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Pongo and Perdy have lost their 99 puppies which are now scattered all over the Disney worlds and you must find them all to recieve prizes. This is optional and your prize is the entire Gummi Block collection and an Aero spell upgrade.

In order of numbers...

 Traverse Town  Location
 1-3  Discrict 3: Behind Merlin's house, you need to have Glide or Mermaid Kick to get it.
 Discrict 2: Down the alleyway behind the Item Shop, you need to use the red Trinity move.
 6-8  Discrict 1: Can be attained from the Heartless: Green Requieme and White Mushroom.
 9-12  Secret Waterway: Red Trinity near the stairs going up to Merlin's house.
 13-15  Queen's Courtyard: On top of the high bushes to the right near the save point. (Can get to by means of the Bizarre Room or by using High Jump.)
 16-18  Lotus Forest: In the treetops.
 19-21  Lotus Forest/Mad Hatter's Tea Party: On top of the bushes. Access it by using Glide.
 Olympus Coliseum
 22-24  Entrance: Activate a blue Trinity mark to get it.
 Deep Jungle
 25-27  Hippo's Lagoon: Jump over all the Hippo's to the end and open the box near the vine.
 28-30  Near where you begin the world.
 31-33  Climbing Trees: Activate a blue Trinity mark near the Climbing Trees exit.
 34-36  Camp: Activate the blue Trinity mark near the exit.
 37-39  Alladin's House: In a chest.
 Halloween Town
 40-42  The chest is located in the Pumpkin Patch.
 43-45  Clock Tower: Look around the area where the save point is.
 46-48  Castle Gate: Really high up. You need to have High Jump to get it.
 49-51  Cave of Wonders: To your left as you enter the first chamber, you need Glide to get to it.
 52-54  Get Alladin to activate the crystal in the Treasure Room. (You must have him in your party to do it.)
 55-57  Chamber 3: It's located near the exit to Chamber 6.
 58-60  In the second Bizarre Room.
 Hollow Bastion
 61-63  Grand Hall: After defeating Riku for the second time, you should find a chest in that area.
 Halloween Town 
 64-66  Moonlight Hill: Open the Christmas Tree door.
 67-69  Guillotine Square: Under a staircase.
 70-72  Guillotine Square: In the big Pumpkin face, you need to have Glide to get it.
 73-75  Mouth: After the water has risen, look around for a red chest containing the puppies.
 76-78  Chamber 3: On a high platform. (Need High Jump and Glide to access it.)
 79-81  Chamber 5: On top of a barrel near the exit to Chamber 6.
 82-84  Ship Hold: On top of a shelf.
 85-87  Ship Hold: Activate the yellow Trinity mark to get it.
 88-90  Captains Cabin: On the bed.
 Hollow Bastion 
 91-93  Rising Falls: Jump into the bubble and get over to the chest and open it as quickly as possible.
 94-96  Outside the castle: Activate the Crystalto and get onto the moving platform.
 97-99  Great Crest: Use Gravity to bring down the floating chest.