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Kingdom Hearts 2 Drive Forms by Tsugasa
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The Drive Mode is a new feature for Kingdom Hearts 2, Sora merges with one of your party members when you activate a Drive Form which is like a Special Attack.

Everything is still the same except the MP bar has been replaced with a yellow bar called "Drive". The MP bar is now above the HP bar. As you defeat enemies they will drop yellow orbs (Drive orbs). The more you pick up the more the Drive Gauge fills up. When it reaches maximum Sora will go in a short transformation sequence either fusing with Donald or Goofy or both depending on the form. The fun doesn't last for long since the countdown starts from 5 and the Drive gauge starts to decrease, but you can increase it if you carry on collecting yellow orbs.

Your Drive Bar/Meter will decrease a bit depending on what attack you made, so the bigger the move/attack, the more your Bar/Meter decreases.

Co-Op moves/attacks use up your MP Bar/Meter. You get a Purple/red Bar/Meter when you're in Magic Mode.

There also seems to be a new status or Handicap which prevents Sora from using the 'Drive' command. This new twist was seen when using the move 'Stun Beat'.

Some people think the Drive Form colours are like the Trinity Marks from KH, so that means Blue, Red, Green, Yellow and White.

While leveling up Drive Forms, Sora will gain abilities as well, these abilities are listed in each Form's table, seen below.

How to activate the Drive Mode
~ Press left on the D-Pad.
~ There is a Drive Meter/Bar below Sora's profile image, once you vanquish a foe, they drop these Yellow balls, if you collect these then it raises your Drive Meter/Bar, once it's been filled you activate a Drive Form.
~ These Forms give you different kind of stat advantages, like makes you faster, stronger ect.. (This changes depending on the Form)
~ If you move the left analog stick then it will cause the last move in the combo to change.

Time to go through the Forms that have been revealed so far.

Valor/Brave Form (Red)

KH2 Valor Form
Upon receiving Sora's new outfit from the three good fairies in Twilight Town's Mysterious Tower, Sora is able to merge with Goofy and drastically increase his physical strength. In Valor Form, Sora wields two Keyblades and is increased in both physical strength and his speed. While in this form, Sora loses the ability to use all magical abilities, but makes up for it in his rapid attacks and incredible foot speed.

Valor Form costs three Drive Bars and gains one experience point for every hit landed upon his opponent where experience is granted. (Excludes all Olympus Coliseum Tournaments)

 Valor Form Abilities
 Type  Ability  AP Cost  Learned
 Brave Shot  --  --
 Action  Brave Beat  --  --
 Action  Sonic Strike  --  --
 Action  Sonic End  --  --
 Action  Over the Horizon  --  --
 Action  Retaliating Slash  --  --
 Growth  High Jump LV1  --  --
 Growth  High Jump LV2  --  Obtain Valor Form LV3
 Growth  High Jump LV3  --  Obtain Valor Form LV5
 Growth  High Jump MAX  --  Obtain Valor Form LV7
 Support  Synch Blade  --  --
 Support  Combo Plus  --  --
 Support  Air Combo Plus  --  --

High Jump
High Jump enables Sora to increase the height of his base jump, enabling him to reach both higher areas and making dodging enemy moves much easier. The higher Sora jumps while going straight up means the further he goes when running.

Through each Level Up, Sora will be able to jump higher and further, the statistics for each Level are listed below.

 High Jump Attributes
 Level  Height  Distance
 Normal x1.3  Normal x1.7
 LV2  Normal x1.7  Normal x1.9
 LV3  Normal x2.1  Normal x2.1
 MAX  Normal x3.2  Normal x2.4

While leveling up Valor Form, the Form will learn new upgrades and Sora will gain abilities as well, these abilities and upgrades are listed below.

 Valor Form Level-Ups
 LV  EXP  Ability Learned  Form Upgrade
 0  N/A  High Jump LV1
 2  100  Auto Valor  Form Gauge +1
 3  400  High Jump LV1  Form Gauge +1, High Jump LV2
 4  760  Combo Boost  Form Gauge +1
 5  1210  High Jump LV2  Form Gauge +1, High Jump LV3
 6  1750  Combo Boost  Form Gauge +1
 7  2500  High Jump LV3  Form Guage +1, High Jump MAX

Wisdom Form (Blue)

KH2 Wisdom Form Wisdom Form is obtained after completing the Timeless River (Steamboat Willie) and restoring peace to Disney Castle. For Wisdom Form to be achieved in battle, Sora merges with Donald, increasing his magical strength dramatically. Wisdom Form is incapable of using physical attacks, so the command that once said "Attack" is replaced with long range Magic Bullets, and rather than walking on the ground, Sora floats effortlessly above it.
Wisdom Form costs three Drive Bars and gains one experience for every heartless defeated while in this form, but only where experience is granted. (Excludes Olympus Coliseum Tournaments)
Another thing we know about this is if you press the O button (X button in Europe and America) 3 times then Sora executes a 4th attack in the combo automatically. And using the same same Magic spell in a row upgrades it in the Wisdom form.
Magic - Thunder, Fire and Blizzard - can be used in this form.

 Wisdom Form Abilities
 Type  Ability  AP Cost  Learned
 Wisdom Shot  --  --
 Action  Mobile Action  --  --
 Action  Magic Haste  --  --
 Action  Magic Spice  --  --
 Action  Retaliating Slash  --  --
 Growth  Quick Run LV1  --  --
 Growth  Quick Run LV2  --  Obtain Wisdom Form LV3
 Growth  Quick Run LV3  --  Obtain Wisdom Form LV5
 Growth  Quick Run MAX  --  Obtain Wisdom Form LV7
 Support  Combo Plus  --  --
 Support  MP Hastega  --  --
 Support  Combo Plus  --  --
 Support  Air Combo Plus  --  --

Quick Run

Quick Run is Kingdom Hearts IIís version of the Dodge Roll; it covers a lot of ground quickly and is ideal for avoiding enemy attacks. By pressing Square, you put on a quick burst of speed to avoid danger.

 Quick Run Attributes
 Level  Distance
 Normal jump distance x1.5
 LV2  Normal jump distance x1.9
 LV3  Normal jump distance x2.2
 MAX  Normal jump distance x3.7

 Wisdom Form Level-Ups
 LV  EXP  Ability Learned  Form Upgrade
 0  N/A  Quick Run LV2
 2  20  Auto Wisdom  Form Gauge +1
 3  80  Quick Run LV1  Form Gauge +1, Quick Run LV2
 4  152  MP Rage  Form Gauge +1
 5  242  Quick Run LV2  Form Gauge +1, Quick Run LV3
 6  350  MP Haste  Form Gauge +1
 7  500  Quick Run LV3  Form Guage +1, Quick Run MAX

Master Form (Yellow)

KH2 Master FormThe Master Form is a Yellow Drive form which is a mixture between Valor Form and Wisdom form. This form will empty the Drive Gauge quicker than normal and it is best used in sticky situations. Sora weilds two Keyblades, he holds one and the other one appears to be controlled by Sora using magic and the duration of flight in the Master Drive form is long.
When mixed/merged with Donald and Goofy, they are no longer in your party for the duration of the Master Form, so Sora fights alone.
Master Form, obtained upon reuniting with King Mickey in Ansem’s Office before going into the world of Space Paranoids (Tron), is a combination of Wisdom and Valor. In this form, Sora merges with both Donald and Goofy to increase not only his physical, but magical strength as well. As with Valor Form, Master Form also wields two keyblades, with the left handed one floating in front of his hand telekinetically. Master Form is a bit slower than Valor Form, but makes up for it in its ability to use magic.
Master Form consumes 4 Drive Bars, and gains experience from each Drive Orb collected while in this form. Small Drive Orbs gain one experience point, while large Drive Orbs gain three points.

 Master Form Abilities
 Type  Ability  AP Cost  Learned
 Master Strike  --  --
 Action  Disaster  --  --
 Action  Master Magic  --  --
 Growth  Aerial Dodge LV1  --  --
 Growth  Aerial Dodge LV2  --  Obtain Master Form LV3
 Growth  Aerial Dodge LV3  --  Obtain Master Form LV5
 Growth  Aerial Dodge MAX  --  Obtain Master Form LV7
 Support  Synch Blade  --  --
 Support  Endless Magic  --  --
 Support  Air Combo Plus  --  --
 Support  Air Combo Plus  --  --
 Support  Draw  --  --
 Support  MP Hastera  --  --

Aerial Dodge
Aerial Dodge is simply a twisting double jump. The Aerial Dodge allows Sora to take another leap while in mid-air, increasing his height and his jump distance. The spinning motion Sora enforces sends weak enemy attacks back away from Sora. The levels of the Aerial Dodge are rated against Sora's normal jump, as if he was standing on a flat surface.

 Aerial Dodge Attributes
 Level  Height  Distance
 Normal x0.8  Normal x1.7
 LV2  Normal x1.0  Normal x1.9
 LV3  Normal x1.1  Normal x2.2
 MAX  Normal x1.8  Normal x2.5

 Master Form Level-Ups
 LV  EXP  Ability Learned  Form Upgrade
 0  N/A  Aerial Dodge LV1
 2  60  Auto Master  Form Gauge +1
 3  240  Aerial Dodge LV1  Form Gauge +1, Aerial Dodge LV2
 4  456  Air Combo Boost  Form Gauge +1
 5  726  Aerial Dodge LV2  Form Gauge +1, Aerial Dodge LV3
 6  1050  Air Combo Boost  Form Gauge +1
 7  500  Aerial DodgeLV3  Form Guage +1, Aerial Dodge MAX

Final Form (White/Silver)
KH2 Final FormFinal Form is not obtained like any of the other forms Sora has obtained until now. But once you do obtain it, you can change into it at anytime, like all of the others. Upon reaching The World That Never Was (TWTNW), Sora will come to a tall tower, also known as Memories Skyscraper. This skyscraper is the one from Another Side, Another Story, as well as Deep Dive. (Where Roxas fights Riku) After meeting with Roxas here, Sora is capable of turning into his Final Form. The only catch is that he turns into it randomly, much like Anti Form without the point system listed below. It is completely random and nothing has control over when you will change into this form.

Final Form is much like all of the forms before it, but with extreme boosts. Final Form wields two keyblades, which hover behind his back and attack on their own, maximizing both range and swing. Also, instead of walking, Final Form takes on a pumped up version of Wisdom Form, flying multiple feet above the ground.

Final Form gains one experience for every Nobody defeated while in this form where experience is granted. (Excludes Olympus Coliseum Tournaments) Heartless and other enemies do not count towards Final Forms experience count.

 Final Form Abilities
 Type  Ability  AP Cost  Learned
 Final Arcana  --  --
 Action  Final Strike  --  --
 Action  Final Arts  --  --
 Action  Auto Assault  --  --
 Action  Crime and Punishment  --  --
 Action  Mobile Action  --  --
 Growth  Glide LV1  --  --
 Growth  Glide LV2  --  Obtain Final Form LV3
 Growth  Glide LV3  --  Obtain Final Form LV5
 Growth  Glide MAX  --  Obtain Final Form LV7
 Support  Synch Blade  --  --
 Support  MP Haste  --  --

This ability should be recognized from the original Kingdom Hearts, and will be used by the player quite often. By pressing Square while in mid air, Sora is carried on the wind on a slow and steady descent. On Glide's higher levels, Sora can hold the glide even longer, as the glides speed increases, and its horizontal descent evens out. Another attribute improved upon as Final Form levels up is that while at LV1, Sora will cut short the glide once you get close to the ground. But at higher levels, you can skim the ground instead, continuing the glides descent.

A cool attribute to the Final Forms Glide, is that while enacting the glide in this form, Sora's two Keyblades will spin rapidly in front of him, cutting down enemies that choose to get in his way.

 Glide Attributes
 Level  Speed
 Normal run x2.0
 LV2  Normal run x2.5
 LV3  Normal run x3.0
 MAX  Normal x4.0

 Final Form Level-Ups
 LV  EXP  Ability Learned  Form Upgrade
 0  N/A  Glide LV1
 2  20  Auto Final  Form Gauge +1
 3  80  Glide LV1  Form Gauge +1, Glide LV2
 4  152  Form Boost  Form Gauge +1
 5  242  Glide LV2  Form Gauge +1, Glide LV3
 6  500  Form Boost  Form Gauge +1
 7  500  Glide LV3  Form Guage +1, Glide MAX

Anti Form
KH2 Anti FormAnti Form is basically a side effect of using your Drive Forms too much. Every time that Sora transforms into Valor, Wisdom, or Master Form, he stands a chance of changing into the dark Anti Form. The more that he changes into these forms, in fact, the greater the chances of going into Anti Form. Anti Form looks like a Heartless form of Sora. Sora is completely black with glowing yellow eyes. He walks on all fours, and attacks with his “claws” instead of a keyblade. He seems to have some black smoke that follows his body. Sora's speed increases tremendously, and his attacks do less damage than normal, but lands much more hits on his enemies.

While in Anti form, all of Sora’s commands are disabled except Attack and Return to Normal, although you can only return to normal when no enemies are present, or when Sora’s Drive Guage empties. In this form, Sora moves at double speed, but gains several drawbacks in exchange. Anti Form takes 50% more damage, and cannot pick up HP orbs to regain HP. In addition, Sora will not gain any EXP gained from defeated enemies. Picking up drive orbs, however, will deplete the Drive Guage faster.

The chances of going into Anti Form are based on a point system, which will be described below. Sora will not change into Anti Form while going into Final Form, as well as when he changes form while an ally is unconscious

 Anti Points
 Form Change  Anti Points Added
 Change to Valor, Wisdom, or Master Form
 +1 Anti Point
 Change Form when an ally is unconscious  0 Anti Points
 Change to Anti Form  -4 Anti Points
 Change to Final Form  -10 Anti Points
 Obtain a New Form  Points reset down to 0

Anti Form Analysis Video

Written by talan1590, Itani and Deep