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Notice: Some information may be incorrect due to most staff not owning the game yet and living in Europe.

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 Release Dates
 Developer: Square-Enix
 Publisher: Square-Enix
 System: Playstation 2
 Genre: Roleplaying
 Number of Players: 1
 Disks: 1
 ESRB Rating: 10+ (Everyone)
 Our Rating: 10/10
 Japan KH2 Release Date Japan: December 22nd, 2005
 Europe KH2 Release Date Europe: September 29th 2006
 USA KH2 Release Date North America: March 28th, 2006
Nothing has really been confirmed about the story of Kingdom Hearts II. The best theory in my opinion is the one I'm about to write. Kingdom Hearts II will begin exactly where Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories left off. Sora and team have been asleep for about a year regaining their memories. When Sora awakes, he changes his clothes and heads off to Hollow Bastion. There he battles hordes of Heartless, and meets the members of the XIII Organization again. At some point, Sora ends up in Twilight Town. There Sora is ambushed by the Nobodies and is saved by King Mickey. Sora then continues his quest, sealing the keyholes of each world to protect them from the Heartless, the Organization, and the Nobodies. According to Nomura, the story will be far more complicated than Kingdom Hearts’s story. Expect Kingdom Hearts 2’s story to deal with many of the mature scenarios presented in Kingdom Hearts: CoM.
During this year Riku and Mickey have had their own adventures. The two now have Organization Cloaks (it is unknown if they have joined the Organization). Many theories have Riku and Mickey spying on the Organization, while many people believe that the Organization may not be evil, unlike what is seen in Kingdom Hearts: CoM. Kingdom Hearts 2 will likely focus much on Riku, Mickey and the Organization.

Lastly, Roxas (Blonde Haired Kid) seems to be having his own adventure in Kingdom Hearts 2. Sora will likely cross paths with him many times throughout Kingdom Hearts 2. Roxas will be a keyblade master in Kingdom Hearts 2, and will likely battle the Heartless, white creatures, and the Organization. Roxas has been seen battling Axel. Roxas seems to want to protect Sora from Axel. It is also possible that Axel may be protecting Sora from Roxas; it is unknown who speaks the dialogue in the scene, so a decision cannot be reached as to whom is protecting whom. Expect Roxas to be a very important character throughout Kingdom Hearts 2.

Each world that Sora travels to will have its own story, similar to Kingdom Hearts. Expect the worlds stories to reflect more upon the main story of the game, unlike many of the worlds in Kingdom Hearts.

Itani's Review:

2002 Kingdom Hearts was released. After 3 years of waiting Kingdom Hearts II is finally released. But was it worth the wait? The million dollar question that not everyone has the answer to.

Graphics and Visuals: 9/10
The graphics are slightly better than its predecessor since Kingdom Hearts II takes the PS2 technology to the limit. Especially if you enter first person mode while in the Pirates of the Caribbean world and look at a characters face. The frame rate is pretty solid. So the game shouldn’t slow down when you’re up against a large amount of enemies. Also the games visuals and special effects will just leave you gawping most of the time. The infuriating camera system that was in Kingdom Hearts is nowhere to be found. You can now click the R3 button and it will auto centre the camera again. You can also rotate the camera freely with the right analogue stick. Yet it can be pretty distracting sometimes. While I was in battle with Beast in my party. Beast was behind Sora which makes the camera behind Beast. Beast covered the whole of Sora. So I couldn’t even see the main character during battle mode. But this problem just occurs rarely.

Music: 10/10
Let's face it. Kingdom Hearts II strongest point is in music. The music is perfectly selected and also the music pieces that have been added to this game are magnificent. Yoko Shimomura has done an excellent job in creating & selecting which music piece goes where. Most of the music from the previous game has been remixed. They sound more evil and better at the same time. You now have a lot more music pieces to hear than the original. Utada Hikaru has also proved herself yet again that she was the right person to perform the Kingdom Hearts II main theme. Her performance is even better this time round. The introduction suited her music perfectly.

Gameplay: 10/10
Gameplay since the original has been improved vastly. The battles are more intense than ever before. A significant addition to the game is the dodge ability. This is triggered if you press the triangle button at the right time. If performed correctly, you run around the opponent at a fast pace which will keep him dazed for about 1-2 seconds. The dodge ability is converted into a combo ability when you play as Sora. When instructed to press triangle and performed correctly you will release a set of powerful combos which will take a decent amount of HP (Health Points) from your opponent. Each boss has a different set of combos that can be performed on when instructed. After performing devastating combos against bosses, you will sometimes enter button bashing mode during battles. This happened to me while facing one opponent. He had a sword and I was blocking it with my keyblade. If you win the button bashing contest your opponent will be open to attacks for a limited amount of time only. There is now a special button added to operate multiple tasks. It’s called "Reaction Trigger" or simply it’s the triangle button. An image of a triangle symbol will most of the time pop up indicating it should be pressed. The triangle button is used to communicate with other characters, perform furious combos during battles and dodge last minute attacks. The environment can sometimes help during battles. In Mulan the environment was interactive. When inserted into a battle with loads of enemies you can run to a cannon lying on the floor and strike it with your keyblade. This will result in the cannon exploding and damaging your opponent. Also a new engine is introduced in Kingdom Hearts II. It allows large groups of enemies to attack you at once. The amount of enemies that appear during combat is uncountable.

Another new addition is the fusion feature. This feature allows you to dual wield keyblades, increase attacking power and faster combat. Drives grow stronger over time. Allowing you to strike more enemies at once and also increase the time limit it’s accessible for. To activate fusion you will need to win a fair amount of battles and pick up yellows ball until your drive gauge is filled. Once it’s filled you will have to navigate the cursor down to the fourth menu bar and select a fusion method you desire. White light will then cover the screen for a second and it will then become normal again showing Sora with the method of fusion you’ve selected. While each fusion method has it’s advantages and disadvantages. It’s not vital to use them to win your battles. But you will be able to defeat enemies at a faster pace. Also while you’re fused with a character and a cutscene is triggered you appear with the clothes depending on who you fused with. So if your in Wisdom form and a cutscene is triggered. You will appear in Wisdom form.

The Gummi Ship has become even more customizable and it also takes a longer length of time to reach your destination. When you want to select the world you would like to travel to, you will have a mouse cursor. But instead it’s replaced with a Gummi Ship icon and can be moved freely. In the previous Kingdom Hearts the cursor had to follow the trail that was set for it. And also while travelling to different destinations. Your enemies will attack you from everywhere, plus sometimes a alert warning appears on screen warning you the screen is going to twist in the direction the alert was situated. Overall the Gummi Ship is more action packed than the previous game.

Other minor additions have been included in Kingdom Hearts II like the navigation menu. Every world has a different navigation menu interface. But if you don’t like this feature you can always stick with Kingdom Hearts’s navigation menu through out the game. There is also a large amount of mini games scattered around every world. They are very addicting in my opinion. You can also select out of three difficulty levels at the menu screen. They are as follows: easy, standard and proud.

Lifespan: 10/10

The length of this game is surprisingly much longer. The title menu didn’t appear until I was 3 hours into the game and the heart pounding battles didn’t start until I was 5 to 6 hours through the game. Also after realizing I was 5 to 6 hours into the game. I haven’t even visited a Disney world yet. When I arrived at a Disney world, it took a fair amount of time to complete. Yet other worlds like the Coliseum took a decent amount of time to complete. Kingdom Hearts II lifespan is probably longer than yours. It guarantees 35-40 hours of playing time. And that’s not including all the sidequests. Even after completing the game. Kingdom Hearts II will keep making you come back and start the game over again. As its fun meter is at maximum. I personally will play Kingdom Hearts II again and yet this is only the Japanese version. So I can’t even imagine how many times I’ll play through the English version.

Overall: 10/10

Written by Itani
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 Kingdom Hearts 2 / II News

Kingdom Hearts 2Kingdom Hearts 2 icon Teaser Trailer, Names Revealed, and more!
Journalist: Phoenix
Date: 14 May 2007

Ok, the first bit of news for the day is that there was a teaser trailer shown at the Square Enix 2007 party.  There wasn’t much info with the teaser trailer except that there would be more information about the ‘new’ Kingdom Hearts later this year during the Tokyo Game Show.


Now, for the second bit of news.  Most of you probably already know the names of two of the knights shown in the ‘Birth by Sleep’ but now we have the name of the Enigmatic Soldier as well!  However, I think it is best to give the other two names too, just in case some of our guests don’t know them yet.  OK, the name of the female knight with blue hair is ‘Aqua’.  The name of the Roxas look-a-like knight is ‘Ven’ (Ven is actually the knight’s nickname because he’s real name is so long).  And finally, the name of the Enigmatic Soldier is ‘Terra’.  The meanings of these names are quite interesting and seem to play on different elements that exist in the world.  ‘Aqua’ means water in Latin, ‘Ven’ means wind in Latin, and ‘Terra’ means earth in Latin.  Interesting, no? 


And last but surely not least, an interview with Nomura-san was just translated by GameFAQs TheWertle.  The interview was in the Ultimania book that was recently released in Japan.  The interview answered many questions but also brought up many more!  TheWertle also included a photo of one of the knights.  Here is the interview and photo:



Scenario Mysteries Interview

-In [KHI], the King searches for a keyblade in the realm of darkness, but when he meets Ansem the Wise, is the realm of light keyblade he has the one that Sora is currently using?

Nomura: No, the King has the ability to use keyblades from both the Realm of Darkness and of Light. This is an important point, there isn't just one keyblade from each world, just as many as there are people with qualified hearts.

-During the meetings, the members of Organization XIII are sitting in chairs. Is the height of these chairs determined by things like their skills and abilities?

Nomura: No, the height of the chairs is not fixated, they move. That is to say, the height is up to each person. The leader, Xemnas, is always the highest and to be at the same height as him would have a pretty bad feeling, so the other members wouldn't do that. (laughs)

-In the end of Sora and Riku's stories in [KH Re:CoM], Roxas looks back while Hayner and the rest are walking and eating ice cream, and without seeming to care, Hayner and the others continue walking. Is this because they can't see Roxas?

Nomura: Well that, it's just because they don't know Roxas that they don't notice him, not because they can't see him. At that time, right after Xemnas explains Roxas' name, Axel says to leave things to him. Then, Roxas seems jealous of how Hayner and the others are enjoying themselves while eating ice cream, and Axel interprets this as him wanting some ice cream, so he is obliged to go buy him some.

-In the real Twilight Town, didn't Roxas cross paths with Hayner and the others and make aquaintances with them?

Nomura: I suppose. You can think whatever you want about that.

-What triggered Roxas' seperation from the Organization?

Nomura: Because he kept having recurring dreams of Sora, someone he didn't know, he felt he needed to leave the Organization to find out who these people he didn't know were. Because Axel didn't want him to go, he didn't tell Sora about Roxas in Castle Oblivion, did he?

-In Riku's ending in [KH Re:CoM], could you tell us the meaning of the scene where the King and Riku are walking together and Riku suddenly plops down.

Nomura: That's because Riku realized he couldn't completely get rid of the darkness inside of him. The King mentioned it in [KHII], that because Riku held Xehanort's heartless in his heart he disappeared from the King's sight. It's a sort of foreshadowing. In this scene, the King's face looks worried for a moment because he felt that Riku might eventually no longer be there. Riku headed towards Diz in order to restore Sora's memories to normal, but in the end his departure from the King was so he wouldn't show his preparations to use the darkness.

-Could you tell us at what point Riku covered his eyes?

Nomura: When he departed from the King. You don't know after the scene, but in Riku's ending in [KH Re:CoM], when he comes to wherever Diz is, he's already covered his eyes.

-Please confirm some things about Castle Oblivion. In KHII FM's additional event "The Truth about the Chamber of Sleep", you can gather from Xigbar and Zexion's conversation that Castle Oblivion existed in the Inbetween Realm before the birth of the Organization. The Organization then found it and used it for experiments about memories and to look for the Chamber of Awakening, right?

Nomura: Yes. Since their conversation was about Marluxia's entry, they discovered the Castle before that. In fact its use, according to the Other Ansem Report 7, was for only 13 Organization members. Namine awoke in Castle Oblivion, but because she and Roxas were born at the same time, half of the Organization moved to the Castle.

-In KHII FM's additional event "To Put an End to Everything", Sora says "It should have been easy to say thanks to Namine, but I couldn't say it". At this point in time, does Sora remember the things that happened with Namine?

Nomura: If he remembers, it's because Namine's existence was made possible by Sora, and when Namine and Roxas return to Kairi and Sora, many things were connected. Since Sora never got to say thanks to Namine, please think of that as a hint.

-In the additional event "Farwell to a Friend", there's a scene where Axel tells Roxas "You really do have a heart, don't you". What is the actual case here?

Nomura: In this scene, it ends bringing up more mysteries about Roxas, so for the answer, maybe take care to follow your hunches well, it's also related to Xehanort's memories, but I can't give any specifics now.

-We'd like to inquire about the new secret movie "Birth By Sleep". In the new event "The Truth about the Chamber of Sleep", Xigbar mentions a "group that wields keyblades". Is he talking about the 3 armored people in the movie?

Nomura: Yes, Xigbar witnessed them when he was a disciple to Ansem the Wise.

-The Lingering Sentiment is the same as the armored youth in the movie, but when he fights Sora he mentions "Aqua" and "Ven". Are those the names of the other 2?

Nomura: Yes, the blue haired girl is Aqua

-What is the armored youth's name?

Nomura: His name appeared once in code in the 2006 Tokyo Game Show Promotional Video. Also, Ven is actually a nickname, his real name is a little bit longer. Sora, Riku, and Kairi's names can be seen as "Sky, Land, and Sea", the 3 armored people's names take the shape of different properties of the world "Water, Wind, and Earth".

-Ven looks an awful lot like Roxas...

Nomura: I can't give any specifics about that. He may just resemble him, and if there is a connection, Sora may be related too. What I can say right now is that these mysteries are all connected to the story.

-In the beginning, the armored youth's eyes are blue, but at the end they change to gold. Is this revealing a change in him?

Nomura: I can't give specifics about this either... I think everyone's imaginations are pretty capable so please try and anticipate a lot of things.



Nomura-san really likes to keep his secrets.  Anyway, I hope all of you enjoyed this and maybe even learned something of interest.


Knight Photo



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