Kingdom Hearts
A Mix of Square and Disney....Something brand new..
Written Thursday, June 30th, 2005 at 1:18 PM by Unknownkid.

This is a "MUST-HAVE" Game. Square and Disney have made the perfect mix, which is some how of unbelievable.
We all have been watching Disney Cartoons when we were young. And now they have created a Game with Mickey, Donald, Goofy and many more characters. Guiding Sora and his Keyblade through many known Disney Worlds and fight against the evil Heartless. With the brand new Gameplay System, they really made it more realistic and amazing.
Collect Keychains, Shields, Rods, Trinity Marks, Puppies, Abilities....and much more. The special Appearance of Sephiroth was also very cool. Get it now, if you still don't have it yet!!

Gameplay - 9/10
A brand new Real-Time Battlesystem, which was never used in any Game.

Storyline - 9/10
Your playing as Sora and you must find your friends Riku and Kairi. During the Game you will meet Donald and Goofy, who will help Sora to get through every worlds. There are great and also sad moments on his way to "Kingdom Hearts".

Battle System - 9/10
As said before, a Battle System, which was completly new. There were actually no problems with it. Maybe the camera was a bit annoying for some. But for me it was just Ok. You can use Magic like Fire, Blizzard, Thunder and later in the Game you will recieve some Upgrades of each Spell. Also, you will get Summons such as Mushu, Tinkerbell, who could be very useful during battle. In the Menu you can equip Abilities or Special Abilities. During battle you will be able to use them and do high damage (not always).

Graphics - 8/10

It's ok. The Graphics always changes. Sometimes its "bad", "acceptable" or "good". There are 2 Full Motion Videos in KH. Sometimes it looks strange, it's like in FFX or my opinion..

Overall - 9.5/10