Of course you don't walk from world to world, why on earth would you want to do that and get fit and healthy!? Well that's when the Gummi Ship comes in.

Gummi Ship
The Gummi Ship is managed by Chip and Dale, we all know who they are. (If not, they're Chipmunks and are old Disney characters) You get the Gummi Ship when you meet up with Donald and Goofy in Traverse Town. From then on you ride in the GS from world to world.
Of course, the design of the GS gets too boring and the attack power ect. gets too weak to progress. That's where the customizing comes in. By now you've probably collected a fair amount of Gummi Blocks to make a whole new ship, yes? Great. Don't forget you can purchase Gummi Blocks from Cid in Traverse Town and be rewarded with them by retrieving the 99 lost Dalmatian puppies.

To get to the Gummi Garage, go to the exit the world you're in to get to the worlds menu and press . The Gummi Garage controls are as follows:

- Displays help screen.

Select Mode
Down - To select the next block.
Left Analog Stick - Rotate block.
Left and Right - Change Gummi class associated with Gummi with the selected Gummi Block.
Up and Down - Change block within class.
Right Analog Stick - Rotate Ship.
- Use Spray Paint.
- Confirm and switch to Build Mode.

Inspect Mode
- Zoom in.
- Zoom out.
Right Analog Stick - Rotate ship.
- Displays ship's specifications.
- Displays ship's features and controls.
- Test ship's engine, weapons ect..
- Switch to Build Mode.

Build Mode
and - Switch between Select Mode and Inspect Mode.
- Moves selected block up one layer on grid.
- Moves selected block down one layer on grid.
Up, Down, Left and Right - Moves cursor showing the position of the selected block.
Left Analog Stick - Rotate ship.
Right Analog Stick - Rotate construction area.
- Attach block..
- Select ship.
- Deletes Ship.
(Any faults with the controls, then please E-Mail us.)

Now you know the controls you can get cracking on those unique designs and powerful engines. Don't forget to talk to Cid now and again, he installs engines for you.

After Monstro, Gepetto sets up his new home in Traverse Town (if you can call Monstro a "home".) and will give you Gummi blueprints when you talk to him. (He doesn't give you something all the time though.)

If you find some of the missing Dalmations, go to Traverse Town and enter Pongo and Perdy's house, go into the room Pongo and Perdy are in and you'll trigger a quick movie showing one of the puppies push a box towards you, the cutscene will finish and you can open the box. The prizes are usually Gummi Blocks. If you get all 99 puppies then you get the complete Gummi Block collection.

[ made by Deep, only use these with her permission]