Kingdom Hearts
Total Domination
Written June 14th 2005 at 12:40 PM by Deep.
One of the best games in the world has to be Kingdom Hearts for PS2. You really knew what Sora was going through and wanted to complete the game even more to see if he succeeded.

All the characters really grabbed you and wouldn't let go. The extra edge to this game is actually seeing all the Disney characters and Final Fantasy characters (along with some new Square characters) all united in one action packed game.

Square and Disney combined really makes some magic. Along with a super cool real time battle system where could they go wrong? Also visiting some Disney worlds was really cool. If you're a Square or Disney fan (or even both!) then this game is a must have in your collection!

Gameplay - 8/10
A totally awesome RPG with a cool kick-a** battle system. But be warned, you'll be playing this game for weeks on end!

Storyline - 9/10
You play as Sora and he is given an adventure, but not any adventure, he has to save the world from darkness by sealing all the worlds keyholes and eliminate any enemy in his path, for he is the chosen Keyblade Master and must defend the world to find his friends Riku and Kairi.

Of course there are some Disney villains in your way including Ursula and Captain Hook! So get well prepared for the fight of your life!

Battle System - 8/10
The battle system is a very cool new way to battle, Square have taken a new path and have chosen to use a real time battle system that's not turn based for once. The "X" button swings your Keyblade and the "O" button makes Sora jump high into the air and the Square button parrys all physical attacks and earns you "Tech Points". You get 2 other characters to help you in battle, in every world you have the option of Donald and Goofy and an extra character you can only use in its world. For instance in Agrabah you have Aladdin to help you out and in Atlantica you have a helping hand of Ariel. Sora can use magic, summons and special abillities as well as physical attacks. When you get a summon gem you need to take it to the Fairy Godmother who resides in Traverse Town in Merlin's house. To equip a Special Abillity you need to have enough AP and to have learnt the attack in battle. There are also shared abillities like "High Jump" which makes everyone in your party jump higher than normal. You can also use items to help your party in battle.

Graphics - 8/10
Not bad in my opinion. There seems to be three types of animating in some cutscenes. There's the normal gameplay animation which is the lowest of quality in the game, there's the slightly better animation which makes the characters look more real and their lips look better when they talk and then there's the high quality cutscenes you see at the beginning and end that's very good, but isn't as good as some cutscenes in FFX.

Overall - 8/10
There's still room for improvement.

Good cutscene graphics.
Great storyline.
Fantasic characters with great personalities.
Disney + Square = Brilliant

Not enough worlds.
Too many limits. You don't get to explore enough in certain worlds.
Using the Gummi Ship to travel to each world can get very boring and I tend to use the Warp a lot due to boredom.
Battle system needed some more upgrades done to it.
Music can get very annoying. (Only when stressed. ^__^)

But the game is still a must buy for anyone's collection. ^^;;

That's about it. ^^;;

Hope you enjoyed the review!!