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Here are some quotes from Kingdom Hearts 2 compiled by KagePhoenix.
Our hearts are connected.
You gonna cry?
We did it!
You tricked us!
This way!
Let’s go!
Come on, gimme a break!
Aw, we only get to stomp on a few of you?
All in a day’s work.
Piece of cake!
You can never forget your true buddies.
Not a very organized Organization…
We don’t have time for you!
Riku, Kairi…give me a little time, okay?
We’ll help!

Why does this always happen?
Let’s go!
I’m sorry about the ice cream!

This is my story. And you’re not part of it.
It seems we were fated to meet. Maybe you need a guardian.

Do you remember your true name?
You and Sora are connected.
You…you were never supposed to exist, Roxas.
I guess some things, really are better left unsaid.

Hey! You're that pickpocket!
I've got a lot on my mind.
I had a lot of fun fighting you.
What's going ON!?!
You asked for it!
Maybe it's destiny.
Shut up!
Don't call me and then lock me out…
Why did the Keyblade choose me?
I have the right to know!
No one would miss me.
Was that supposed to be a joke?
I hate you so much…
My heart belongs to me.
Maybe you forgot, we're broke.

I promised I'd be somewhere.
It's a promise.
I'm outta here.
You in a rush to lose?
What is important is not how much we see each other but how often we think about each other.

Wherever you go, I'm always with you.
Maybe...Waiting isn’t good enough.

 King Mickey
You sure have lotsa friends to help.
They’ll pay for this.

Don't mess with your elders.
Good afternoon slackers.
Why does looking at you always tick me off?
I don't feel like cooperating with destiny.

You really don't remember. It's me. You know, Axel.
Talk about blank with a capitol "B".
That's more like it.
Don't make me mad!
So it was you.
I've been given these icky orders to destroy you if you refuse to come back with me.
Your mind's made up?
You really do remember me this time?
You get on their bad side and they'll destroy you!
Let's meet again in the next life.
You can't turn your back on the Organization!
If you have a dream, don’t wait. Act.

The time has come. Our hunt for the Seven Wonders begins.
Hey, no worries.
Do you guys think we'll always be together like this?

Why? Why do you have the Keyblade?

Yuffie is on the scene.
Sora, did you miss me?
This is gonna hurt.

How about some help?
Get going!

It’s over!

That last bit of light is always the hardest to snuff out.

I’ll help.
Final heaven!
You’re finished!
Hurry, go on ahead!

This time I’m bringing out the mother of all bad guys!
You are FIRED!
In the Underworld heroes are zeroes-comes with the territory.
Leaving so soon?

 Jack Sparrow
A pirate knows when to surrender.
En garde, loyal bodyguards.

I’m little, lethal, and legendary!
Who you callin’ a shrimp, panda lips? I’m a bona fide guardian dragon!
You’re going the wrong way!
It ends now!

What are you two nimrods doing here?

There's no knowledge that has the power to change your fate.
I am a servant of the world.

 Santa Claus
Well, according to my list, Sora…seven years ago you told everyone you did not believe in Santa Claus.

I am the Lord of the Dead! –Hades
No wonder no one wants to die. –Auron

Anyone from the Organization who’d like to be next? –Sora
Hey, Sora! –Donald
Don’t antagonize them! –Donald

Think you can handle this many? –Leon
Well…Might be though if one more shows up. –Cloud
Hmph. Then that’ll have to be the one I take care of. –Leon
What, you’re fighting too? –Cloud

I understand that you’ve been looking for me. –Sephiroth
Yeah. –Cloud
Once I get rid of you, the darkness will go away. –Cloud
Can you do it? –Sephiroth
That darkness comes from your own dark memories. –Sephiroth
Do you think you can erase your past? –Sephiroth
Shut up! –Cloud
Face it---you turn your back on the present and live in the past. –Sephiroth
Because the light of the present it too much! –Sephiroth
You don’t know me! –Cloud
Cloud! –Tifa
I know. –Sephiroth
Because…I am you. -Sephiroth

Compiled by KagePhoenix.