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 Twilight Town

Twilight Town Day 1 [ Sora ] - Top?

 Information (Day 1)
 Enemies  Items / Abilities
  • Dusk
  • Creeper
  •  The Old Mansion (outside): Potion (bottom left near the exit of the mansion "garden"), Mythril Shard (top right, near the entrance)

  •  The Woods: Potion (south west of the map), Hi-Potion (west of the map), Mythril Shard (north of the map)

  •  Market Street: Tram Common: Hi-Potion (as you enter coming from the Sandlot it should be straight ahead), AP Boost (west side of the map on a purple roof), Tent (on the green roof near the Bumble Buster job), Mythril Shard (center of the map on a roof, get there by crossing the bridge the tram drives under), Potion (south west when entering from Market Street Heights), Mythril Shard (on top of the first roof straight ahead from the exit leading to the Sandlot), Potion (on the corner to the left if you just entered from The Woods)

  •  Central Station: Tent (in between the two doors marked "0" and "1"), Hi-Potion (to the right of the "0" door), Mythril Shard (down the steps on the east side of the map)
 Save Points  Tasks
  • Usual Spot (near the Dart board and entrance)
  • Central Station: Near the Ghost Train
  • Go to the Usual Spot
  • Head to the Station Plaza and defeat the Nobodies
  • Talk to Donald at the Station and ride the train to the tower

The Ghost Train arrives at Twilight Town and King Mickey steps out, wearing an Organization costume...
Then Donald and Goofy wake up Sora, who appears to have unfortunately out-grown his old outfit... ^.^ Jiminy Cricket appears and opends his Journal, but apart from two words it's empty; Thank Naminé. Of course, they don't know who that is right now.
Access the menu and arrange your party members and equipment, you'll note that Sora has all the old equipment and items that Roxas collected.
Outside of the Old Mansion, there's a few chests to open so grab them before you enter The Woods, when you do you'll automatically visit The Usual Spot.

Sora, Donald and Goofy enter The Usual Spot and meet Hayner, Pence and Olette. After introductions, Pence tells them that an individual with a black cloak and big, round ears was looking for them, well that could be only one person couldn't it?
In The Usual Spot, use the Save Point to save your game. Now it's time to go to the Station Plaza, along the way you'll meet Seifer, things don't go off to a good start however. And just before they battle, the Struggle guy comes over and suggests a Struggle match. He wants to test your ability but he doesn't have anyone for you to practice against, so it's back to going to the Station Plaza. There's a lot of new chests lying about, so have a good look around, there's lots of Potions, Hi-Potions, an AP Boost and Mythril Shards for Synthisizing items, however the Synthesis shop won't be open for a while.

There's also plenty of shops to visit, but if you're short on Munny, then there's not a lot you can buy, because the Help Wanted jobs aren't available at the moment.

Biggs' Armor Shop
 Item  Price (munny)
 Elven Bandanna  100
 Shadow Anklet  150

Jessie's Accessory Shop
 Item  Price (munny)
 Ability Ring  80

Wallace's Weapon Shop
 Item  Price (munny)
 Hammer Staff  100
 Adamant Shield  100

Wantz's Item Shop
 Item  Price (munny)
 Potion  40
 Tent  100

Upon entering the Station a battle versus numerous Dusk Nobodies starts and eventually Sora can't take anymore when his HP drops below 30% or a set amount of time has passed, then King Mickey comes to their rescue and defeats the rest of the Dusks.

The King tells you to board the train, and gives you the Munny Pouch, (unfortunately not filled with 5,000 Munny) a Crystal Orb and a Secret Ansem's Report 2. Note that you haven't missed Report 1, they're just not found in order.
Before you leave on the train, Hayner, Pence and Olette say goodbye and they see that their Munny Pouches are exactly the same...

Before leaving on the train by speaking to Donald, make sure you've got all the chests you wanted, as you won't be able to return for a long time.
At the station, use the Save Point by the train and talk to Donald to leave Twilight Town.

After a tearful goodbye with Hayner, Pence and Olette, Sora, Donald and Goofy board the train and Sora sees that he has the part of Roxas' Trophy and he finds himself sad for a reason he doesn't understand.
The train arrives at The Tower just outside Twilight Town, Sora gets off and the train disappears.

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 Written by FFFreak