Kingdom Hearts 2 Theories

We'd love to hear your Theories on KH2! If they're reasonable and may actually be possible, then please go ahead and fill out the form below with your Theory. (Please remember that most of these theories probably aren't going to happen, but they may help.)

Void: Ok, I've been taking a look around on the and something hit me. We see five Unknowns (together) at Hollow Bastion in one of the trailers. I realize that the concept and the names of the KHI worlds were created and decided before any ideas about KHII had even arisen. Hollow Bastion, and its possible meaning for the first game, were a fortification with a space within (seeing as how it is a castle with halls and everything). I believe now though, for the second installment of the series, the word hollow, also meaning empty, is aimed at the fact that unknowns are "mere shells", according to the Enigmatic Man in Final Mix. Now the word bastion, meaning fortification, suggests that (POSSIBLY) Hollow Bastion will be a fortification of the Unknowns. It may not be their true home, but it could serve as a stronghold for them.

Gin: Uh, ok. I think the reason Hollow Bastion is called Hollow Bastion because it has no heart, It's has no kind of life on it any more...any way to my teory, The keyblades reprsent the different worlds, like The BHK hold the oatkeeper and Oblivion which represents the world in-between of twilight or some thing, the key king Mickey holds represents the world of light, Rikus keyblade(the one he used in the 1st kh) is the world of darkness, and and soras keyblade represnets the present world, so i'm thinking that there are more than just the door to darkness,and the door to light. Each keyblade unlocks (or Locks) differnt doors, and they haven't yet been locked, and thats why I guess the nobodys and the Org. was created because the doors to twilight and present havent been locked and the door to light hasnt been opened.

Gman: Alright you guys gotta remember that we're dealing with Square-Enix here so anything goes. But my theory is that basically colors are gonna play a huge roll in this, but BHK is Sora's light side, white clothes, blond hair, and Axel is Sora's dark side, black clothes, red hair. It has also been said that Axel is connected to Sora somehow but nothing further was said, and that's why I think BHK wasn't gonna let Axel meet Sora.

No name: Only one Nobody was made when Sora became a Heartless, (that was about a week before CoM), and Axel has supposedly been with the Order for a while. Also, BHK is already an Order member, so why would Sora have two sides both on the order. Plus, the Order isn't Dark anyway, it's "seperate from light and dark".

I think that the Order ranking goes like this:
1) Enigmatic Woman (from Square Party)-Forbidden Mag, Katanas
2) Mickey-Holy Mag, Kingdom Key
3) Xaldane-Wind Mag, Naginatas
4) Vexen-Ice Mag, Shield
5) Lexaeus-Earth Mag, Tomahawk
6) Zexion-Poison/Status Mag, Scrying Cauldron/Bowl
7) Old Man-Time-space Mag, ??
8) Axel-Fire Mag, Chakrams
9) Demyx-Water Mag, Sitar
10) Sora(BHK)-Fight/Support Mag, Oblivion & Oathkeeper
11) Marluxia (new to the order, after KH)-Life Mag, Scythe
12) Larxene-Thunder Mag, Kunai
13) Riku-Dark Mag, Soul Eater

Don't expect a reply. Just keep checking back to this page until your Theory gets put up. Thank you.
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