Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories Quotes

Here are some quotes taken from the GBA game. Thanks Anaru and KagePhoenix for writing them down! ^^;;

 I got bored with you, hogging there hero.
 Congratulations Sora, you are ready to take on Castle Oblivion.
 Follow your memories, trust what you remember, seek what you forgot.
 Our most precious memories, lie deep within our hearts.
 The light within the darkness, You've lost sight of it Sora.
 Throwing the battle? It looks as if you lost the battle.
 Done. There's no taking that order back.
 Marluxia you used Vexen to test Sora's strength.
 Ha ha Haaa ... now this should be good!
 Now all the actors are in place. Sora. Riku. Namine. Marluxia and Larxene.
 Larxene paid the price for disloyalty, now its your turn Marluxia.

 So it's his heart that intrigues you - the heart chosen by the keyblade.
 The heart is a mysterious thing, Axel.
 It looks as if Sora's memories have begun to take root, just as we planned.
 I'm not going to break the toy, Axel - just play with it. I'm not dumb.
 I'M a bad guy so you'll have to go though me!
 That's right! Now free the memory from your heart.
 Hey your not half bad. Guess you really are the hero. A heartless hero.
 Stupid little toy - what made you think you could even SCRATCH me?
 Simply amazing! It's as if you rebuild his heart from scratch. The good luck charm was a nice touch.

 Humbled by someone of such limited significance. You shame your self and the Organization.
 I remain unconvinced of any potential, that this "hero" you've been coddling.
 Perhaps an experiment would put doubts to rest.
 I'm a scientist. Experimentation is what I do.
 I guess I'm just used to your research being more funny than formidable.
 Yes. I am the one who brought Riku to you.
 If you remain bound by the chain of memories and refuse to believe your heart. Then you may as well through your heart away.
 Just like Riku, your not fit to exist.
 Riku has ties to the Keyblade and the powers of Darkness. This merits further research.

 What to do? Your hero will soon be wiped out of existence.
 Rid us of the traitor.
 Your a fool among fools, to show your self here, traitor.
 He was ours! The Keyblade master could of been our slave.
 I'd prefer the Keyblade master un harmed, but even a riven heart can be repaired with time, Sora you will be my slave.
 You would chain your heart with false memories? Cast your hearts freedom aside?
 You turn from the truth because your heart is weak.
 Drown in the heart-lorn world of nothingness. I shall scatter your heart into the empty winds.

 Darkness is your weapon, I need you to accept it.
 You'll make a fine host. Now surrender to me again -
 A weakling like you couldn't defeat Sora and you had the powers of darkness on your side.
 You need the darkness! Submit! Bow to the darkness and bow to me.
 You think some feeble light can save you from the darkness that I command? Fool!
 Chasing the light will not distance your self from the darkness. You cannot run.
 He accepts the darkness, just as you once accepted me.
 Desperation is a product of fear. You fight the darkness because it frightens you.
 You've let the darkness in!
 The deeper the darkness run in you. The stronger I become.
 You must battle me and the darkness alone.
 I'll be watching you plunge into the very darkness you weild.
 Why do you still accept the darkness and not me?
 You've been conquered by me before, you should know what sort of power I possess.
 Very well Riku, Sink into the Dark Abyss.
 My shadow lingers ... I ... shall return.

 Dont I even get a hello, Lexaeus?
 Visitors. I picked up two scents in the lower basement of the castle. One of them was Malefient, but!
 I've identified the sent, it's Riku.
 Riku once shouldered the power of darkness. Perhaps that made him half dark.
 What I want to know is why did Riku appear in Castle Oblivion.
 Marluxia may well get his puppet after all. He's a danger to us all.
 That's why Vexen must be told. It's better he clean up the mess than us.
 Shall we destroy Sora before Marluxia secures him?
 Darkness and Ansems shadow rest in your heart.
 Sora's fate is to battle the darkness. As the hero of light, he must oppose hosts of darkness - in other words you!
 That's all thats left in your heart - dark memories.
 You Riku opened the door to darkness and destroyed the island. YOU did that.
 No one has ever worn the darkness like he has. It's NOT POSSIBLE.

 Let us bide our time and see what develops.
 But Vexen despises Marluxia, think of the mess it would create.
 Sora's strength exceeds Vexen's, yet surely Namine' has subverted him by now.
 If Marluxia is to hold the light, then we shall hold the dark.
 You've done well to make it this far Riku, your reputation is well deserved.
 But to be scared of the darkness ... what a waste.
 Unbind your heart and take control of the darkness within.
 See the power of Darkness. I, Lexaeus, will not weild to a frail hearted craven.
 I may perish, but all the darkness within me will billow forth and devour you.

 Blanketed by the darkness, sleep is safety, Sleep is Eternal.
 To reach the outside world, you passed through the door to darkness. Behind you, you left family, friends, home - everything all in pursuit of darkness.
 Your heart is hollow except for the darkness, you couldn't quite shrug off.

 I knew you'd return Riku.
 Your heart is steeped in darkness.
 Your heart is empty, were it not for the darkness in your heart ... you would be completely alone.
 You once clung to me to sate your hunger for darkness.
 Who else but I can give you the darkness you long for?
 So you hate the darkness enough to fight it - oh, the agony you must feel.
L et me end your pain, Riku - end it forever with the wondrous power of darkness.

 Sora, beware your memories.

 I’ll save Namine, Riku, AND the king…and I’ll do it blindfolded!
 Heartless? Hah! Forces of evil do your worst!
 If a shooting star comes this way, I’ll hit it right back into outer space!

 It’s easier to face the scary stuff when you’ve got a promise to keep!