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The Trinity Marks are found all over the worlds. These little marks can be found on the ground or on walls, and will, when activated, open up new areas or give you items. As you go through the game you will learn how to use more Trinity's. There are five types: Blue, Red, Yellow, Green and White.

Each type has its own way of being activated with different results. To activate a Trinity you need to have Donald and Goofy in your party, note that it has to be Donald and Goofy and that you can't replace one of them with Tarzan and still expect it to work. But you can’t use each type from the start, first you need to learn how to use each Trinity Mark. Below is a list for where to learn each of the Trinity's.

 Trinity Mark
 Effect  Obtain by
 Blue Trinity Jump
The party jump to activate the Trinity and gain prizes (usually Munny or chests).
Received from Donald and Goofy after defeating Guard Armour for the first time in Traverse Town.
 Red Trinity Smash
The party smash into a barrier to open up a new area (sometimes to gain access to a chest).
 Lock Deep Jungle.
 Green Trinity Ladder
The party form a ladder to reach higher areas and gain prizes (sometimes to gain access to a new area).
 Lock Agrabah.
 Yellow Trinity Push
The party push an object to gain access to a new area or receive prizes.
 Win the Hercules Cup at Olympus Coliseum.
 White Trinity Detect
The party link to make a chest appear (usually containing powerful weapons, Orichalcums or Gummi Blocks).
 Defeat Riku in Hollow Bastion.

Trinity Marks Locations and Prizes

 Blue Trinity Jump
1. Traverse Town, First District, near the Café area. This teleports you to the above balcony to open the chest there. (Jump over the railing to get back down :P).
2. Traverse Town, First District, to the left of Traverse Town's World Exit.
3. Traverse Town, Third District, walk up either set of stairs to reach a raised area, the Trinity is found in the corner.
 Camping Set
4. Traverse Town, Third District, Mystical House, inside Merlin's house.
5. Wonderland, Lotus Forest, in the right area of the forest, near the mushrooms..
 Potion, Ether and Tent
6. Wonderland, Lotus Forest, near the pond, after pushing the rock (when Sora's big) into the little pond to the left of when you enter the forest after seeing the Queen of Hearts. To make Sora big, give the flower next to the pond a potion and push the rock in. To return to Sora's "normal" size, hit the tree until the branch with a fruit on is nearest you, take the fruit then eat it to return to normal.
 Camping Set
7. Olympus Coliseum, Coliseum Gates, on the slightly raised platform on the left next to the statue.
 Dalmatian puppies 22, 23 and 24
8. Olympus Coliseum, Coliseum Gates, on the slightly raised platform on the right next to the statue.
 Mythril Shard
9. Deep Jungle, Climbing Trees, on the green platform in front of the entrance to the Tree House.
 Dalmatian puppies 31, 32 and 33
10. Deep Jungle, Camp, near the pile of boxes in the center.
 Dalmatian puppies 34, 35 and 36
11. Agrabah, Silent Chamber, on the platform near the stairs.
12. Agrabah, Bazaar, in the second section of Agrabah, climb up the ledges on the right and go onto the canopies. Head as far to the right as you can and jump across to the other side. Head through the entrance and jump down to find the Trinity.
 Mega-Ether and Munny
13. Monstro, Mouth, on a platform after the water lowers, near the mouth of Monstro.
 Cottage and 2 Potions
14. Monstro, Chamber 5, in the center of this chamber.
15. Monstro, Throat, on the lowest floor.
 Mythril Shard
16. Hollow Bastion, Dungeon, in the middle of the room, after having Beast knock the wall down.
 Mega-Potion, Mega-Ether and Potion
17. Hollow Bastion, Castle Gates, as you arrive from the main elevator.
 Megalixir and 2 Cottages

 Red Trinity Smash
1. Traverse Town, First District, in the alley next to the Item Shop, where Sora first enters Traverse Town.
 Dalmatian puppies 4, 5 and 6
2. Traverse Town, Alley, behind the Hotel, in front of the grate in the water where the 'Secret Waterway' is.
 Access to the Secret Waterway
3. Traverse Town, Second District, on the roof of the Gizmo Shop, near some crates.
 Access to the bell on the "Gizmo Shop's" roof
4. Agrabah, Treasure Room, in front of the pillar.
 Mythril Shard
5.*Halloween Town, Oogie's Manor, in the first room you enter with the torch platform. It’s to the right of the entrance.
 Mythril Shard
6. Hollow Bastion, Entrance Hall, in front of one of the statues on the second floor.
 Emblem Piece
*The Red Trinity Smash in Oogie’s Manor. If you don’t get this Trinity before you defeat Oogie you won't be able to get it again.

 Green Trinity Ladder
1. Traverse Town, Accessories Shop, next to the table.
 Access to the Synthesis shop above the Accessory Shop
2. Wonderland, Bizarre Room, in the fireplace. (You must be small to enter the fireplace).
 Mythril Shard
3. Wonderland, Rabbit Hole, near the Save Point.
4. Olympus Coliseum, Coliseum Gates, to the left of the entrance in front of the ranking posters.
5. Deep Jungle, Treetop, in the center, it's hard to see because it's green and blends in with the moss on the floor.
 Mythril Shard
6. Agrabah, Storeroom, near the Save Point.
 Power Up
7. Monstro, Mouth, on the roof of the ship Geppetto lives in. (Requires High Jump to reach).
 Mythril Shard
8. Neverland, Hold, the room with the Save Point, near Tinkerbell.
 Access to Captain's Cabin
9. Hollow Bastion, Library, in front of one of the shelves on the second floor, near the Save Point.
 Azal Volume 3

 Yellow Trinity Push
1. Traverse Town, Mystical House, behind the Mystical House, near the crates.
 Power Up
2. Olympus Coliseum, Lobby, next to the stone pedastal.
3. Agrabah, Bottomless Hall, in front of a large pot, near the dark entrance where rolling boulders come out of.
 Passage revealed
4. Neverland, Hold, outside the door where Sora first came to Neverland, go up the ladder in front of you and the Trinity should be nearby.
 Passage revealed

 White Trinity Detect
1. Traverse Town, Secret Waterway, in the center on the rocks.
2. Wonderland, Lotus Forest, enter the sideways version of the Bizarre Room and jump into the painting where you will be in a small area. The mark is in the center of the area.
 Lady Luck (Keyblade)
3. Olympus Coliseum, Coliseum Gates, in the centre of the Coliseum.
 Violetta (Donald's Staff)
4. Deep Jungle, Cavern of Hearts, in the cave where you locked Deep Jungle.
5. Agrabah, Cave of Wonders, on the left as soon as you enter the Cave.
6. Monstro, Chamber 6, on the lowest part of ground.
 Mythril Shard
7. Atlantica, Triton's Palace, in the area before entering Triton's Palace, it's inside the large shell in the center.
8. Halloween Town, Moonlight Hill, to the left of the 'Hill'.
9. Neverland, Pirate Ship, on the deck of the ship.
10. Hollow Bastion, Rising Falls, on the large platform just after the Rising Falls, but before you take the main elevator to the Castle.

Written by FFFreak.