Kingdom Hearts
A Surprising Combination
Written Saturday, July 9, 2005 at 16:39:56 by Zuriel

An Exciting venture by Square Enix.

When I first saw kingdom hearts, I was surprised. Quite a combination, mixing a world wide famous RPG game creator and a world wide famous cartoon legacy. Amazingly enough, They fit perfectly. As soon as see the opening scenes of the game, you can almost never look away.

Gameplay - 8/10

The gameplay in kingdom hearts has a certain hack/slash center. Sora, a boy yearning for adventure, gets wisked away to another world and finds himself to be the lengendary key bearer.
Sora wields a keyblade, a very unusual sword type weapon, and it becomes powered up by keychains which are to attached to it. Your two sidekicks, Donald and Goofy, the two originals from Disney, help you along your journey. Goofy employs more of a defensive stance with his only weapon being a shield, while Donald works as a wizard with magic. The main character, Sora, can also you magic and can learn depending on what path he takes at the beginning. All three characters comes with abilities that they gain upon leveling up, and many can be handy in fighting your enemy, the heartless. Gameplay in general is paced with the storyline, and how you level up depends on another factor.

Storyline - 10/10
The Story in Kingdom Hearts must be its unique feature. Square and Disney have concocted a magical tale of love, faith, hope, dispair, mystery and fantasy. It most likely will draw you into Kingdom Hearts more than anything else

Battle System - 7/10
In battle, a little bar appears, representing you health. As more levels are gained, as such in an RPG, Your overall stats increase portion by portion. Sora mainly attacks in combos, but can have powerful abilities that spring forth from within. Summoning other disney characters can also be done, when the proper summoning gem is found. The only glaring problem with it is the horrendus camera that can sometimes help you lose a fight,
but it is easily forgetable, considering the intense amount of things going on in the game.

Graphics - 9/10
Kingdom hearts has some of the best RPG visuals of any game. The reserected Final Fantasy Characters (Did I forget to mention those?) Look even better than before, and The three types of CG scenes work perfectly.

Overall - 9/10

The game is an excellent adventure, overall, save for problems
like the camera, and rather short length, it is imaginative and
wonderful beyound many other creations.

Written by Zuriel