Save Points

When you step on a Save Point it replenishes your HP and MP, which is handy for when you're dieing and have no healing items whatsoever. ^^;; To get to the Save Menu, once you're standing on the SP, use the directional buttons (or right analog stick) and select the bottom item on your commands menu, which should say "Save" on it, you'll then go to the Save Menu where you can either choose to Save, change your Party members, board the Gummi Ship or go to the Menu. The Gummi Ship option doesn't always come up though.

If you need to know where the closest save point is, then here are the locations.

Hate it when your friend (or you) accidently (or on purpose, you never know.... ~_~) overwrite your game on Kingdom Hearts (or any other game for that matter)? Well my tip is to instead of saving it on the top slot, save it on the 2nd or 3rd, or 2nd to bottom or something that isn't the bottom slot or the top slot. Because some people tend to just mash the select button for a quick saving process, which usually ends in the top game being overwritten. Hope it helps! ^^U

 Destiny Islands
1) In the Small hut near the waterfall.
 Traverse Town
1) Accessory Shop next to the fireplace. 2) In Merlin's house (Mystical House). 3) Second District, Hotel, Green Room.
1) The Rabbit Hole room in which you start. 2) On the left of the Court where the Queen of Hearts is.
 Deep Jungle
1) Jane's Tent. 2) On a ledge above the tree/tunnel. 3) Treetops.
 Olympus Coliseum
1) To your left as you enter the Lobby.
1) In Aladdin's house. 2) In the Store Room. 3) The Desert. 4) The Cave of Wonders in the underground water tunnels. 5) Treasure Room before battling Jafar.
1) Inside a shell where you first start. 2) Inside a shell behind Triton's Throne. 3) Inside a shell down the right tunnel inside Ursula's hideout before battling her for the first time.
 Halloween Town
1) Guillotine Gate. 2) Evil Playroom after defeating Lock, Shock and Barrel in Oogie Boogie's Mansion.
1) Gepetto's boat. 2) Outside the entrance to the mouth.
1) Ship: Hold - to the right as you enter. 2) Ship: Cabin - to the left as you enter. 3) Clock Tower: On the Clock Tower.
 Hollow Bastion
1) Rising Falls - at the bottom. 2) Library - up the stairs next to a table. 3) Castle Chapel - infront of the doorway heading to the Lift Stop.
 End of the World
1) Gateway to the Dark - Entrance. 2) Walk along the path collecting the treasure until you reach a cave, that's where the 2nd Save Point is located. 3) After the Behemoth Boss battle, drop down to the bottom and climb up the vine to your left, there should be a platform with a Save Point. 4) Portals: 100 Acre Wood - Once you go through the last portal you'll be taken to the 100 Acre Wood, there should be a Save Point there. 5) After defeating the 2nd Behemoth after fighting the Winged Demon, you'll go through a heart shaped portal and you should find the last Save Point.
 Hundred Acre Wood
 1) Map.