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In Traverse Town, First District, there is a large post box, or mailbox, whatever you want to call it. If you "Examine" this post box, it will tell you that if you collect all 10 Post Cards you will recieve an award. So every time you find a Post Card, bring it back to the post box and select the bottom option on the menu which is to mail the Post Cards. Every time you mail a Post Card you get a reward. The great thing about this is that all the Post Cards are located in Traverse Town, which makes your search easier. But if you want to make your search real easy, then follow these instructions below. You'll also find a list of rewards to the right.

1. Activate the "Blue Trinity Jump" mark in front of the Cafe Bar in the First District, this will transport you to the chest on the over-hanging balcony.
2. Head right past the "Accessory Shop" in the First District and up the stairs, take a left and head past the locked door (Synthesis Shop), then jump over the little fence and "Examine" the Blue Safe.
 Mythril Shard
3. In the First District, enter the "Item Shop" which is owned by Donald's Nephews. Go up the stairs or jump onto the shop counter, don't lock onto the Fan then Jump (press Circle) and attack (press X) the fan. You'll know when you've got the Post Card because a little box pops up on the screen saying you got it etc..
4. Above the "Boots and Shoes" shop in the Second District. To reach this chest you either need to have the Shared Abillity "High Jump" or you can walk through the "Gizmo Shop", exit, climb up the ladder to your left (you'll be above the "Gizmo Shop"), then as soon as you get up there take a left and carefully walk along the thin walkway to the other side. Jump across the roofs, avoiding or killing the flying Heartless on the way. There should be two chests on the roofs, to the left and right, but be careful, it's easy to fall off. Once you've done that continue to the end where a little shoot is, don't go in it. Move to the right, without falling off, and you should be next to the "Boots and Shoes" shop, now carefully aim and jump onto the little balcony the chest is on and voila. You have the 4th Postcard.
5-6. In the Third District, after entering through the door from the First District, go to Sora's right and you should find some wires, use Thunder on them. Now make your way to the Second District and enter the "Gizmo Shop", kill all Heartless and activate all 3 of the buttons. Jump down and "Examine" the Clock in the shop. You should get two Post Cards for this.
7. After you have completed Monstro, Geppetto sets up his own little house in Traverse Town (First District) in that empty space behind the "Accessory Shop". Enter his house and "Examine" the pot in the corner. A box should pop on screen telling you you obtained a Post Card etc..
8. On the "Accessory Shop's" roof (the right side). To get to it you need to have the Shared Abillity "High Jump" which can be obtained from Monstro. Read our Abillity Guide for more information.
9. After you have vanquished Guard Armour from the face of the earth, travel through the Gizmo Shop and climb the ladder onto the roof of the shop. Once at the top, take a left and journey across the roofs, jump through the black shoot at the end and you should find yourself in the Third District on a Balcony, search the balcony for the hidden Post Card.
 Defense Up
10. "Examine" the notice/pin board in the "Synthesis Shop" which is located above the "Accessory Shop".
 Power Up

Written by Deep