in a wide area)

Location: After defeating Captain Hook.
Description: Tinkerbell restores your HP.
Downsides: ??
1 Card= Restore
2 Cards= Twinkle (restores a lot of HP for a set time period)
3 Cards= Twinkle (restores a very large amount of HP over an extended time period)

Location: Use the Golden Bar card to open a door in Hollow Bastion. The Mushu Summon Card will randomly pop up behind one of the doors you open.
Description: Mushu damages the opponents using his Fire Breath.
Downsides: ??
1 Card= Fire
2 Cards= Fire Breath (breathes fire at enemies in a wide area)
3 Cards= Fire Breath (breathes more fire at enemies in a wide area)