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Notice: Some information may be incorrect due to most staff not owning the game yet (due to living in Europe).

What are the Organization?

The Organization is a group that study the heart and attempt to unlock the heart's secrets. They each control their own Nobody, a type of Heartless, non-existent ones. Nobodies are created when people with strong hearts become Heartless and their shells are cast off. The Organization members are Nobodies, but it is unknown why they are different from the Nobodies they control. Another one of the Orgs. goals is to enter Kingdom Hearts and discover how to become fully human again. Proof: "Once we obtain Kingdom Hearts we will become complete beings!" - Xaldin.

Each member wears a black cloak (with hood) and they all have an element and number/rank in the Organization. It is unknown if these guys are good or bad, we'll just have to wait and see.

Notes: DiZ is Ansem's body/shell. Xemnas is Ansem's soul and Riku has Ansem's heart.
DiZ and King Mickey aren't members of the Organization, it is still unknown if Riku and Roxas (Blonde Haired Kid) are members or not. Although recent information suggests Roxas is a Nobody.

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1. Xemnas The Superior
2. Xighar
3. Xaldin (Xaldane)
4. Vexen
5. Lexaeus
6. Zexion
7. Saix
8. Axel
9. Demix (Demyx)
10. Luxord
11. Marluxia
12. Larxene
13. Roxas

 Xemnas (No. 1)
Kingdom Hearts 2 Organization Xemnas  Element: Life?
 Weapon: ??
Xemnas is the leader of the Organization and he's been using Sora to gather up hearts when the Heartless are vanquished by Sora's keyblade. Xemnas is an anagram of "Ansem" with an X added.

 Xigbar (No. 2)
Xighar Organization Member  Element: Gravity?
 Weapon: Two Katars
Xighar has long black hair in a ponytail with grey "streaks", he has a large scar on his left cheek and an eyepatch on his right eye. He sure has been in the wars. He also has pointed elf-like ears. From what I can see from a recent scan, it looks like you encounter him in the Land of Dragons. I am unsure though.

 Xaldin (No. 3) [Xaldane, English name]
Xaldin Organization Member  Element: Wind
 Weapon: Lances (x6 Naginata's)
Xaldin is the first 13th Order member that was revealed to be in KH2 (besides Axel of course.) He sports long black hair in a bun with killer sideburns. Xaldin is the member who we encounter in Fabled Countryside (Beast's Castle) attempting to kidnap Princess Belle so that Kingdom Hearts might be opened and The 13th Order made whole once again. He was eliminated by Sora.
Written by Xarvenu

 Saix (No. 7)
Kingdom Hearts 2 Organization Saix  Element: ??
 Weapon: A huge sword which resembles the Keyblade and can change shape/form
Saix has long blue hair and he has an "X" scar on his forehead. His personality is said to be like Axel's and he appears at the "Battle Scene" (which people believe to be at Hollow Bastion) summoning Nobodies. He is a skilled and powerful fighter and he weilds a gigantic sword which resembles the shape of the Keyblade that can change shape/transform. And though he may be ranked No. 7 he acts like he's No. 2.

 Axel (No. 8)
Kingdom Hearts 2 Organization Axel  Element: Fire
 Weapon: Two Chakrams
Axel's true intentions are still unclear, but it is said that he and Sora have some kind of connection, as though Axel is Sora's darkside and Roxas is Sora's light side. But the truth is still unknown.. Axel has a fiery and spiky hairdo and is armed with his deadly spiked Charkams, he also has some markings below his eyes. He is truely a major threat to Sora.

 Demix (No. 9) [Demyx, English name]
Kingdom Hearts 2 Organization Demyx  Element: Water
 Weapon: Sitar (A north Indian instrument)
Demix is younger than the rest of the Org. members, has light brown spiky hair and weilds a Sitar, which is an instrument that looks like a Guitar. He attacks using the Element Water and appears at the Olympus Coliseum (Underworld) talking (or bargaining?) to Hades. He is also a weak fighter.

 Luxord (No. 10)
Kingdom Hearts 2 Organization Luxord  Element: Time
 Weapon: Cards (Standard pack of 52 playing cards)
Luxord appears in the Pirates of the Caribbean (Port Royal) world and wields a pack of cards, a gambler. He sports short white hair, a moustache and beard along with an earring on his left ear.

 DiZ (??)
Kingdom Hearts 2 Organization DiZ  Element: ??
 Weapon: ??
Not much is known about DiZ, his past and intentions (like the rest) are shrouded in mystery. Many fans of KH2 thought he was the leader of the Organization, but later it was revealed that his intentions were to destroy the Organization with the help of Roxas. It is also rumoured that this character could be none other than Ansem, the main villain of KH, because their voices are almost exactly the same. Who is DiZ really? And is he a good guy, or bad guy?

 Roxas (No. 13)
   Element: ??
 Weapon: Keyblade

Written by Xarvenu
Roxas is a former Organization member, he used to be best buddies with Axel until he left. Roxas and Riku fight, but Roxas comes out top. Riku retreats, determined to defeat Roxas next time, which he accomplishes and takes him to DiZ. You play as Roxas for the first part of the game while he's stuck in a paralel dimension regaining Sora's memories.

Written by Xarvenu