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Twilight Town [Roxas] Index
 Day 1
 Day 2
 Day 3
 Station of Serenity
 Station of Calling
 Station of Awakening
 Day 4
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Twilight Town Day 1 - Top?

 Information (Day 1)
 Enemies  Items / Abilities
  • Dusk
  • Seifer
  •  None
 Save Points  Tasks
  • Usual Spot (near the Dart board and entrance)
  • Walk to the Armour shop
  • Talk to the Accessory shop owner
  • Lock on to the cat above the Candy shop
  • Battle Seifer on the Sandlot
  • Battle a Nobody at the entrance to the Old Mansion

After the stunning FMV introduction, you'll meet Roxas, Hayner, Pence and Olette in the new Twilight Town. After a discussion about their situation with the trouble maker, Seifer, the group will find that their [...] is missing, stolen by someone, but whoever stole it also stole the word! So now the stolen "item" cannot even be spoken out loud!

When you go outside, a short tutorial to the controls will take place. When you gain control of Roxas, you will be given on screen instructions, so walk over to the armour shop ahead of you. They accuse you of stealing the "item" that had been stolen from you as well. The shop owner then advises you to go to the Accessory shop for more information about the "item". Head over there and speak to the owner by using Triangle will tell you to go to the Candy shop, the owner of which is disappointed in Roxas's group for stealing the "item" from everyone.

Head over to the Candy Shop and the owner asks you if you've seen her lost cat. Your group will spot it on the roof of the Candy Shop and you'll be able to control Roxas again. Use to lock onto the cat. The owner thanks you and believes that you aren't guilty of stealing everyone's "item".
Your party leaves for the Sandlot to meet Seifer.

Here you'll meet Seifer, Fuu, Rai and Vivi, the infamous group of theives who have been blaming recent criminal acts against your party. Right on cue, the group accuses you of stealing the "item"! Before engaging in battle with Seifer, you'll be able to choose one of three weapons on the ground. These weapons will increase Roxas's stats in different ways, so choose carefully. You can ask your friends for advice on what to pick.

 Select your weapon
"This looks almost like a staff." Magic +1 (left one)
"This has a hand guard." Defense +1 (middle one)
"A club used in Struggle battles." Strength +1 (right one)

After deciding on your chosen weapon, you'll participate in a practice battle against Seifer. During the battle, controls and gauges will be explained, note that Magic, (MP) cannot be used at this point, the ability to use magic can be acquired at Hollow Bastion later on.

 Location (Level)  HP  EXP  STR  DEF Kingdom Hearts 2 Boss Seifer
 Sandlot (Day 1)  ??  ??  ??  ??
 Type of Attacks
 Reaction Commands
 Name  --
 Strength  --
 Timing  --
 Reaction  --
 100%  --  --  --  --  --
 Items   Chance
 None  --
 Orbs  Size  Quantity
 HP  --  --
 Munny  --  --
In the beginning of the battle, Seifer will barely attack you, so now's a good chance to experiment with the controls and get a good feel for the battle system. During battle, Roxas will automatically lock onto enemies, so that when you execute an attack with X Roxas will attack the targeted enemy, even if he's facing the opposite direction.
However, it's sometimes a good idea to choose your own targets by pressing R1.

Seifer will block most head-on attacks with an aggressive blow, completely neutralizing your attack. Therefore, striking his undefended back will prove a very good option. In every battle, your enemies will have certain attack patterns, look for a weakness in the pattern, i.e. when your opponent is not paying attention and is left wide open for attack.
Pressing X consecutively is a great way to quickly land a few chain blows for extra damage.

A good opportunity to attack Seifer is when he calls out "Don't leave me hanging around now."
He also has an attack where he shouts, "Isn't this romantic!" and leaps up and strikes you from above. Quickly dodge this by running either left or right and attack him afterwards when his defence is down.
This battle is easily won, however even if you lose you won't get a game over, all it decides is who takes the picture of the winner at the end; Pence will photograph Roxas if you win and Fuu will photograph Seifer if you lose.
Then suddenly a Nobody Dusk swoops onto the scene and makes of with the camera along with the picture into Twilight Town Woods!

Roxas instinctively pursues the Nobody into the forest. Follow it through the woods to the entrance of the Old Mansion. Approach it and press Triangle to engage in battle.

Lock on and attempt to attack the Dusk Nobody. However none of your attacks will land a blow, and suddenly your weapon transforms into a mysterious Keyblade...
The battle resumes, attack and your strikes will start inflicting damage. If you remember to use the Reaction Command, then the fight is quickly won and you'll receive HP and Munny orbs from the enemy.

Then you'll find yourself back at Roxas's hideout with the pictures, apparently these pictures are the mysterious "item" that was stolen in the beginning, so it was "photo" that no one could speak aloud before. Strangely, every picture contains an image of Roxas.
Then Roxas's friends leave and he experiences an unusual flashback of Sora, just like in the beginning.

Twilight Town Day 2 - Top?

 Information (Day 2)
 Enemies  Items / Abilities
  • None
  •  None
 Save Points  Tasks
  • Usual Spot (near the Dart board and entrance)
  • Access Menu at Save Point and save your game
  • Visit Market Street: Station Heights
  • Earn a minimum of 50 Munny by doing various jobs around town
  • Talk to Hayner at the Station Plaza

Roxas awakes confused and explores the town with thoughts of the Keyblade... He meets an Organization member, but the member walks away without a word. Back at the hideout, 'The usual spot', Roxas, Hayner, Pence and Olette talk about what to do with the rest of their summer vacation. They want to go away on holiday, but without any Munny it's not possible. So now your task is to earn Munny by performing odd jobs around town.

You'll be able to control Roxas again, right in front of you is a Save Point, so take the chance to save your game by following the on screen instructions and pressing Triangle to access the menu to save. Save Points also restore HP and MP, so make use of them when you find them along your journey.

Now it's off to Market Street, you receive a Map of Twilight Town. You'll be in a Back Alley of Twilight Town. Behind you is a skateboard which you can use to travel around. Press Triangle to use the skateboard.
Head down the alley to Market Street and you'll meet Roxas's friends again. They discuss the expenses to travel to the beach. You're going to need 4,600 Munny to go on your trip, so it's time to earn some Munny!

Right next to you is a 'Help Wanted' poster on the wall, so have a look at what jobs are on offer.

Mail Delivery: A Helping Hand. I need someone to deliver some letters for me.
Cargo Climb: Needing a strong back. Looking for someone to carry some stuff. Anyone will do.
Grandstander: Wanna be famous? Looking for someone to put on a great street performance.
Poster Duty: Attention! Attention! I need someone who can run fast and put up posters in designated areas!
Bumble-Buster: Bee Careful! There are bees everywhere! I need them taken care of!
Junk Sweep: A dirty job-- Will someone lend a hand disposing some junk?

Select a job to get started, you'll be given an on screen brief and controls.

The Help Wanted Poster for the Poster Duty, Bumble-Buster and Junk Sweep is located at the Tram Common on the corner on the central building.

Mail Delivery
 Location: Station Heights
 Earnings: Below 20 seconds = 50 Munny
20-60 seconds = 30 Munny
Over 60 seconds = 10 Munny
 Strategy: For Mail Delivery, you'll be skateboarding around town delivering letters. Press the Triangle button next to people and/or birds as you go along to deliver your mail.
There are five letters that you need to deliver in Station Heights. As you skate down the path, press Triangle button at the right time, the people/birds you need to deliver to are located...

Young Boy: A short distance from where you start
Carrier Pidgeon: Flying near the entrance to the Back Alley (you need to grind on the right side of the slope to get it)
Man: Near the Help Wanted poster
Carrier Pidgeon: Flying in the entrance to the Tram Common, you'll need to grind on the nearby rail, by pressing Triangle, to reach the bird
Woman: Near the Alley that goes to the Sandlot

Mail Delivery is the fastest way to get Munny quickly, so try to master this track to gain lots more Munny.

Cargo Climb
 Location: Station Heights
 Earnings: Below 30 seconds = 50 Munny
30-60 seconds = 30 Munny
Over 60 seconds = 10 Munny
 Strategy: For Cargo Climb, the objective is to get the heavy cart up the steep hill and into the garage. However you only have one method to do this, and that is by hitting it with your sword continuously.
Obviously there is a strategy you can use to get under 30 seconds. Press R1 to lock on and hit it three times with your sword to get a combo attack. The cart will be sent flying up and this is where timing is essential, time your blow to hit the wagon just before it hits the ground, this will send it hurtling up the hill much further than a normal attack. Repeat this to get the load to it's destination.
However, when the cart is in the air, be very careful not to get hit by it, otherwise Roxas will be knocked to the ground and you'll waste precious seconds regaining lost ground.

 Location: Station Heights
 Earnings: 20 hit combo or more = 50 Munny
5-19 hit combo = 30 Munny
0-4 hit combo = 10 Munny
 Strategy: For Grandstander, you have to hit a ball into the air and keep hitting it to gain combos, but if it touches the ground then your combo will end and you have to start over. You have five tries to get as many combos as possible in one go.
At first this may seem impossible, but the best way to go about it is not to blast it with the X button, but to use timing with the Circle button and the X button.
To start, press R1 to lock onto the ball, the press X once to get it into the air. As it starts to fall, press Circle to jump to the same height as the ball and press X quickly three times.
The ball will be sent high into the air. Press Circle again as it starts to fall and hit X three times. Repeat the same process over and over until you get over 20 hits, then it doesn't really matter about getting a high combo.
It might be hard to get the timing right at first but it will get easier and you'll eventually fall into a rythmic pattern.
Once you've finished your five attempts, your highest combo will be rewardedwith Munny.

Poster Duty
 Location: Tram Common
 Earnings: Below 1 minute 30 seconds = 100 Munny
1 minute 30 seconds to 2 minutes= 50 Munny
Over 2 minutes = 30 Munny
 Strategy: For Poster Duty, you need to run around the Tram Common, putting up 'Struggle' posters by pressing Triangle at specific areas, a yellow square with a dimond in the center marks poster spots.
When you see three poster spots together, press Triangle quickly three times to post all three posters in one go.
You have 20 posters to put up, however there are 45 possible poster spots, which allows you to plan your own route to get the shortest possible time.
You can earn the most Munny for this task, so mastering it quickly and planning a good route to put up 20 posters in under 1 minute and 30 seconds is a great way to get lots of Munny fairly quickly.

One good route is to turn around at the starting point and get all the posters along the rooftops, jump down and get the 3 posters on the board, head up the slope, stick up the poster on the left through the tunnel, then the two posters to the right of the tunnel, proceed forwards towards the tram and do the poster to the right on the wall, still head towards the tram and get the 3 posters on the board stuck onto the big column and finish by sticking up the posters on the board in the top left corner. You can do that in roughly 50 seconds if you do it without fault.

 Location: Tram Common
 Earnings: Below 20 seconds = 50 Munny
20-60 seconds = 30 Munny
Over 60 seconds = 10 Munny
 Strategy: For Bumble Buster, your objective is to destroy all the bee swarms as fast as possible. Press R1 to lock onto each swarm and bash the X button to dispatch the swarm. It will be difficult to do this quickly at first, but later on you'll acquire new abilities to help with the task.

Junk Sweep
 Location: Tram Common
 Earnings: Below 10 hits = 50 Munny
11-15 hits = 30 Munny
Over 15 hits = 10 Munny
 Strategy: For Junk Sweep, you need to eliminate all piles of junk in as few hits as possible. To maximize the effect of each swing, position yourself to try and hit three piles of junk in one attack.
To do this, you can push the junk into one pile, so that your attacks will damage as many piles as possible, the junk that flies through the air will smash against the walls, so press X three times in a row to send the junk flying.
There isn't a time limit here, so take your time pushing the junk into a pile, although this then makes the reward not as satisfying compared to getting the same amount in a shorter time, so don't spend all day on this one.

Once you have accumilated all the Munny you need, which is a minimum of 50 Munny, talk to Hayner at the Station Plaza and choose whether you have earned enough Munny or if you want to earn more, note that if you get more Munny, you could be in for a reward, so take your time earning as much as possible.

When you talk to Hayner, you may get a chance of winning a bonus if you took the time to earn some cash.

If you have 800 Munny or more, having started the day with 150 Munny that means you'll need to have earned 650 Munny, then Hayner rewards you with AP +1.

If you have 1,050 Munny or more, having started the day with 150 Munny that means you'll need to have earned 900 Munny, then Hayner rewards you with AP +2.

If you earned 2,000 then the day automatically ends.
After speaking with your friends, you'll receive a Munny pouch containing 5,000 Munny. However, the mysterious cloaked man that Roxas met this morning appears and steals the Munny!

Roxas and friends are then seen eating sea-salt ice creams on the Twilight Town clock tower. Another scene of Organization members in a strange room appears, one of them is holding the Munny pouch that was stolen from Roxas, they say that items from the town must be kept from the real world, so they delete it.

More flashbacks are seen of Sora, Donald and Goofy and Roxas wakes up to the third day.

Twilight Town Day 3 - Top?

 Information (Day 3)
 Enemies  Items / Abilities
  • Dusk
  •  None
 Save Points  Tasks
  • Usual Spot (near the Dart board and entrance)
  • Head to Market Street: Station Heights
  • Battle a Nobody at the Sandlot
  • Defeat all Nobodies at the Station of Serenity
  • Defeat Twilight Thorn

Roxas finds a note in The Usual Spot, so you have to meet Hayner at the Station Plaza. Head over to Market Street where you'll meet Pence and Olette. However, time appears to freeze and the mysterious girl in a white dress comes and goes.
Roxas attempts to follow her to the Old Mansion, but along the way more Nobodies appear. He runs to the Sandlot where he meets Seifer, but he's being pursued by the Nobodies. You'll then encounter a battle with the Nobodies, but once again your weapon inflicts no damage.
The mysterious girl appears again and Roxas is transported to a strange realm, the Station of Serenity.

Station of Serenity - Top?

 Enemies  Items / Abilities
  • Dusk x3
  •  Kingdom Key
  •  Potion
  •  Aerial Recovery (Ability)
 Save Points  Tasks
  • To the right of the Door
  • Defeat all Nobodies at the Station of Serenity
  • Proceed to next Station

Like in the first Kingdom Hearts, before you are three weapons. A Sword, Shield and a Staff. Your choice will affect what type of abilities you'll learn over the course of the game. The Sword favours offensive abilites, the Shield defensive, and the Staff magical.
Depending on what you choose, you'll learn a different set of abilities when you reach certain levels.
See our Abilities section for more information.

After you have chosen your path, you'll be faced with three Nobodies, but with your keyblade it shouldn't take too long to defeat them.
After they are destroyed, you'll learn the ability, 'Aerial Recovery'. You'll also get a quick tutorial on equipping abilities from the main menu.
A chest then appears, open it for a Potion, and you'll be given the Items and Customize option from the main menu. You can also add items to your shortcuts, press then the corresponding button for your desired item, to quickly access items in battle.

A door materializes before you. You can use the Save Point to the right too, make use of it to heal HP and MP, equip abilities and obviously save your game.
Enter through the door to the Station of Calling.

Station of Calling - Top?

 Enemies  Items / Abilities
  • Dusk/Creeper Nobodies
  •  Potion
 Save Points  Tasks
  • None
  • Proceed to next Station

In this station walk past the first platform, (blue) and along the path, however you'll be attacked by numerous Nobodies that respawn when they are defeated. This can get tough, so keep an eye on your HP gauge, however, refrain from using potions as they should be saved for boss fights. If your HP gets low, collect the HP orbs that the enemies drop or head back to the Save Point on the Station of Serenity.
On the second platform, (green) open the chest for a Potion.
If you go to the Station of Serenity and then back to the Station of Calling and keep going along the path between platforms, you can battle lots of Nobodies, as it is a good decision right now to level up, around Level 3+ is a good level for this point in the game.

When you are content with your level, go up to the third platform, (red) though you may go back to the first Station to save before you proceed.
At the last platform, (red) there is another door, approach it to face three more Nobodies. Defeat them and enter the door.

Station of Awakening - Top?

 Enemies  Items / Abilities
  • Twilight Thorn (Boss)
  •  Guard (Ability)
 Save Points  Tasks
  • None
  • Defeat Twilight Thorn

Upon entering the last station, Roxas is faced with his first proper Boss of the game, Twilight Thorn.

 Twilight Thorn
 Location (Level)  HP  EXP  STR  DEF Kingdom Hearts 2 Boss Twilight Thorn
 Station of Awakening  300  ??  5  2
 Type of Attacks
 100%  --  --  --  --  --
 Items   Chance
 Guard Ability, HP+5  100%
Being your first Boss, Twilight Thorn isn't too tricky, your main advantage here if to make use of 'Reaction Commands' where you press Triangle at specific times during battle. Here you can initiate Reaction Commands when; Roxas is held in place in the air with orbs of light; Roxas is thrown up high; and when Roxas has fallen from the platform and is tumbling towards an ominous ball of energy.

Another Reaction Command presents itself when the Twilight Thorn summons lightning to attack Roxas, at this moment you must press Triangle repeatedly to use Reversal to dodge the attack and use it against the Boss to reach it's head. Attack with X when you're close enough and press Triangle again when you're pushed away.
To avoid missing vital Reaction Commands, press Triangle continuously.

After it has finished it's lightning attacks, the Boss will move away and crouch slightly, giving you an opportunity to attack it's head. At the same time Creeper Nobodies will appear, so watch out for them, or attack them if you need some HP orbs.
During this point you can use Reversal again by pressing Triangle to reach Twilight Thorn's head, once you're in the air attack it's head, but beware of the lightning still surrounding it as it can take alot out of your HP gauge.

When the Boss stands up, there's another chance to attack it's head with Reversal, but soon after the screen goes white and the battle returns to the beginning, which only means that the Reaction Commands start over, so you'll be suspended in the air with your hands and feet stuck with orbs of light and have to press Triangle some more.

So repeat the process before and soon after the Boss should be defeated. For winning you'll receive a maximum HP bonus of +5 and the Guard Ability. This battle can be a little demanding for your first boss battle, and may be a little overwhelming, so if you're having trouble, take some more time to level up beforehand, say to Level 4-5, you also get the Scan Ability at Level 4 to see how much HP an enemy has, so it might be a good idea.

Next you'll see the mysterious girl again, who introduces herself as Naminé, she almost gave him some important information, but an Organization member sends Roxas back to Twilight Town before he hears it. He wakes up at Twilight Town in the Sandlot, Seifer tells him that he'd better not chicken out on the Struggle Tournament, and Roxas returns to The Usual Spot to go to the beach with his friends but they gave up on him and decided not to go when he didn't turn up, so the beach trip was cancelled.
Hayner gets mad with Roxas and walks off, leaving him alone.

The strange Organization room appears again and they discuss the situation with Naminé then Roxas dreams about more flashbacks with Sora. He wakes up on the fourth day.

Twilight Town Day 4 - Top?

 Information (Day 4)
 Enemies  Items / Abilities
  • Hayner
  • Axel
  • Vivi
  • Dusks
  • Setzer
  •  Champion Belt (if you win the Struggle Tournament)
  •  Potion (From Wantz's Item Shop)
  •  Tent (From Wantz's Item Shop)
 Save Points  Tasks
  • Usual Spot (near the Dart board and entrance)
  • Sandlot (next to Setzer)
  • Learn the rules of the Struggle Competition
  • Defeat Hayner and Vivi in the Struggle Competition
  • Defeat Axel and the Nobodies
  • Battle Setzer

At the Sandlot, where the Struggle Tournament will be held, walk around and talk to people, there's also a Save Point so make sure to use it.
Talk with the man by the board and press Triangle by various boards to hear the Struggle Rules.
There's also an option to battle Seifer, his group is down the Back Alley where you can speak with him to initiate the battle. Beating him will give you 13 experience points, and you can battle as many times as you want by leaving and re-entering the alley. This is a good opportunity to gain some more levels!

In Market Street: Station Heights a new shop has opened, Wantz's Item shop, so stop by to stock up on Potions for 40 Munny and Tents for 100 Munny.

If you're running low on Munny you can do more tasks on the help wanted posters to save up a bit. When you're ready head back to the Sandlot. And don't forget to Save and check your equipment!
Once you're there make sure you've learnt the rules by talking to the guy by the board, (near the entrance to the Station Heights) and speak to the man in the center of the ring to start the Struggle!

The rules are simple, each contestant has 100 orbs, making a total of 200 orbs for each battle. When you hit your opponent, they lose orbs, leaving them scattered on the platform. You can them gather the fallen orbs to get a higher score. However your opponent can also attack you and can steal the orbs you drop. Therefore, the winner is the person who has the most orbs collected by the time the 1 minute-timer runs out.

Battle I - Hayner
Your first battle is versus Hayner, he's quite easy to defeat, landing a combo on him will cause him to lose lots of orbs. Quickly gather as many as you can but be careful not to get too close to him, or he'll counter-attack.
Keep your guard up and dodge as many attacks as you can while picking up orbs.

After the first battle, you'll see Seifer and Vivi start their round, after an unexpected defeat, you'll get a break before the next round. Make sure to save and stock up on items etc. Once you're ready speak to the man on the platform to start the next round.

Battle II - Vivi
Vivi is a fast little guy, good at evading your attacks, however, it's easy to stay away from his attacks, so all you need to do is attack him with a combo, collect a bunch of orbs and stay away from him for the rest of the battle and you'll win easilly.

After the last round, the crowd freezes and Vivi transforms into a Nobody and a fight against three Dusks ensues.
Immediately after, a cloaked Organization member enters the ring. His name is Axel and he's only after one person, Roxas.

 Location (Level)  HP  EXP  STR  DEF Kingdom Hearts 2 Boss Axel
 Sandlot  105  ??  5  2
 Type of Attacks
 Physical , Fire
 100%  --  --  --  --  --
 Items   Chance
 --  --

To start with, keep moving and dodging, you don't want to be caught standing still here. Dodge everything and attack him when his guard's down. You can also use your Guard Ability to defend yourself, just be cautious as it leaves you without the chance of a counter-attack.
When Axel is crouching on the ground, it means that he's about to quickly jump up behind Roxas and attack him with powerful flames. To counter it, try to rush in and attack before he starts his attack, but if you can't manage that, stay as far away as possible and jump away from his flames and attack him once he's finished.

When his HP gets critical, Axel shouts, "Don't make me mad!" and fire appears all around him. His weapons become covered with flames, which he hurls at you, so keep running around him, dodging as much as you can.

Axel's attacks are pretty damaging so it's not unlikely that you'll visit the Game Over screen, if you select Continue from there the game will go back to the start of the battle with Vivi, but if you select Load Game, then you'll return to where you last saved.
If you can't beat him the second or third time, then you should probably re-load your game and battle Seifer in the Back Alley a few times, as your level may be too low. Level 5-6 should be adequate for this battle.
Also remember to stock up on plenty of Potions and Axel should be finished with quickly.

When the battle is over another Organization member appears and they start speaking to Roxas. He becomes confused and calls out to his friends. Everything disappears and returns to normal. The second round is over and Vivi falls to the ground baffled about how he got there.
Roxas is declared the winner and Setzer enters. You'll get another break before this round, so take the chance to save and stock up, check equipment etc.
Talk to the guy in the middle of the ring when you're ready to face Setzer.

Final Battle - Setzer
The champion of Struggle, Setzer from Final Fantasy IV, isn't much of a champion. You don't have to win this battle, but it's easy enough to do so anyway. Don't try and attack full on, stay back and attack him when his guard is down, and collect the orbs quickly. When he kneels and parries, avoid him until he's open for another attack.
When you have about 50 more orbs than he does, stay back and dodge his spinning blows until the timer reaches 0.

If you lose the battle then you receive a Medal (an accessory that increases Strength +1) as a reward for your hard efforts. If you won however, the Champion Belt, (Armour that increases Fire, Blizzard and Thunder resistance by 20%) will be yours. Either way, you'll also receive the "The Struggle" Trophy for taking part. Roxas, Hayner, Pence and Olette sit on the old Twilight Town clock tower once more. Roxas shares the gems on his Trophy among his friends and Olette brings out Sea-Salt Ice Creams again, however Roxas loses his balance and falls from the tower, but the scene is cut short...

A different cutsecene is shown, we see Kairi and Selphie, (from Final Fantasy VIII) at Destiny Islands. They speak about old friends, Wakka and Tidus from the first game, and then Sora and Riku, but they can't seem to remember them clearly anymore...

As Roxas falls from the tower, he calls for Naminé and somehow manages to speak with Kairi and then Sora can be heard after Kairi can't remember his name. Back at Destiny Islands, Kairi places a message in a bottle for the boy she can't remember, but after a clue, she remembers: Sora.

Back with the Organization members, they discuss the link with Naminé, Kairi, Roxas and Sora that just occured. Then one of the Organization members uncovers his hood to reveal his true name: Ansem!

Roxas wakes up on the fifth day, it appears that his fall from the station tower was never really fatal and he survived somehow. Although his section of his Trophy appears to have been stolen by the Organization member, Ansem.

Twilight Town Day 5 - Top?
 Information (Day 5)
 Enemies  Items / Abilities
  • Dusk
  •  None
 Save Points  Tasks
  • Usual Spot (near the Dart board and entrance)
  • Sandlot (next to Setzer)
  • Take a train to Sunset Station
  • Find the "Wonders of Twilight Town"
  • Watch the ghost train from Sunset Hill
  • Head over to the Old Mansion

After more Ice Creams, it's time to go to the train station. Make sure to save first and equip your prize from the Struggle Tournament.
Head out from The Usual Spot and down to the Central Station by the Station Plaza. On the way you can also challenge Seifer to another fight for extra experience.
Enter the Central Station and you'll get on the train. Along the journey, Hayner, Pence and Olette all get out their section of the Trophy, but of course, Roxas has had his piece stolen..

Once at the Sunset Station, it's time to take part in the Seven Wonders of Twilight Town. The first you'll see instantly, The Spooky Steps. Walk down them and speak to Pence, he'll show you a map of the Wonders. At the Sunset Terrace, there are a lot of items to look out for, but first, return to the Central Station by taking the train, and grab two chests at the station for a Potion and a Hi-Potion. Return to the Sunset Terrace and jump onto the tram by pressing Triangle twice , along one of the platforms you pass is a treasure chest, so jump off and open it for an Ability Ring. Below the platform and to the East below the tramline is another chest containing a Potion. There's another chest to the right of the Northern tunnel and across the bridge, inside it is a Hi-Potion. Further to the left, and up the stairs is another chest, open it for a Potion.
To find the rest of the Wonders you'll need to take part in some tricky challenges, see Pence's Map if you're unsure of the location.

The Friend from Beyond the Wall
In the Northeast corner of Sunset Terrace, there's a fake brick wall at the end of an alley. Examine it to start your first challenge, your goal is to run to the end of the alley and press Triangle at the end of the brick wall. Of course, it won't be as easy as it sounds. As you try to reach the wall, balls emerge continuously from the wall and are sent hurtling very fast towards Roxas. If they hit you, you're knocked to the ground and they keep hitting you until there's a break.
The balls come in groups, and some groups have a gap big enough for Roxas to squeeze through or jump over. Avoids as many as you can while making your way to the back of the alley, note that you can also deflect the balls by attacking them or use your Guard Ability to stop them from knocking you over.

The Moans from the Tunnel
Head to the North part of Sunset Terrace and into the tunnel there. Inside you'll meet Vivi, but not any normal Vivi. He quickly becomes three Vivi's which you must battle. Each Vivi only has 1 HP each, so can be defeated in one blow. After the first three, eleven more join in. Eliminate them all to finish this rather easy challenge.

The Doppelganger
Head down some stairs and examine the waterfall Southwest of Sunset Terrace to engage in battle against a shadow version of yourself.
This Roxas has quite a lot of HP, 105 to be precise, but fortunately his attacks aren't as powerful as your own, making this a fairly easy battle. Lock on and deal a good few blows, just remember to pull back and dodge his attacks every now and then. You probably won't need to heal, but if you do, then don't forget all those Potions you acquired.

The Animated Bag
Have a look at the large ominous bag by some dustbins at the top of Sunset Hill, (the entrance is up the stairs West of the Sunset Terrace) press Triangle to jump onto the bag and it will bounce around. Try to stay on by pressing Triangle over and over, until the bag stops moving around. If you fall off or bump into a dustbin, press Triangle again to get back on.

Sunset Hill Ghost Train

This wonder will automatically be available after you have completed the previous Wonders, note that the order of completion doesn't matter. Roxas and friends meet up to find Wonder Number Six, located on Sunset Hill. Head over there, (West of Sunset Terrace) and everyone waits for the Ghost Train. Seifer appears and they talk for a while. When he leaves the Ghost Trains comes around the bend.

Roxas returns to the Station and they travel back to the Station Plaza. Roxas is determined to find the last Wonder, which is at the Old Mansion, also known as the Haunted Mansion. Go to the Market Street: Tram Common and through to The Woods on the East side. Walk through the woods and out at the other side to find the Old Mansion.

After a short cutscene, a shot is seen of inside the Mansion, there's a white room filled with drawings: Naminé's room.
Roxas and Naminé speak to eachother about the people in the drawings and they talk about Sora and the dreams that Roxas has been experiencing.

Naminé explains who she is and what's been happening to Roxas and why he feels incomplete...

After Roxas and Naminé's meeting, the day ends. Ansem and the other Organization member meet again, they no longer have a need for Naminé so wish to dispose of her...

Roxas dreams about the end of Sora's journey in Kingdom Hearts in which Sora, Riku and Mickey close the door and Sora and Kairi are seperated once more. Afterwards you'll see the other ending of Kingdom Hearts, the introduction of Chain of Memories and then part of the introduction to Kingdom Hearts II and the secret ending of Kingdom Hearts, could this be some vital information?

Twilight Town Day 6 - Top?

 Information (Day 6)
 Enemies  Items / Abilities
  • Dusk
  • Assassin
  • Creeper
  • Axel
  •  Potion (x3)
  •  Hi-Potion (x3)
  •  Elven Bandanna
 Save Points  Tasks
  • Usual Spot (near the Dart board and entrance)
  • Old Mansion Computer Room (in the corner opposite to the door leading to the Library)
  • White Room (to the left of the door)
  • Battle the Nobodies in the Back Alley
  • Head to the Old Mansion
  • Enter the white, (Naminé's) room
  • Find and open the secret passage in the Library
  • Defeat Axel and the Nobodies in the Basement
  • Meet Sora

As Roxas gets up, he appears to morph between himself and Sora before he is fully awake. He finds his friends at the Usual Spot, only to realise that they cannot see him. Even his image in a group photograph doesn't show...
Don't forget to save at the Save Point and when you exit The Usual Spot into the Back Alley you'll be confronted with some Nobodies and Axel. After Axel says that he has orders to destroy Roxas, suddenly Roxas remembers that they used to be friends... However you'll have to defeat two Dusks and an Assassin. The battle will end when you eliminate all enemies or when Roxas' HP falls to below 30%. Just before Axel battles you, time stops again and the red-robed man from the strange Organization room summons you to the Old Mansion.

Make your way over to the Mansion, but watch out for Nobodies, they'll be lurking everywhere. Run through the Woods and approach the front gates. Roxas suddenly remembers the power of the keyblade and uses it to unlock the gate.
Inside the Mansion, you'll need to find Naminé's room, note that there are Nobodies everywhere. In the Foyer, there are three treasure chests, the first is between the stairs by the window which contains a Hi-Potion, the second is half-way up the left set of stairs which holds a Potion, and the last is up those stairs and along the corridor, it contains another Potion.
After you have the items, go back down the stairs and take the West door to the Dining Room. Open the two chests in here for an Elven Bandanna and a Potion. Go back out and up the stairs in the Foyer. Head left to enter the Western door, the White room.

In Naminé's room, you'll obtain Naminé's Sketches and the Mansion Map. In the process Roxas spots a drawing of himself and has a flashback of himself and Axel. Naminé speaks to him about what the Organization XIII are searching for; Kingdom Hearts, but then Naminé disappears and the red-robed man and Ansem enters. Ansem names the red-robed man as DiZ, and Naminé re-appears and struggles to tell Roxas something important about the Nobodies, but is snatched away by DiZ.

Roxas is left alone in Naminé's room. There's a Save Point here, so don't forget to make use of it. You can have a look at the pictures on the wall before you go. Exit the room. Back in the Foyer, go right across the hall and enter the Eastern door to enter the Library. Once inside, Roxas will use Naminé's Sketches to open a secret passageway.
Go down the stairs and open the chest at the bottom for a Hi-Potion. Enter the next room, The Computer Room, to find yourself in the room that you frequently found Ansem and DiZ talking.
Roxas sees more flashbacks of himself as an Organization XIII member, including Ansem and DiZ talking about Roxas' fate as a Nobody. Roxas takes his anger out on the computers with his Keyblade and a door opens. There's a Save Point here, and you'll be able to examine the computer's Roxas just smashed up.

Enter the newly opened door to find yourself in the Basement Hall. You'll automatically have to battle four Dusks and two Assassins. Then Axel comes in and a fight ensues. Roxas suddenly wields two keyblades, but it doesn't seem to deter Axel.

 Location (Level)  HP  EXP  STR  DEF Kingdom Hearts 2 Boss Axel
 Old Mansion: Basement Hall  345  ?? 6  2
 Type of Attacks
 Physical , Fire
 100%  --  --  --  --  --
 Items   Chance
 HP+5  100%

To start with, you should have the Scan Ability by now, so you'll notice that Axel has more than one HP bar, which means alot of HP. Axel's power has dramatically increased since your last encounter, so this isn't going to be easy.
At least Roxas now wields two keyblades, which should make things a little easier. Axel's attack pattern's will be similar to the first battle, which means the strategy will also be similar. Lock on and run around Axel to dodge his attacks and when there's a break in his attack, blast him with your dual keyblades for lots of damage.

There's also a few reaction commans to take advantage of, use Burst Edge as a counterattack for Axel's surprise attack, Overtaker when performing aerial attacks and Clear Light for an aerial Overtaker follow up.

Make sure to stay as far away from the fire walls surrounding you as possible as they'll deal some painful damage. Sometimes Axel will disappear behind the flames, so use the R1 to lock on and tap Triangle for a reaction command.

Your dual keyblades and reaction commands will make this battle rather spectacular and a little more easy, so make the most of the abdsurdly long combos you can chain together. When the battle is over, Roxas will gain a bonus of maximum HP +5.

Then head through the Basement Corridor to the Pod room, where Roxas' summer vacation will end sooner than expected.
Don't forget to grab the Hi-Potion from the chest half-way down the Basement Corridor.

In the Pod Room Roxas will meet DiZ, or at least a projection of him as Roxas finds out when he tries to attack him with his keyblade. Then the pod opens up before him and Roxas finally meets Sora face-to-face, Roxas's time here is over.

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 Written by FFFreak