Battle System

Once you understand the battle system for KH:CoM a bit more, it gets really interesting. I'm going to take you through some of the ways of battling.

In Battle Controls:
A Button: Uses selected card.
B Button: Sora jumps.
R Button: Shuffle through deck.
L Button: Shuffle through deck.
Start Button: Pauses
Select Button: Switches over to enemy cards.
Hold down the A Button: Reloads your deck.
Directional Buttons: Moves Sora.
Tap left or right directional buttons twice and hold the last one down: Dodge Roll
Tap the shoulder buttons (L, R, L, R) buttons in order: Activates Sleight depending on combo.

Out of Battle Controls:
A Button: Swings Sora's keyblade / Select / Scroll through conversation / Talk
B Button: Sora jumps / Cancel
Start Button: Goes to Start Menu / Skips certain story events
Select Button: Goes to World Map.
Directional Buttons: Moves Sora.

Room Synthesis
If you hit a door with your Keyblade then you go to a screen where you "Synthesize" the room. For instance, there will be a target card or two (i.e Green 8+ map card), this means you need to use a card that's green and has a value of 8 or higher, same for if it's Green 8-, that means it should be lower. You'll get the gist of things in no time. If you however, use a blue card with a Moogle on it bearing the text "Moogle Room", if you use this card then a Moogle will appear in the room and you can either buy new Card Packs or trade in your old cards for Moogle Points, which you could say is a form of money. So it goes like that.

How to get into battle/Escape
The opponent either attacks you by touching you, or you slash them with your keyblade knocking them out for a few seconds and then they're back on their feet again. If you by any means need to escape from battle, then keep running to one side of the screen untill the "Escape Gauge" fills up.

How to make your deck
Once you have either bought some packs or found/won some cards, it's time to make a deck. Go to the start menu when not in a battle and select "Review Decks", now rename a deck to whatever you want and then press the R button or choose to add cards to your deck. Make sure you keep an eye on your CP (Card Points), for you can't have over your limit. The maximum ammount of cards to have in a deck is 99, but you need to have a lot of CP to reach that. Select some Attack Cards (Kingdom Key for example) and some curing cards, magic and summons (if you have any). Now to organize them. Get off the adding screen and move onto the normal selecting a deck screen. Hover over your deck and press left, not you can move your cards around just by selecting and dropping them in place. Make sure you organize them well for some good combos.

Once You Get a Level Up
After you get a level up you can choose what stats you want to increase and these are:
Increase HP
Increase CP
And learn a new Sleight

A Sleight is what you use when you use the 3 card combo trick (L, R, L, R), but the Sleight all depends on what cards are used for the combo.

We advise for you to keep a nice balance between HP and CP (think of CP as your "Magic Points").

Learn more in your KH: CoM Handbook that comes with the game and is essential for all KH: CoM gamers.