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Walk through written by FFFreak.

Circle: Jump (hold it down to jump a little higher)
X: Attack
Square: Dodge / Block / Activate abillity
Triangle: Reaction command / Talk / Save
Right Analog Stick: Camera
Left Analog Stick: Movement
Left Direction Button: Activate Drive Mode.
Start: Menu / Pause / Skip
Select: First person view
R1: Lock on (hold down R2 and move the right analog stick to change target)
R2: Camera
L1: Shortcuts menu
L2: Change the function of the right analog stick
R3: Center camera

 Walkthrough Index
 Twilight Town [Roxas]
 Twilight Town [Sora]
 Yen-Sid's Tower
 Hollow Bastion
 Land of Dragons
 Beast's Castle / Fabled Countryside
 Hollow Bastion Second Visit
 Olympus Coliseum
 Disney Castle
 Timeless River
 Port Royal

 Written by FFFreak