Here we keep a record of all our current Affiliates along with a little button and description.

Sora's Domain
Title: Sora's Domain
Webmaster: DK Gerbil
Status: Online
Affiliate Number: 4
Covers: Kingdom Hearts, Kingom Hearts Chain of Memories, Kingdom Hearts 2
Description: A top notch Kingdom Hearts fansite that's been going for over a year now. We were very lucky to Affiliate with this site. A very popular Kingdom Hearts website with plenty of Kingdom Hearts info to get lost in.

Final Fantasy Synthesis
Title: Final Fantasy Synthesis
Webmaster: Synthesis
Status: Online
Affiliate Number: 6
Covers: Final Fantasy, Harvest Moon, Kingdom Hearts
Description: A new Final Fantasy website with one awesome layout and original content! The Webmaster - Synthesis - is a really friendly person and we share the same Forum. FFS is very active and the layout is eye-pleasing. You definately need to check out this site.

Final Fantasy Ultima
Title: Final Fantasy Ultima
Webmaster: Woody
Status: Online
Affiliate Number: 10
Covers: Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts
Description: FFU has a simple layout that's easy to navigate through. The Webmaster is very kind and the information is all in-depth and helpful.

KH2.Media NET
Title: KH2.Media NET
Webmaster: Maaz
Status: Online
Affiliate Number: 12
Covers: Kingdom Hearts, Kingom Hearts Chain of Memories, Kingdom Hearts 2 Media
Description: Brilliant new site for all your KH, KHCoM and KH2 media/coverage! The Staff over there are really friendly and will be glad to give you hand!

Square Online Alliance
Title: Square Online
Webmaster: Squall
Status: Online
Affiliate Number: 16
Covers: Kingdom Hearts series and the Final Fantasy series.
Description: A nice Square-Enix site with a good amount of content and a sleek blue layout. The Webmaster - Squall - is very friendly (everyone's friendly) and will gladly help you out.

Spira's Destiny
Title: Spira's Destiny
Webmaster: Nitro Bahamut
Status: Online
Affiliate Number: 17
Covers: Kingdom Hearts, Star Ocean and the Final Fantasy series.
Description: This is quite a recent Square-Enix site with a brilliant layout made by the Webmaster, Nitro Bahamut. Nitro makes some fantastic graphics and writes quite detailed content, we suggest you give them a visit.

Final Fantasy Rebirth
Title: Final Fantasy Rebirth
Webmaster: Josh
Status: Online
Affiliate Number: 18
Covers: Kingdom Hearts and the Final Fantasy series.
Description: A site that has been bugging asking to Affiliate for quite a while, finally a spot was available and we welcomed them onto the list. A site with a nice layout and a reasonable amount of content.

Children of Ivalice
Title: Children of Ivalice
Webmistress: Sephiroth-Sama
Status: Online
Affiliate Number: 19
Covers: Final Fantasy 12
Description: A new site with very in-depth and informative content. The webmistress, Sephy-Sama, is a great girl and Moderator over on KHU.

Kingdom Hearts Ultimania
Title: Kingdom Hearts Ultimania
Webmaster: Pete
Status: Online
Affiliate Number: 20
Covers: Kingdom Hearts series
Description: The best Kingdom Hearts 2 site on the net! With all the latest KH2 news, info, images and just....everything! Pete is a great guy who has helped Deep and KHE out a lot! If it wasn't for him, KHE wouldn't be what it is today!

Final Fantasy Nemesis
Title: Final Fantasy Nemesis
Webmaster: ~D~
Status: Online
Affiliate Number: 21
Covers: Final Fantasy series
Description: A great Final Fantasy site with lots of interesting content, a friendly webmaster and nice layout. Click the link!

Kingdom Hearts 2 NET
Title: Kingdom Hearts 2 NET
Webmaster: Phunin
Status: Online
Affiliate Number: 22
Covers: Kingdom Hearts series
Description: Probably one of the best KH sites for the latest news on KH2 and also have very informative content with lots of media. Also has a fantastic Flash layout
Webmaster: Deathspank
Status: Online
Affiliate Number: 23
Covers: Kingdom Hearts 2 Media
Description: The best source for KH videos. Always up to date with very dedicated staff.

Kingdom Hearts Insider
Title: Kingdom Hearts Insider
Webmaster: Deven
Status: Online
Affiliate Number: 24
Covers: Kingdom Hearts series
Description: Quite up-to date with news, racks in loads of visitors and has a nice layout.

Sora's Heart
Title: Sora's Heart
Webmistress: Seiya and Grecia
Status: Online
Affiliate Number: 25
Covers: Kingdom Hearts 2
Description: A website I only just discovered that has a breathtaking layout and a wide range of media and KH2 information.
Webmaster: ~FA~ (a.k.a Woody)
Status: Online
Affiliate Number: 26
Covers: Final Fantasy XIII
Description: One of the many (and definitely the best) recently opened FFXIII websites. Complete with a nice dark layout and tons of media! A site you definitely don't want to miss!